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Blind Redemption

Unlock all the daisies in Blind Redemption and complete the level

Blind Redemption-0.1
30 April 2019 - 2 guides

Achievement Guide for Blind Redemption

  • DaeryoonDaeryoon403,522
    09 Jan 2017 06 Jan 2017 29 Jan 2017
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    Daisies are the level-specific challenges and there are three for each level.
    You DO NOT NEED to do all three in one run!; however, you must complete the level for your daisy progress to be saved.

    Blind Redemption

    Stage Dive - Knock an activist over board!
    Activists will continually climb on the Oil Rig. You simply need to push one over the edge of the arena with cn_RT when your hands are empty. This is most easily done when they are climbing up the side and first get on the rig.

    Helping Hand - Help a teammate back on the Oil Rig!
    Let the Captain or one of the activists hit you over the edge of the rig by standing still next to the edge. This causes you to hang on the side and automatically switches your control to the previously AI-controlled character. Run over to your initial character hanging on the edge and stand next to him to perform a revive (which helps him back on the rig).

    Show Off - Eliminate an opponent with a curving long shot!
    This is hard daisy to get! There's plenty of opponents on this stage since activists will spawn indefinitely, so they should be your targets for this. Just make sure to throw a curveball by flicking cn_RS immediately after you release the powerball. A long shot has to be at least 18 meters, so more than three fourths the arena. Activists go down in one hit as well, so aim for them and keep trying. This takes mostly luck with some skill.
  • FatMoeFatMoe694,529
    04 May 2016 05 May 2016
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    Credit goes to RedmptionDenied for this Guide, no pun Intended,
    So Apparently what the game doesn't tell you is that after the shot immediately using your right analog stick you need to do a flicking motion, meaning that it needs to be quick right after the shot, dont curve it slowly using the right stick or you'll end up trying for hours and it almost always slows down to the extent of the opponents just catching it.
    So aim right beside the opponent and charge up the shot from a long distance of at least between 50%-75% of the arena's Diameter and flick it to their direction quickly.
    Hopefully in a few tries that gets ya that dang Curved Longshot.
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