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Pure Platinum

Equip a platinum level badge.

Pure Platinum+14.0
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Achievement Guide for Pure Platinum

  • CheneyHeadshotCheneyHeadshot341,132
    18 May 2016 18 May 2016
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    The easiest platinum badge to get is is probably the one for mileage.

    You simply need to clock up 200 cumulative miles across all races. By the time you get to the end of the Showcase Tour you'll likely be in the region of 170 miles.
    I managed to get this after a six lap GT race at Sebring in the Spotlight Series you unlock after getting done with the Showcase Tour, your mileage may literally vary.

    Nothing to stop you retrying a long race over and over, all the miles count.
  • CrocsxCrocsx131,590
    25 Oct 2016 25 Oct 2016 25 Oct 2016
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    This is the list of the badges, in bold the one's that you can upgrade from bronze to platine :

    Milestone Badges
    Welcome to Forza Motorsport 6: Apex
    Complete a race on every track configuration at Rio
    Complete a race on every track configuration at Sebring
    Complete a race on every track configuration at Spa
    Complete a race on every track configuration at Yas Marina
    Complete a race on every track configuration at Top Gear
    Complete the Initial Experience
    Earn # Million Race Points
    Reach Tier # in Forza Rewards
    Drive # miles
    Gain # Perfect Passes
    Earn # Race wins
    Complete # Bonus Objectives
    Drive # Different cars
    Reach # Driver (Amateur, Professional, Veteran, Champion)
    Complete # Different events
    Lead # Laps in races

    There are 48 different national flags, all unlocked for you to use from the start of the game.

    Player Level
    Reach the Novice Driver level
    Reach the Amateur Driver level
    Reach the Professional Driver level
    Reach the Veteran Driver level
    Reach the Champion Driver level
    Reach the Champion 2 Driver level
    Reach the Champion 3 Driver level
    Reach the Champion 4 Driver level
    You can easely farm any badges with the following configuration :

    Free Play
    Select Track > Top Gear > East Circuit (Day)

    I recommend the following if you want JUST this achievement :

    PLATINE Race Wins : Choose the fastest car you have (the fastest in the game are Bugatti Veyron, 2011 Koenigsegg, 2017 Ford GT) and set 1 drivatar and 1 laps long in order to do the quickest race (about 1 min). Finish it first and Restart it over and over in order to get the Platine Badge. Of course you can set the difficulty to the easiest level.

    When you obtained your badge, just go on the main menu => Pilote History => Change Badge => Select the badge

    If you finish JUST finished the campaign, you will have already some gold medal badge, the fastest platine badge is usually the miles ones, so just choose the fastest cars and a big track with many laps, and you should have about 10/15 lap maximum before getting the platine badge
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