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Moving on Up

Acquire 2500 trophies in battle

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How to unlock the Moving on Up achievement

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    Moving on Up

    You will probably get this first anyways but it would be a safe thing to obtain this achievement first:
    Battle AgesFor the WinThe For the Win achievement in Battle Ages worth 155 pointsAchieve 250 offensive victories

    You will have to have 2500 at the same time and if you look at your achievement progress on the X1 side screen it will already be about 40%.
    0 trophies = 0%, 2500 trophies = 100%.

    DR studios has made a couple of changes to make this achievement much more difficult than the 2500 dog tag achievement in Battle Islands, one of the things that has changed is that you cannot attack anyone in Clans anymore, which was EXTREMELY helpful. Instead you have to use their search system which will bring up a list of enemies you can fight and if you don't like any of the ones they chose you have to hit cn_Y to refresh until you see an opponent that works for you.

    The 2nd thing they changed is that you cannot continually attack people around 1000 Trophies, if you attack anyone around 1000 trophies say after you obtain 1300-1400 trophies you will receive 1 measly trophy. You must beat opponents right in your trophy range meaning this will seriously be a battle all the way to 2500, sorry you cannot beat up people below your trophy level this time....

    Method 1:
    One way to get this achievement is to attack anyone that has a base level below you and more trophies then you, this will net you the most amount of trophies, that or at your same level. If you don't think you can win hit B and retreat before putting any units down. All you need is 1 star to not lose trophies which is 50% base damage or destroy the main building.

    Currently since there is a high amount of people still around 1000 trophies is this very difficult to obtain, I am around 1800 trophies and unless I get 3 stars on anyone above 1400 trophies I will only be awarded 1 trophy for winning WITH 3 stars. So compared to Battle Island this is MUCH more difficult to obtain. Once people start moving up in trophies 2500 should become easier to obtain.....

    Another tip I have been using to go for 2500 trophies since I have found out that it is EXTREMELY easy to lose defensive battles (which means losing trophies) is that if you are attacking people and need to wait for your units to build (eventually they will take time, currently its 8-9 minute for my units to build) make sure to keep hitting a button while you are away (I watch TV while waiting or go on my laptop). The game will make you inactive and available for attacks within less than a minute of inactivity (Crazy I know right!). Keep your Peaceful mode active unless you are either very secure about winning defensively and only attack people when you know you have time to sit and attack people for a while because if you don't win defensively and don't win your trophies fast enough you will never make it to 2500 trophies. Compared to Battle Islands this game is a whole different ball park.

    Method 2:

    Today I took the time to go from 1850 trophies to 2500. The amount of time it took was about 10 hours. I could have obtained it much faster but did not realize it until later. Here's how:

    External image

    I recommend having your base Age 2 or 3 (mine was AGE 3), get your units fully upgraded and have 2 CASTRA's (tents that buid units, and if in age 3) able to have 30 units each. Now what you want to do is put a BOOST on both of them which only cost 10 Jewels to last 4 hours. Now this is a VERY repetitive tactic but nets the most amount of trophies when you are around 2000 trophies, go into BATTLE and search for anyone below the base level 6 and attack them. JUST obtain 1 star! (I always aimed for the main structure) and immediately retreat by hitting cn_B then cn_A, this will count as 1 win and give you 1 trophy. Re-supply your tents building units and repeat the pattern. Its extremely boring so I recommend watching something on a laptop or 2nd tv. If you do it really fast you can net a ton of trophies. Another quick note is that unlike Battle Islands there is no Trophy limit meaning you can attack people below 1000 trophies when you pass 2000.

    How to earn a ton of free Jewels:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Anyone have anything to contribute to this guide I will give credit, anyone have any questions I will answer them to the best of my ability in the comments.
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    Strategy OneYou are forgetting the fact of I didn't use all my units. In fact on average I used 7-10 units and attacked their direct base for 1 star and immediately quit. Doing this method I got 2-3 wins a minute at one point.
    Posted by Strategy One on 20 May 16 at 03:29
    ProjectSixIt took me longer than 10 hours, but I can confirm attacking right away while your army is still building speeds it up a lot. You don't need to wait for it to be full each time if you're on the early ages still and attacking weak targets as the OP says. There's basically no downtime between attacks if you do it right.

