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Om Nom Nom

Eat 2 fruits and all four ghosts in succession four times in a single round!

Om Nom Nom-0.5
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How to unlock the Om Nom Nom achievement

  • OhMyGoth1OhMyGoth1468,491
    06 Jul 2017 06 Jul 2017
    27 1 4
    So the description of this achievement is kinda confusing, so allow me to elaborate: within a single stage, you need to eat both fruit that spawn as well as eat all four ghosts with each of the four power pellets.

    It is important to note that the ghosts' movements are 100% determined by Pac-Man's position and direction. This means that if you do the exact same movements (note: movements not button inputs), you will get the same result every time.

    Obviously this is easiest on the first stage. There are many youtube videos of a "perfect cherry" completion for stage 1 (i.e. max score possible), and mimicking exactly what they do will net you the achievement.

    I link below my completion, which is based off of a popular route on YouTube for the original arcade game (I did not come up with this pattern myself, but I wanted to verify that it works in this version of the game). It may take some practice, but if you learn the pattern and execute it correctly, you will get the achievement and a perfect score too toast

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    Zeppelin041This must have been patched, I’ve tried multiple videos and get attacked right in the beginning. Giving up on the headache lol
    Posted by Zeppelin041 on 18 Mar at 19:54
    Zeppelin041100 tries later and finding my own routes with a ton of luck, finally got it!
    Posted by Zeppelin041 on 18 Mar at 21:20
    Sky PonyIt's not the sort of thing that can or will "get patched". It's just a fundamental part of how the original Pac-Man works. It's baked into the ghost a.i. Basically, the ghosts are under the player's control just as completely as Pac-Man is, just not as intuitively. With observation and practice, anyone can learn to predict and even deliberately control the ghosts' movements (although the blue one can be pretty tough, since its a.i. is the most complex). The routes you can find and memorize on YouTube work (if executed perfectly) because someone already did the work of learning and exploiting the 100% predictable ghost movements and shared the results.

    If Namco "patched" it to work differently (which would basically be a complete rebuild from the ground up), it wouldn't even be the same game anymore, and might possibly be considered fraud to sell it as such (false advertising), especially if they didn't disclose the alteration ("Now with improved ghost AI!"). Even if not, the audience for a console port of a classic arcade title would be pretty upset that it wasn't actually the game they thought they were buying.
    Posted by Sky Pony on 19 Jun at 07:52
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  • PalesiusPalesius1,874,435
    02 May 2016 03 May 2016 05 May 2016
    24 15 5
    You can abuse the save system to make this achievement very easy (if a bit time consuming). Sorry if this is a little long, I'm trying to make the instructions as clear as possible.

    This is definitely easiest on level 1. I would save your checkpoint after each time you eat 4 ghosts. It's far too easy to have one of them turn the wrong way and turn back to normal before you can reach it. I would try to clear out a fair amount of the normal dots (and grab any fruits of course) while you are waiting for all the ghosts to come out of the center area. Once a path is cleared of normal dots you will be able to move faster than the ghosts on it, which helps a lot when you are trying to get them all grouped together. I don't have a great suggestion as to luring them all to one area so they are nice and close, but usually if you try a few different paths, you can find one where 3 will be right on top of each other and you just have to chase down the 4th guy.

    Play the game until you feel like you've made a good amount of progress towards the achievement. Then save and quit and follow the directions below to get a reusable checkpoint. Then keep playing from your checkpoint and try to get a little further and make a new checkpoint. If you mess up, or aren't doing as well as you would like, restore your previous checkpoint and try again. N.B. Your achievement will not actually pop until you go back online.

    Personally I cleared each level completely, then saved my progress. It's a personal choice of how much risk vs hassle you want to put up with. You can save your progress after every level.

    NB: Going offline is optional, it provides a little bit of extra insurance against a fast sync as well as against operator error. You can just delete your local copy of the save whenever you want to restore your checkpoint. There is a very small chance it will synchronize your save while you are playing. Also if you are online you will have the ability to delete your save from the cloud as well (which you definitely do not want to do).

