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Triple Elite achievement in Elite: Dangerous

Triple Elite

Reach a rank of Elite in Exploration, Combat and Trading

Triple Elite-5.1
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How to unlock the Triple Elite achievement

  • RDSRDS#5610303,217
    08 Jan 2017 17 May 2016 27 May 2020
    17 5 11
    Be warned: this will be an extremely time-consuming task, but with enough persistence you'll get this monster of an achievement. The first PC player who reached this status got 10.000 (10,000 for Americans) British pounds from the developers. I'll format all other large numbers with dots between groups of three numbers in a value.

    The achievement requires you to reach the rank of Elite in all three main game paths: Trading, Exploration and Combat.

    It's hard to pin down the exact requirements since they change over time and I will update the solution if new rank requirements are found.

    You rank up in a path by earning Cr (the in-game currency) with activities related to that path. For example, killing a wanted criminal earns you progress to Combat Elite, while scanning undiscovered systems and selling that data earns progress towards Exploration Elite.

    Combat rank progression: killing ships. Relative rank does matter.
    Trade rank progression: trading profit. Payouts from trade missions count.
    Exploration rank progression: exploration profit at Universal Cartographics.

    NOTE: I've noted the highest known values for each rank.

    The requirements (the most recently deducted values):
    Combat (in kills):
    Harmless: 0
    Mostly Harmless: 15
    Novice: 75
    Competent: 250
    Expert: 750 (reaching this rank nets the Combative achievement)
    Master: 1.250
    Dangerous: 2.600
    Deadly: 4.200
    Elite: 8.750

    Trading (in Cr PROFIT):
    Penniless: 0
    Mostly Penniless: 10.000
    Peddler: 100.000
    Dealer: 800.000
    Merchant: 3.800.000 (reaching this ranks nets the Playing the Markets achievement)
    Broker: 33.779.000
    Entrepeneur: 134.000.000
    Tycoon: 420.000.000

    Exploration (in Cr PROFIT):
    Aimless: 0
    Mostly Aimless: 40.000
    Scout: 340.000
    Surveyor: 1.250.000
    Trailblazer: 4.140.000 (reaching this rank nets the A new Ranulph? achievement)
    Pathfinder: 10.140.000
    Ranger: 29.000.000
    Pioneer: 116.140.000
    Elite: 322.000.000

    The amount of credits needed to reach Explorer Elite will be doubled in patch 2.3, but the payouts will increase with the same increment.

    My suggestion is doing missions from the Bulletin Board since they tend to make players progress faster through the ranks of Trading and Combat in particular. Exploration rank progress is best earned by making trips outside the 'bubble' of known space and scanning unknown systems/planets.

    With Combat, the rank of the ships you destroy also affects your progress. Destroying higher-ranked ships leads to more progress in combat. Thanks to the games masta for reminding me of this. The kill figures are based on the amount of ships you kill when you're solely killing ships of your own ranks.

    UPDATE: Frontier will never reveal the precise rank requirements to prevent players from solely working towards a single rank in the most efficient way they can find.

    UPDATE 2: As found in the comments of a different solution (can not remember the tag), Thargoid fights are also a very effective way of earning Combat rank, provided you're geared for it.

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    RDSI am aware of that, but I also know that there is a decrease in exploration rank gained from long range passenger missions incoming. Still noteworthy (never noticed it because I've got Explorer Elite months ago winklaugh)
    Posted by RDS#5610 on 18 Feb 17 at 00:45
    Lurking LawyerCompromised Nav Beacons are good for grinding combat rank - they seem to have an abnormally high percentage of Deadly and Elite targets, usually in small to medium ships, with new targets constantly spawning. It is a more efficient location than a RES or CZ. I use Skardee. The station is only 40 Ls away, so it's just a quick hop back to repair/rearm.

    The only downside is you get no assistance from law enforcement, so you're on your own.

    I've got Explorer and Trade Elite but the grind for Combat Elite is horrendous :/ Master +30% and counting.....
    Posted by Lurking Lawyer on 25 Apr 17 at 12:56
    ThulgrumFYI once you are on deadly, it takes ~12 elite kills per 1%. Therefore, 1,200 to hit elite. You can substitute a 2 deadly for an elite or 4 dangerous. Compromised nav beacons are the way to go!
    Posted by Thulgrum on 11 Apr at 13:06
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  • CodeMonkeysGuyCodeMonkeysGuy500,426
    23 Feb 2018 20 Jun 2017 21 Feb 2018
    6 0 6
    Making a solution for what to do for the three Elite ranks is challenging, because methods that work, or the best method available, is always changing, but I'm going to keep the following Pastebin updated with what I think are likely the best methods for purely getting the Elite ranks in Combat, Exploration, and Trade. I'm using a Pastebin because the amount of text I'd be putting here would be inane, and the formatting is much better there. Hope this helps.


