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    28 Jun 2016 27 May 2016 01 Jun 2016
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    Want to get defensive wins?

    It's all about your trophy count.

    If you are constantly getting beat then you need to lower your trophy count. (attack someone with one troop then retreat). If u don't get attacked after being away from the game then you need to increase your trophy count.

    I personally got the 2500 trophy achievement first and never won a defense while I was above 1600 trophies. Once I got the 2500 achievement I dropped my trophy count down to 700. I wasn't getting attacked after being away from the game for 12 hours so I increased my trophy count to around 1100 and then started getting attacked within an hour from logging off the game. I currently am hanging out between 1100 and 1400 trophies.

    I am currently in the Renaissance age (the 5th highest of the first 6 ages), my base is nowhere near maxed out, and I am now winning defensive trophies constantly. I have moved my gold storages to the outside of my base to entice people to attack me just for my gold when i have some as well. Waking up this morning I won 4 out of the last 5 defenses against me. In the last 1 day and 21 hours I have won 12 defenses.

    It doesn't matter what Age you are at, you are able to pick up defensive wins, it is all about what trophy count you are at. If you are in the 2nd age and at 1300 trophies you probably won't win much, but if you dropped to 800-1000 you would start to pick up some wins. My suggestion would be to go for this at a higher age like the 4th or 5th one but you can realistically do this at any age. Just set up a decent defense, always come in and reload traps as frequently as possible and log in and out of the game whenever you can (give it 30-60 minutes and hopefully someone attacks, this may vary by age and trophy range you are in). I always log in when i wake up and before i go to bed and once or twice in between to reset traps/refill defensive camps and attack a base to lose my current shield if i have one.

    It is always advised to have as much gold as possible to entice players to attack your base more quickly (especially by players who don't stand a chance at getting 1 star in an attack)

    If you have any other questions or information that I can add just let me know in the comments.
  • Bears Scare MeBears Scare Me542,156
    31 May 2016 07 Jun 2016 07 Jun 2016
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    Hold the Line: Achieve 250 defensive victories

    This achievement sucks. There is no way around it. The game makes this hard to achieve legitimately. The search algorithm makes it easy for high leveled, higher level tech people to find you and beat up on you. And if you do win on defense, the attacker can dashboard and quit to make it null and void. There were many times where I was under attack when trying to log in and ended up with no attack at all which I can only assume was someone quitting out.

    With the help of GameTagwastaken we were able to find a method to boost this achievement, although it is still tedious and your mileage may vary depending on connection speed, time of day, and how active other players are at the time of attempt. After reaching 2500 trophies, I was attempting to find a few of my friends to gift them the trophies to help them get to 2500 trophies. We were able to find each other once and were trading retaliations one at a time to get him trophies. At the end of the night as he was going to bed I decided to try and find him thru the search function I was able to find GameTag 11 times in a row. *Disclaimer: I do not know exactly how the search algorithm works but we were within 2 player levels of each other and within a few hundred trophies. It seem once you are 300 trophies away it becomes more difficult to find each other repeatedly and more likely someone will attack them before you can*

    So this gave us 12 retaliations that we could trade back and forth. We slowly traded for about a week while he got to 2500 trophies and we tried helping a few other friends gained trophies. We were at 37 and 40 defensive wins respectfully when we started going for defensive wins in earnest. The boost took approximately 15-20 hours over 3 days. To fully understand this you need to know a bit about how the game coding works. When you log out of the game you remain online for approximately 10 minutes. This means that if you were to trade one match back and forth you could get a maximum of 3 defensive wins an hour for each person and the whole boost would take 80 hours. It is critical for your own sanity to get multiple attacks that you can trade back and forth.

    While we boosted we would coordinate our log off times. Then the attacking person would sit on the battle reports and wait for the 10 minutes to expire and the defensive person to become available to attack. I would spam the X button when the time got close to ensure that I would be the first person to attack. After the first attack is where your mileage will vary greatly. There were times when we could give 15 wins with no one getting in at all. There times when we would have to break treaty multiple times to get all of the wins back to the other person.

    Another quirk in the game coding, you may see your boosting partner is “Battling” when going back to the report screen. It is possible that this is your last attack resolving, which can take 5 minutes. Other times you will get multiple attacks in with no “Battling” notice encountered. If you load into the report screen and they are open but when you attack them it says they are under attack it usually means that they have been attacked by someone else and will likely need to break treaty unless it is a quit out. At the end of my retaliations I would attempt to search to find him again to add to our matches that we could trade. We had between 14 and 18 matches for the majority of the boosting.

    I felt like early in the morning and late at night were better for not getting interrupted by randoms. I also felt like once our trophies were lower we got interrupted less. At the end we were between 1500 and 1800 trophies depending on who was attacking. But both of those observations could have been me being delirious at the end of a long boost.