    I got the achievement using this method.. it's a serious grind but it works.
    Posted by ProjectSix on 23 May 16 at 14:09
    Strategy OneYes, cannot stress that enough lol
    Posted by Strategy One on 17 Jun 16 at 19:30
    Lefty24I did this on the 4th age, Medieval. If you want to get this, do it before this stage. It was awful. It often took my entire army to get a star. And that's against other Medieval attacks. Don't even try attacking any Renaissance people. It wont end well. It wont even start well. You might get to attack one Ancient age enemy per hour. Using the 10 gem boost on the 4 troop/siege platforms took 4 minutes to fully train between attacks. 490 of my last 500 attacks were just 1 star. Luckily I had a stash of 900+ gems to use to speed things up. I started insta-building my armies for the last 100 attacks. That took an additional 4 gems per rebuild, but brought in 1 star about every 90 seconds, instead of every 5 minutes.

    Expect to lose 40 trophies each night from getting attacked. I bought 1 day of peace at 2300 trophies for 50 gems. It has a 5 day cooldown, so you only get to use it once during your grind. My grind was well over 30 hours over 3 days; 12 hours, 14 hours, 8 hours to go from about 1900 to 2500. On days 1 and 2 I tried to get all 3 stars. Don't do this. I almost never got more than 1 trophy, even getting 3 stars. Retreat as soon as you get 1 star to save time.

    It took me about 8 hours to go from 2300 to 2500. On this age, with 3 troop tents holding 35 spaces I used 4 knights (20 spaces) and 15 swordsmen (15 spaces) each and 3 siege weapons. I used locust swarms. They damage troop tents enough to kill almost every enemy except horses with just 1 swarm each, and damage (not destroy) a nearby wall. Their attack range is wide enough to detonate a nearby trap too.

    I started my attacks with locusts on at least 2 of the 3 tents nearest where I wanted to attack, then sent in all 12 knights as close to a catapult/castle as possible, then followed with most of the swordsmen right after in the same spot. It was a "brute force" attack and was the most successful strategy for me. You'll be vulnerable to explosive traps, but usually the knights triggered them before the swordsmen got there. Occasionally a catapult ruined my day by wiping out most swordsmen early. But the knights should be able to destroy the nearest catapult before that happens.

    tl;dr. Do this before Medieval Age
    Posted by Lefty24 on 17 Jun 16 at 19:53
    AP E JCThis was super easy in age II. so I recommend restarting the game. To restart the game, send a msg to support with a screenshot of your game, demanding to start over. They will do that for you, but all progress will be erased.

    After 1800 trophies, I didn't get attacked at all and got some high easy trophy enemies to defeat a lot. The game has a glitch/feature that if it doesnt match too many enemies with you, it starts throwing you some random virtual players with high trophy counts and easy bases to defeat.
    Posted by AP E JC on 12 Oct 16 at 11:52
    Joker De PabloGreat Job. They just added a new age. It takes about 10 million to purchase and 14 days to complete. I have about 10 hours left but all units can upgrade more and you can buy fighter planes and such. I have about 6 million in my account with nothing to buy atm so I get attacked on the reg. and looking forward to the new age. Unfortunately, no new achievement with the new age. Currently around 2100 trophies.
    Posted by Joker De Pablo on 06 Jul 17 at 14:51
    DoesntRemindM3I logged in today to see a message about Season 1 starting and my progress was reset to 0. Anybody else see this?
    Posted by DoesntRemindM3 on 25 Oct 18 at 15:34
    DoesntRemindM3I signed in and they were back. Nevermind.
    Posted by DoesntRemindM3 on 26 Oct 18 at 00:27
    Yoda BettIs it possible to reset your age/progress?
    Posted by Yoda Bett on 23 Feb 19 at 01:33
    WMarcio83I have 2370 points, please guys... Attack me (real or fake)... Please!
    Posted by WMarcio83 on 12 Jul 20 at 22:37
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