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Seek out all of the 24 volumes of The Walking Dead

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I just show where the comics are, not exactly what is needed to get to them. I will try to add some tips and other things below to help.

You can get these in any order and they save after picking them up, so dying or quitting out right after won't ruin anything. Each comic will be in a backpack which you must open and select the comic for it to count. (You will know when you get it as it will disappear.) You do not need any space in your inventory to pick them up.

Harrison Memorial Hospital: (NO COMMENTARY YET)

Vol. 1 Days Gone By (See video at 0:46) - In the beginning of the level, once you're heading up the hallway, look left. Go into the bathroom and then up into the second bathroom to find your first comic.

Vol. 2 Miles Behind Us (See video at 2:16) - After killing your first walking and cutting your way into the vent, go right and then upwards a little bit to find your second comic.

Vol 3. Safety Behind Bars (See video at 2:36) - After dropping down into a room (right after Vol. 2), go outside of this room and into the room to your left. You will find your 3rd comic in the back left corner inside the room to your left.

Vol. 4 The Heart's Desire (See video at 4:24) - Near the end of the level, after crawling under the fence, your final comic can be found to the left next to the building. I'd recommend killing off or distracting all the walkers so you can open up the backpack to get the comic.

Greene Family Farm:

Vol. 5 The Best Defense (See video at 3:35) - This one will require a pickaxe first (I believe). To get the pickaxe, either buy one from the vendor around (0:00AM - 6:00AM) or find one. There is a pickaxe (See video at 0:51) inside a building below the safe area. From the safe area, leave through the bottom door and go right. Break into the building as seen in the video with whatever you can find to use to break walls. Once you break in, kill of any walkers that get in the way and the pickaxe should be in one of the chests inside this building. Once you get the pickaxe, head back to the safe area. Now once you are at the safe area, go back outside going through the top left door and head upwards. There will be a small building you should be able to break into using your pickaxe to get the next comic.

Vol 6. This Sorrowful Life (See video at 1:23) - You will need a shovel for this next comic. You can either find a shovel or build one yourself. (Timber + Timber = Makeshift Handle) then (Makeshift Handle + Duct Tape + Metal Sheet = Shovel) To find this one, leave the farm from the bottom door, and go right. You will come to a hole that has been dug up. Use your shovel to finish digging up the hole and go inside the hole to get your next comic.

Vol 7. The Calm Before (See video at 1:48) - Below from where you get Vol. 6, head down and to the left a little. You will find a large building that you will need to break into. If you're unsure of what building to break into, please watch the video. To break into buildings, use items such as Chisels, Crowbars, Pickaxes ect. I normally just went with Chisels and Screwdrivers. Now once you break into the building, you will want to move the table under the vent you must cut open. Again, watch the video if you are unsure of where to move the table. Keep an eye out though as there may be some walkers around inside the building. Once you move the tables, cut open the vent with Screwdrivers, Files or Clippers. Now climb on up and simply follow the long path to find your next comic.

Vol. 8 Made To Suffer (See video at 0:00) - This one can be found right away by exiting the safety area (The farm) and running down to the very bottom left of the map. Be careful as there will be walkers you will need to look out for.

Vol 9. Here We Remain (See video at 2:50) - This is at the end of the barn that you must clear out to finish the level. You can either do this whenever you want to or save this one for the last comic you get on the level. It's completely up to you, but I would just get it out of the way, that way you don't forget. So you will need to do a few main storyline quests for Hershel first until he takes you to the barn. Once you get the cutscene of walkers in the barn, open the door and kill them all. How you kill them is completely up to you. I however lured them out of the barn and had my survivors kill them for me. Once they are all cleared out, head the the far back of the barn and below the exit door is the next comic.

Meriwether Correctional Facility:

Vol. 10 What We Become (See video at 0:00) - This is located behind the generator. You must reach the generator anyways for one of the main objectives. I'm sorry but I don't remember what the ladder is called or what is used to build it. You will need to put together 3 buckets or pails to create the ladder. Once you build it, you then need to place it in the small building in the back right. Then use files and screwdrivers to cut your way up into the vents. Walk over the pipe and onto the roof of the generator room. You might need to break some vent walls using screwdrivers and files as well. If you take the time to build cutters, things will be much easier for yourself. Now once you're in the vent, go to the back and cut your way down to get behind the generator to find your first comic on this level.

Vol. 11 Fear The Hunters (See video at 0:50) - This is in the bottom right of the map to the right of a guard tower. There's not much explaining on this one as it's quite simple to find.

Vol. 12 Life Among Them (See video at 1:40) - You are going to need a shovel for this comic. By now you should know how to make them. You should be able to find one of this level though. If not, read above as I tell how to make a shovel. Anyways, you must go to the center of the map. If you leave the safe area and go left then downwards, it's right here. You should see a backpack with a hold dug to the right side of it. Finish digging this hole then go inside to get your next comic. Note: I don't actually collect this one in the video because I didn't have a shovel on me. I do however show where the comic can be found. There are quite a lot of walkers in this area so kill them off or lure them away first.