    As for how to find each other to get multiple attacks that you can trade back and forth, I cannot give you a surefire way to match up. My recommendations would be to be within a few player levels of each other and within a few hundred trophies. I would have the person with more trophies do the searching as the attacking player will lose trophies so there will be a bigger window when you are close on trophies. I recommend the person on defense having little to no coins so they are less attractive to attack by randoms. I would also recommend being in the medieval or renaissance age as fewer people will be able to attack you (This may not be long lasting advice as people play the game for longer and more people are in higher ages). You will want to drop one grunt and immediately retreat and pull up the search menu again. Sometimes they were on my first page sometimes I had to refresh multiple times.

    Once we had the multiple attacks to trade it was just a matter of coordination. We would get all of the attacks to one person then coordinate the log off time. The person "attacking" and intentionally losing the attack would watch the clock and sit on the battle report. When the defender became available they would start attacking, drop one grunt and retreat. Then reload up the battle report and retaliate the next attack as quick as possible. And keep going until the defender was peaceful or all attacks were returned. Sometimes the defender would have to break treaty multiple times due to randoms getting an attack in. We averaged 15 defensive wins per hour.

    Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything I can clarify.
  • LaMaXxXFleeyLaMaXxXFleey180,064
    30 Mar 2017 26 Jan 2017 26 Jan 2017
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    Follow PHARREAL87 guide, it is a good method.

    It is no use to stay above 2000 trophy's, as people on the verge of defeat will quit out anyways

    - It is safer to have a trophy number between 1000-1500. The reason why you should drop so low is because when you're above 2000, you won't likely see renaissance villages. While at around 1000-1500, these aged-based villages will be alot more common.

    - Those aged-based players want to gain as much gold as possible in order to progress to the final stage of the game. We can help them by placing all out gold storages outside the wall, along with the money producing buildings. Being certain they will earn alot of gold from you, won't make them quit out. And have alot of gold in stock.
    ** This tip is not recommended though. I personally placed the storages inside the wall. **

    Hope this helps, at least that's how I'm going for this achievement - and it is working well. Only minus point for me is that I'm not as active as I should have to be, in order to speed up the progress.

    Here's also a video showing my defence setup and a replay of a defence win. As you can see, they will always attack the resources first. And having a good defence setup near the resources will almost garantuee you a secure win.

  • PDwizzlePDwizzle325,581
    17 Aug 2019 15 Aug 2019 15 Aug 2019
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    If you have any questions or comments to improve this solution, let me know.

    You must have 250 defensive wins to obtain this. As mentioned in the other solutions, your trophy count can affect your progress. Keeping your trouphy number below 1700 is a good goal.

    Here is my defensive layout.
    External image

    A few important notes:
    - The telegraph is the highest percentage of your total defenses, besides your Mansion. I have it placed behind two walls to protect it the most.

    - Place your TNT along the outer side of the outside wall. This helps prevent the masses from going around and destroying your entire outer setup. You can see this within the first 10 seconds of the first video below.

    - Keep all of your traps active after each login. They are imperative to successfully defending agains others.

    - By placing the vaults in each of the corners, offensive units focus on them at times, and will even redirect themselves, leaving them vulnerable to your defenses that much longer.

    - Do not worry about losing a high amount of coins while defending. I outline below how to keep a higher number of coins stockpiled.

    Every unit is to their respective max upgrade in the 6th age, the Industrial Age. Every troop is researched to their respective maximum level.

    Level 20 Cleopatra
    Level 12 Outpost
    Level 12 Fladdermine
    Level 12 Gatling Gun
    Level 10 Field Cannon
    Level 10 TNT
    Level 8 Siege Mortar
    Level 3 Hatch
    Level 2 Balloon Gun

    Other buildings:
    Level 12 Coal Mine
    Level 12 Vault
    Level 6 Telegraph
    5 Train Yards
    3 Universities

    Level 12 Soldier
    Level 12 Grenadier
    Level 10 Cavalry
    Level 8 Miner
    Level 6 Partisan
    Level 4 Surgeon
    Level 2 Balloon

    Siege Weapons:
    Level 12 Battle Cannon
    Level 10 Train Mortar
    Level 6 Surgery
    Level 2 Bugle Call

    The only units I use now are the Soldier, Grenadier, Partisan, Cleopatra, and Train Mortar.

    Defensively, within each Outpost, train 7 each of Soldiers and Grenadiers.

    With this setup, and trophy count below 1700, the following videos show what you could expect. At the time of this writing, within my defense history, I am 29-1 in the previous 30 attacks against me, within a 4 day span.


    The way to get others to attach you is to maintain a high coin count to entice others to attack you.

    External image

    The below video shows how I maintain a high coin count. I focus my attacks on players with a coin count of 700K or higher. You may have to refresh multiple times to find one. Pay no attention to me getting an offensive win with this video. Your focus is NOT to get a win because your trophy count will rise with your defensive wins.

    I use 180 Partisan, training 45 in each Outpost which takes just over 33 minutes to train, because they only target coins. Sometimes I use Cleopatra as a slight distraction and 4 Train Mortars to soften up walls or destroy defenses I think are in the way.

    Sorry, this Game Clip has been removed

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