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All Ghosts

Eat all ghosts in succession after eating a Power Pellet!

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18 November 2019 - 2 guides

Achievement Guide for All Ghosts

  • QcK Dagger HeaTQcK Dagger HeaT414,934
    30 Apr 2016 01 May 2016 03 May 2016
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    First I wanted to state a disclaimer. The ghost in PAC-MAN are NOT random they're all coded to move a certain way based off your movements. If you follow the route of either video the ghost will do exactly what's in the video. Would also like to mention that I did get the consent of the video owner before posting this. Now on to the solution

    For this achievement you have to eat all four ghost in a single round. This is easiest to do on level one as the ghost movements are slower, and the pellets that turn the ghost blue last longer. You also want to select 5 lives in the options to give you more attempts in a round. I will be posting the videos I used to get this achievement. All credit for these video's is given to Thanit Verschueren on YouTube as he is the creator of these video's. I will be posting two video's one is his perfect run. The other is if you mess up the perfect run. The later video uses death's as a reset for the Ghost and goes from there. This is the video I used primarily. These routes will take time to memorize. Think it took me about one hour and fifteen minutes to get a run that got me all the achievements.

    These video's will also help you get the following achievement's:
    All Ghosts
    Om Nom Nom x2
    Om Nom Nom x3
    Om Nom Nom x4
    Om Nom Nom

    Perfect run:

    If you mess up perfect run:

    Any questions, comments, or concerns? Please post in the comments and I will respond as soon as possible smile and good luck.
  • Demon Fox 00117Demon Fox 00117266,999
    26 Nov 2017 19 Apr 2018 17 Aug 2018
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    I created a guide that breaks down the basics of this achievement, and shows the path on screen not just Pac-mans current position.

    Essentially all you really need to do is load up Level 1 and follow the path, if you can match the movements (not button presses) and timing you should be fine. By following this you should get all the Om Nom Nom Series Achievements:

    All Ghosts - For the All Ghosts achievement you only need eat the first four ghosts, and you'll likely get this naturally during play anyway.

    Om Nom Nom x2 - Eat all ghosts twice in the level

    Om Nom Nom x3 - Eat all ghosts three times in the level

    Om Nom Nom x4 - Eat all ghosts four times in the level

    Om Nom Nom - Eat all ghosts four times in the level and eat both fruit that spawn

    It will take a little practice and a lot of patience to match the timing!
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