Vol. 13 Too Far Gone (See video at 2:18) - This one can be difficult to get as there are a lot of walkers around this one. From Vol. 12, go left until you reach an opening in the left side fence. Go through and you should be in a parking lot. The comic is in the bottom left corner. You can try sneaking to get this one or killing or luring the walkers away. Note: I do not open this backpack either because I didn't want to die. You can clearly see where the backpack is though as I stand next to it. Your comic is inside I promise.

Vol. 14 No Way Out (See video at 3:03) - Now from the parking lot, follow the left fence upwards. Ignore the red key door and continue following the fence. After passing the guard tower, go through the next door on your right. Now place a table inside this building, right in front of the closest bottom door nearest to the door you came in. Use video if you don't understand. Once you put the table down, cut your way through the vents. Once in the vents go right until you can go down. Then go left and up the ladder. Once you're on the roof of this building, head upwards and cross over to the next building. The comic should be in the backpack at edge of the building.


Vol. 15 We Find Ourselves (See video at 1:17) - Now if you're following the video, you should be right above where Michonne is/was being held captive. Now weather your following the guide or not, head outside of Woodbury and go to the bottom right area. There should be a comic along the left side of the wall somewhere around this area. Follow video if you can't find it.

Vol. 16 A Larger World (See video at 0:53) - Head outside of Woodbury going though the upper left door. Now head upwards until you reach the top left corner of the map. Now head right and the comic will be right above where Michonne is being held. If you already rescued Michonne, don't worry, it's quite noticeable. There may be a few walkers lurking around so kill them if they get in the way.

Vol. 17 Something To Fear (See video at 0:00) - Head outside of Woodbury going through the upper left door. Now head downwards and into the next building to your right. This shouldn't be part of Woodbury, it is outside of the safety area. Move the table under the vent. Now cut your way through and make your way up onto the roof to get the comic.

Vol. 18 What Comes After (See video at 2:26) This is right below where Glenn is/was captured. You should notice a patrolling henchman walking back and fourth in this room. Break through and take him out. Throw his dead body outside of Woodbury so he doesn't cause problems later on. Now move the table under the vent and cut your way through. Climb the ladder to get onto the roof then cross over the pipe to get to the 2nd building with the comic on it.

Vol. 19 March To War (See video at 2:44) - This is in the same building that the Governor is in. This is sort of tricky as there is a lot of henchmen around the area. I found it easier to take along all of your survivors and have them help you fight them. Take your time when taking them out because if one of your survivors goes down, they will run back to their bedroom. If any enemies are in the way, they will kill your survivor. Anyways, the Governor's building is located in the top right of the map. You will need to move the table under the vent and break your way through. You will need quite a few screwdrivers and files so come prepared. Once in the vent, head all the way to the end and break your way into the small room. (This is where the purple key is). Once you drop down, go out through the door to the left and the comic is on the left wall outside the door.


Vol. 20 All Out War - Part 1 (See video at 2:40) - This one is going to require a pretty good shovel. (Possibly 2) This is why I found this one so annoying to get because I already used up so many shovels already. I was stuck with searching for Duct Tape and Timber for about 3 days with my Walker activity meter being around 75%. Once you get your shovel, you are going to need the red key now. Red Key location in video below. Now you can either find the purple key (Which I don't know where it is) or you can dig under the door. Stand next to the door and dig down, then dig upwards twice, then dig that spot once more to dig your way into the next room. Your comic is waiting for you.

Vol. 21 All Out War - Part 2 (See video at 0:11) - This is at the very top left of the map in a fenced in area. You will need to break through two sets of fences so bring enough files with.

Vol. 22 A New Beginning (See video at 2:16) - This one isn't too bad. Near the bottom right of the map, you will see a small building with a backpack and weapons bag. Break into it to get your comic.

Vol. 23 Whispers Into Screams (See video at 0:00) - You are going to need a shovel for this one. Straight from the spawn, head outside going through the upper door. Go left and directly above Carl's room, dig a hole downward. Once inside the hole, dig to your left to find the comic. (I would recommend having a fully upgraded shovel in your inventory at 100% when saving your game) Once you dig up this comic, quit your game and reload to have your shovel again. To upgrade shovels (Shovel+ Duct Tape + Metal Sheet). You put weak shovel in to upgrade to medium. Then you put medium shovel in to upgrade to good shovel.

Vol. 24 Life And Death (See video at 0:54) - This one was annoying for me to get, mostly because I was ignoring my daily jobs and my survivors kept dying. You are going to need a lot of screwdrivers and files. You will also need the red key. Red Key in video below. Make your way to the far right of the map and look for a church. There is a building to the top left of the church which you can enter with the red key. Go into the red key room and place the table under the vent. Now cut your way through until you get to the roof. Cross over the pipe to make it to the church roof and head downwards to go down the ladder. Continue cutting your way through the vents and drop down into the church. Move the table under the 2nd vent and cut your way through that one. Drop down and move the next table under the next vent. Cut your way through this one as well and drop down at the back of the church to get your next comic.

Video credit - Benjamin Rulli (Raiderhorn)

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