    To “back up” a new checkpoint.
    1) Go online if you are offline.
    2) Save and quit.
    3) Quit the game (hit xbox button, then menu/hamburger button and select quit)
    4) Wait a while for it to synch up to the cloud (I would give it 10 to 15 minutes).
    5) Load the game.
    6) Go offline (OPTIONAL- If you are sharing your content via swapping home xboxes, you should still be able to play for a certain amount of time even offline, as long as you launch it first. Since the levels in the arcade collection are all pretty short, you should either be at the point where you are ready to go online again in just a few minutes.)
    7) Continue to play

    To restore your checkpoint
    1) Xbox button then menu/hamburger and select manage game.
    2) Go to the saved data for your gamertag and hit A, then select “DELETE FROM CONSOLE”. DO NOT SELECT “DELETE EVERYWHERE”.
    3) Go online again (OPTIONAL).
    4) Load the game and after the launch screens it will sync your save from the cloud.
    5) Once it does this, go offline again, and give it another shot.

    To go offline
    1) Settings
    2) All Settings
    3) Network
    4) Network settings
    5) Go offline

    To go online
    1) Open sidebar
    2) Go to settings section
    3) Select connect to xbox live
    4) Go online
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    IntoTheDark7Yes - 2 fruits in total across the whole round. All 4 ghosts x 4.
    Posted by IntoTheDark7 on 18 May 17 at 22:21
    Zaro KarosI'm not able to restore my checkpoint, it only restarts the game when I follow the steps, got all 4 ghosts x 3 without this method but the last group of 4 seems impossible.
    Posted by Zaro Karos on 10 Jul 17 at 18:26
    PalesiusAre you quitting the game and waiting at least fifteen minutes for it to upload to the cloud?
    When you relaunch the game after deleting the save (when you are trying to restore) are you seeing the syncing save game box pop up
    Posted by Palesius on 11 Jul 17 at 02:25
  • Demon Fox 00117Demon Fox 00117441,619
    27 Feb 2018 19 Apr 2018 17 Aug 2018
    9 4 4
    I created a guide that breaks down the basics of this achievement, and shows the path on screen not just Pac-mans current position.

    Essentially all you really need to do is load up Level 1 and follow the path, if you can match the movements (not button presses) and timing you should be fine. By following this you should get all the Om Nom Nom Series Achievements:

    All Ghosts - For the All Ghosts achievement you only need eat the first four ghosts, and you'll likely get this naturally during play anyway.

    Om Nom Nom x2 - Eat all ghosts twice in the level

    Om Nom Nom x3 - Eat all ghosts three times in the level

    Om Nom Nom x4 - Eat all ghosts four times in the level

    Om Nom Nom - Eat all ghosts four times in the level and eat both fruit that spawn

    It will take a little practice and a lot of patience to match the timing!
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    MadBunnyEliteThe Path gets slightly more complicated after the second pill. I recommend only learning the path to get 2 pills and improvising the rest. With 5 lives enabled plus a bonus life at 10,000, it should be easy to find an opportunity for the other 2 pills. Choose dying over accidently eating a pill when the ghosts are spread out. Hope this helps :)
    Posted by MadBunnyElite on 16 Sep 20 at 21:43
    HamsterLVI spent more than an hour trying to recreate what is shown in the video, but I could not get even the first four as he does in the video. The ghosts never moved EXACTLY like in the video, I guess I was off by a frame or two. Maybe it is me, maybe it is my controller, maybe something has changed, but I could not get this to work. Had to find my own way. It was terrible, I suggest avoiding this terrible game!
    Posted by HamsterLV on 18 Oct 20 at 01:34
    Demon Fox 00117Yeah it is a pain, timing needs to be spot on. There is a workaround if you are still struggling, but requires messing with your cloud save
    Posted by Demon Fox 00117 on 20 Oct 20 at 21:12
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