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Rise of the Valkyrie achievement in Battleborn

Rise of the Valkyrie

Complete all Reyna lore challenges.

Rise of the Valkyrie0
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How to unlock the Rise of the Valkyrie achievement

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    Make It Reyno- Absorb 25,000 Damage with Photonic Ward.
    This Isn't really much damage to absorb and can be done quickly against Geoff on the first mission. When he goes for a firmware upgrade he will constantly fire at you if he spots you, simply put up your ultimate absorb all that fire then go hide somewhere while it's on cooldown.

    Now I Got Their Back- Use plasma pulse to drain 150 enemies' shields.
    I haven't really done any testing to see if you have to completely drain the shield or just damage it, but it should come quite easily through normal playing. Just fire at enemies with shields using your secondary cn_LT attack.

    The Signal- Grant an overshield to 100 allies.
    This is the easiest lore challenge for Reyna and can done easily in 1-2 matches. You grant overshields to allies by aiming at them and using your cn_LB skill, the skill also won't be wasted if you miss as you can keep on using it until you hit an ally. Make use of the time before a match starts while cooldowns are at 3 seconds to constantly fire the skill at allies and then when the match starts use as soon as it cools down, use cooldown gear to be able to use it more often.

    A Marked Improvement To Battle- Enemies marked by priority target take a total of 30,000 damage.
    Can be done on story with a full team on any level with multiple bosses like The Algorithm, The Sentinel or even The Hellophage. Priority Target is your cn_RB skill and makes the target take increased damage for a short amount of time, fire it at the boss as soon as the is available and with everyone attacking the boss you should get a lot of damage done with each use.

    The Best Defense-Kill 1000 enemies with laser pistol
    Unlike all the other lore challenges which can be done easily through normal gameplay, this one is a bit of a grind. As mentioned on other guides there is a spot on The Algorithm just before the third boss after you destroy 3 of the 4 shards there will be 2 swarmer spawners, if you go into the corner outside the room of the 4th shard it will make it so the spawners won't come attack you but the little swarmers will. simply staying here shooting the swarmers as they come will bag the lore challenge in less than an hour depending on how many kills you had before hand. Although allow the swarmers to clump as killing multiple with one shot will only result in one kill. Here's a video of me doing this:

    The below link will take you a build to help with all the lore challenges(Although not really a good survivability build)
    (being too long TA wouldn't hyperlink it all, so you'll have to paste it in the URL yourself),-1,1,0,-1,1,1,1,-1,1,

    If anyone has anything to add, let me know in the comments.
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    Woodrow1Yes, I am fairly certain in order to get "Now I Got Their Back" that you need to deplete an enemy's shield (get the last hit) with your Plasma Pulse (secondary attack).
    Posted by Woodrow1 on 18 Jul 16 at 17:23
    MiggyBombsGreat guide! For "now I got their back", I played the story Algorithm. At the beginning there are MX Striker bots. I just farmed it there. As soon as their shield starts to regenerate, I'd shoot them with LT.
    Posted by MiggyBombs on 05 Nov 16 at 20:01
    Archer Spensejust got this achievement last night. The "Now I Got Their Back" challenge has confusing wording. It goes up by 1 every time you hit a shielded enemy with cn_LT.

    I was going to point out "The Signal" PvP exploit too, but you got that covered.
    Posted by Archer Spense on 29 Mar 17 at 20:52
    HullabaloozaThe "Now I Got Their Back" was the last one for me. I think MiggyBombs covers this point but just for clarity, it doesn't have to be against a Battleborn enemy. This also works against enemy shielded buildables. I managed to find a Supply Station in a Private Versus/Versus Maps Classic and just dropped the shield with LT and then waited for it to recharge.
    Posted by Hullabalooza on 15 Apr 18 at 10:19
    BionicTriforceThe game's shutting down in a month but I wanted to point out that Reyna now only needs 100 laser kills instead of 1,000 so it's way easier.
    Posted by BionicTriforce on 15 Dec 20 at 16:33
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