Picky Eater achievement in ARCADE GAME SERIES: Pac-Man

Picky Eater

Clear 3 Rounds in a row without eating a single ghost and without losing a life!

Picky Eater-0.3
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How to unlock the Picky Eater achievement

  • thelastRIVENthelastRIVEN1,203,512
    05 Jul 2016 07 Jul 2016
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    Finding this a little hard? Me too but there was a trick or glitch from pac-man 256 found by Manic Ado that works on all these arcade games.

    Create your own checkpoint. You will still have to compete the achievement action but if you create your own checkpoint you'll never start from scratch.

    Example, you beat round one without dying or eating a ghost, create checkpoint and if you screw up you'll start where you left off. Complete another round and repeat.

    Here's how.
    -At any point you wish pause the game.
    -select save and quit
    -hit the guide button(big glowing X on the center of your controller)
    -press start (or the 3 line button next to the guide button)
    -select exit game

    Go play, you'll start off on your new checkpoint, if you screw up..

    -hit guide
    -press start
    -select manage game
    -select save data

    Now click on your save data and pick "delete from console"
    -Do this a second time

    Final step, launch the game, you'll start from you'll check point.

    Repeat the first steps to make a new checkpoint as needed.

    Seems like a lot, it's really not. Good luck out there

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    NEOXGT79the solution works great thanks
    Posted by NEOXGT79 on 18 Jan 21 at 17:41
    Charles D WayneI dont know why but everytime i launch the game after deleting only console data, my checkpoint is gone roll
    Posted by Charles D Wayne on 28 Feb at 20:00
    ChaozXeroNever thought I'd be save scumming Pac-Man, but here we are. Worked like a charm, thank you!
    Posted by ChaozXero on 01 Jun at 03:53
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  • PalesiusPalesius1,873,280
    02 May 2016 02 May 2016 05 May 2016
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    You can abuse the save system to make this achievement very easy (if a bit time consuming). Sorry if this is a little long, I'm trying to make the instructions as clear as possible.

    I would practice the 1st level until you are able to clear it without eating a ghost or dying. Once you finish, save your checkpoint (see below) at the beginning of level 2. Keep trying level 2 until you are able to do it without dying or eating a ghost. Each time you fail, restore your checkpoint. When you do it, save your checkpoint. Then do the same thing for level 3. This lets you ignore the "in a row" part of the achievement and makes it tons easier and less frustrating. NB If you get the fruits during each of these three levels you will be in a good position to continue on the the fruit basket achievement without having to start over at level 1.

    Play the game until you feel like you've made a good amount of progress towards the achievement. Then save and quit and follow the directions below to get a reusable checkpoint. Then keep playing from your checkpoint and try to get a little further and make a new checkpoint. If you mess up, or aren't doing as well as you would like, restore your previous checkpoint and try again. N.B. Your achievement will not actually pop until you go back online.

    Personally I cleared each level completely, then saved my progress. It's a personal choice of how much risk vs hassle you want to put up with. You can save your progress after every level.

    NB: Going offline is optional, it provides a little bit of extra insurance against a fast sync as well as against operator error. You can just delete your local copy of the save whenever you want to restore your checkpoint. There is a very small chance it will synchronize your save while you are playing. Also if you are online you will have the ability to delete your save from the cloud as well (which you definitely do not want to do).

    To “back up” a new checkpoint.
    1) Go online if you are offline.
    2) Save and quit.
    3) Quit the game (hit xbox button, then menu/hamburger button and select quit)
    4) Wait a while for it to synch up to the cloud (I would give it 10 to 15 minutes).
    5) Load the game.
    6) Go offline (OPTIONAL- If you are sharing your content via swapping home xboxes, you should still be able to play for a certain amount of time even offline, as long as you launch it first. Since the levels in the arcade collection are all pretty short, you should either be at the point where you are ready to go online again in just a few minutes.)
    7) Continue to play

    To restore your checkpoint
    1) Xbox button then menu/hamburger and select manage game.
    2) Go to the saved data for your gamertag and hit A, then select “DELETE FROM CONSOLE”. DO NOT SELECT “DELETE EVERYWHERE”.
    3) Go online again (OPTIONAL).
    4) Load the game and after the launch screens it will sync your save from the cloud.
    5) Once it does this, go offline again, and give it another shot.

    To go offline
    1) Settings
    2) All Settings
    3) Network
    4) Network settings
    5) Go offline

    To go online
    1) Open sidebar
    2) Go to settings section
    3) Select connect to xbox live
    4) Go online
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    DEoliTo fast forward your sync from previous game, just close the game, start other game, let it load, exit the other game. Go back to your 'normal' game, and it will be synced without waiting autosync 5/10 minutes
    Posted by DEoli on 31 Dec 17 at 10:16
    SeitzzI love cheese
    Posted by Seitzz on 15 Dec 18 at 00:53
    Flydog92this solution makes it more complicated. I followed the one below and it was much quicker.
    Posted by Flydog92 on 01 Oct 19 at 03:20
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