Stage 31 Perfect achievement in ARCADE GAME SERIES: GALAGA

Stage 31 Perfect

Get a Perfect Bonus on the Stage 31 Challenging Stage!

Stage 31 Perfect0
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How to unlock the Stage 31 Perfect achievement

  • ZedarboyZedarboy1,715,087
    26 Apr 2016 26 Apr 2016 26 Apr 2016
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    Unless you are going for
    ARCADE GAME SERIES: GALAGASingle PerfectThe Single Perfect achievement in ARCADE GAME SERIES: GALAGA worth 287 pointsWithout forming a Dual Fighter, get a Perfect Bonus on a certain Challenging Stage!

    then it's a good idea to get a double ship on the previous stage. If you don't know how to get a double ship, then check guides for
    ARCADE GAME SERIES: GALAGADual FighterThe Dual Fighter achievement in ARCADE GAME SERIES: GALAGA worth 12 pointsForm a Dual Fighter!

    Each one of these challenge levels never changes, so it's easy enough to learn the patterns, and find a good place for your ship.
    The following video will show you how to complete all the challenge levels needed for completion. All of them use a double ship, except for 27 which is when I did the Single Perfect achievement:

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    DueAshI did this achievement with a single ship and it was indeed painful. For the second wave the location to stand in to kill them all without moving is almost pixel-specific. When I eventually found said location, I paused the game, grabbed some tape and marked it on my screen. I was then able to replicate the location much easier and work on perfecting the rest of the stage (thankfully a lot easier)
    Posted by DueAsh on 02 Jun 18 at 09:46
    xxMacLellanxxI have been trying to get this achievement now for at least 4 hours.. It is impossible.. I've used tape, positioned my ship in the exact location as some Youtube videos I have watched and still on that second wave.. Enemies get away every. single. time.

    Edit: I finally got it with the double ship, it can get frustrating but as all of the above comments say, keep your cool and keep practicing.. I still feel as if part of it is luck based, because I tried in the same spot at least 25-30 times doing the same thing, some times were very close and other times I would miss many and then It finally worked.
    Posted by xxMacLellanxx on 24 Jul 18 at 17:11
    StarwiseTook double ship and tape for me - You have to position your ships so the right ship of the pair shoots to just a hair left of the 2nd "h" of "high score". I couldn't get this exactly by feel fast enough so I resorted to tape to mark the position and it took me about 3 tries to find the sweet spot.

    Once you've found that sweet spot though - you don't have to move at all - use the single fire (not the auto fire button) and mash the button for all its worth. But it's also a matter of timing. You can have 2 shots on the screen at any one time max - so when ships are closer to you, you can fire fast and furious - but if you miss a shot or fire too soon then you lose your ability to fire until the bullet has left the screen which is killer on this challenge stage.

    Once I found the sweet spot my problem areas were the flag ships (2 hits) where I wasn't firing fast enough - or firing too early between ship waves as they came on the screen.

    Happy Hunting!
    Posted by Starwise on 26 May 19 at 18:38
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  • PalesiusPalesius1,497,534
    04 May 2016 03 May 2016 05 May 2016
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    You can abuse the save system to make this achievement very easy (if a bit time consuming). Sorry if this is a little long, I'm trying to make the instructions as clear as possible.

    If you start on the previous level and get your double fighter, you can then save your progress, and retry as many times as you need without having to go through that progress again. If you want to go further and make this achievement laughably easy, you can save your progress every time you complete a subwave successfully. Although in that case you better have something else to play while you wait for it to synch to the cloud, as you will have in excess of an hour to kill. The video linked in the other solution is very helpful for knowing where they will be coming for exactly.

    Play the game until you feel like you've made a good amount of progress towards the achievement. Then save and quit and follow the directions below to get a reusable checkpoint. Then keep playing from your checkpoint and try to get a little further and make a new checkpoint. If you mess up, or aren't doing as well as you would like, restore your previous checkpoint and try again. N.B. Your achievement will not actually pop until you go back online.

    Personally I cleared each level completely, then saved my progress. It's a personal choice of how much risk vs hassle you want to put up with. You can save your progress after every level.

    NB: Going offline is optional, it provides a little bit of extra insurance against a fast sync as well as against operator error. You can just delete your local copy of the save whenever you want to restore your checkpoint. There is a very small chance it will synchronize your save while you are playing. Also if you are online you will have the ability to delete your save from the cloud as well (which you definitely do not want to do).

    To “back up” a new checkpoint.
    1) Go online if you are offline.
    2) Save and quit.
    3) Quit the game (hit xbox button, then menu/hamburger button and select quit)
    4) Wait a while for it to synch up to the cloud (I would give it 10 to 15 minutes).
    5) Load the game.
    6) Go offline (OPTIONAL- If you are sharing your content via swapping home xboxes, you should still be able to play for a certain amount of time even offline, as long as you launch it first. Since the levels in the arcade collection are all pretty short, you should either be at the point where you are ready to go online again in just a few minutes.)
    7) Continue to play

    To restore your checkpoint
    1) Xbox button then menu/hamburger and select manage game.
    2) Go to the saved data for your gamertag and hit A, then select “DELETE FROM CONSOLE”. DO NOT SELECT “DELETE EVERYWHERE”.
    3) Go online again (OPTIONAL).
    4) Load the game and after the launch screens it will sync your save from the cloud.
    5) Once it does this, go offline again, and give it another shot.

    To go offline
    1) Settings
    2) All Settings
    3) Network
    4) Network settings
    5) Go offline

    To go online
    1) Open sidebar
    2) Go to settings section
    3) Select connect to xbox live
    4) Go online
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