    DULY NOTE: I will be writing and re-writing large portions of this guide to account for changes in 3.1; including, but not limited to: the new Crime & Punishment system, the engineering changes, adjustment of the mission supercruise distance reward modifier, and such like that. Also want to re-write some portions for the sake of clarity. May take a week or two after release of the update.
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    CodeMonkeysGuyI'm in without a fighter finishing off Combat Elite finally, and I think I've narrowed down the issue... seems like the AI occasionally decides to dip out to a safe distance and let their shields recharge if you break them. Only sometimes, though. The instant their shields recharge, they re-initiate aggro onto you. They're fully breaking any aggressive action to account for that AI action.

    So it seems like Fighters can break that AI chain. They'll loop endlessly when one can't kill the other (both are fairly agile targets), but if the Fighter eventually dies, the aggro ends up staying on the Fighter instead of swapping to you, because the aggro re-initialize is set to their most recent target and cannot switch. An AI targeting the fighter ends up acting as a new aggro rather than a switched aggro. So the Fighter chases, it becomes their new primary target, and it and the enemy get semi-stuck in a loop.

    When I re-write portions of my guide, I'll likely suggest not using Fighters. I've reported the bug to Frontier and maybe they'll fix it by 3.2... but they're iffy about this sort of thing.
    Posted by CodeMonkeysGuy on 22 Feb 18 at 10:11
    QwanimalI'm slightly confused by the 2018 addendum you added to the guide which mentions bulk passenger missions from Allen Hub to Smeaton Orbital. Do passenger missions increase your trade rank?
    Posted by Qwanimal on 18 May 18 at 00:53
    CodeMonkeysGuyOh that's outdated - the method around it has been fairly patched out. But yes, the *BULK* passenger missions increase trade rank. Most don't, so you have to be sure you're taking the right kind.
    Posted by CodeMonkeysGuy on 18 May 18 at 03:46
  • x Kieren xx Kieren x247,141
    08 Apr 2020 20 Oct 2018
    2 0 3
    The fastest way to Elite in combat in the current version (as of 20th October 2018) is to kill Thargoid scouts because they are all elite combat rank. As with anything in this game a little preparation and knowledge is required.

    Kit your ship with AX multi cannons, decontamination limpets and repair limpets. I'm using a Krait with 3 size 3 turreted ax multi's and 2 fixed beams. I have a xeno scanner but it is not essential it will tell you the scouts health. No engineering required on anything.

    Each week eagle eye identifies sectors of interest to the Thargoids. So to find scouts follow the link below and scroll to the bottom. Go to a sector that has a station listed as a target. Now just cruise around the system slowly and look for USS's. You will easily find "Non Human" threat 3 or 4 in abundance if you are in the right system.

    None of the work on this site is mine. All credit goes to their contributors.

    Threat 3 has 2 or 3 marauder scouts. Threat 4 will nearly always have 2 human ships and 4 or 5 marauder scouts. Occasionally there are upwards of 7 and all types of scouts (incidentally this is the same as a threat 5) this is much harder so its your call to stay or leave early.

    When a scout is going to blow it make a a "honking scream" noise try to avoid flying through the cloud of bug snot when it does or you will take caustic damage but during the fight you might still get it. Don't panic. Kill the scouts. Stop and fire of a decontamination limpet then repair yourself. Now just go back into super cruise and find another.

    You get 10,000 in combat bonds per scout so your not going to get rich but it will cover the bills and leave you some profit.

    Its taking me 5 to 6 scouts to get 1% at dangerous.
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    X30 TrucaseJust seen this solution and it's worth the mention.
    Thargoid Scouts also give 3-4x the amount of XP than a "regular" Elite enemy kill, so they're definitely worth the shooting.
    Posted by X30 Trucase on 17 Nov 18 at 10:48
    LOST NrThey must have severly nerfed how much progress you get for Thargoid Scout kills.

    I just hit Dangerous and it took me 14 Scout kills to move the bar from 0% to 1%. So 1400 kills in total to get from Dangerous to Deadly. I don't even want to think about going from Deadly to Elite ...

    Wish I did this before they nerfed it :(.
    Posted by LOST Nr on 24 Mar at 13:57
    SashamorningScout kills no longer count as Elite kills. They're counted as Dangerous kills.
    Posted by Sashamorning on 11 Apr at 16:40
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