Timing is Everything achievement in DOOM

Timing is Everything

Use explosive barrels to kill 100 enemies.

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How to unlock the Timing is Everything achievement

  • DwaggieniteDwaggienite3,973,394
    14 May 2016 14 May 2016 20 May 2016
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    You can get this achievement in FIVE MINUTES by using my custom map!

    Go to SnapMap from the main Doom menu, and then go to Snapmap Community. Click 'Search'

    Search by Keyword, and search for my map's name, "Barrel Kill Boost", or search for my map's ID code, "ZR5T2BFN".

    Due to map-making limits, I can only put 60 enemies in a map (and only 12 enemies can be 'spawned' at one time, which is why I've put 5 rooms of 12 enemies). So all you need to do is play through the map once, get the 60 kills, and then play through it again for your achievement!

    Make sure all 12 enemies have spawned in the middle of the barrels before shooting them! They will all spawn with red flashes of light.

    Please don't forget to upvote the map when you're done!
    Important: This won't work if you download the map and play locally. When it asks if you want to download or play the map, you need to click 'play' instead of 'download'.

    You can see my level in the video below:

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    FifiRaceRVery effective! Thanx :)
    Posted by FifiRaceR on 22 Mar 20 at 15:23
    DwaggieniteGlad to help :D
    Posted by Dwaggienite on 22 Mar 20 at 15:24
    TannersauresRexPerfect! You’re a godsend. Thanks man.
    Posted by TannersauresRex on 22 Mar 21 at 09:03
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  • Mobius EvalonMobius Evalon541,029
    21 Jan 2017 23 Jan 2017 02 Apr 2022
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    Edit April 2 2022:
    There seems to be an issue with the search function in SnapMap at the moment. Personally I haven't used it in a very long time and I don't recall how it used to work, because I had trouble figuring out how it worked for a minute or two.

    If you enter the map's ID "KFADVXVW" then move the cursor down to "SEARCH >" and hit cn_A, the game doesn't seem to do anything but show a little red box on the right with the same ID in it. If you simply hit cn_A again you'll see the map listed, the "One stop achievement shop" which seems to be still searchable and playable.

    Some are reporting issues where the Doom servers are indicating there is no connection which has been somewhat of a theme going back several years. The only thing I can recommend if this is occurring is to try again later or the next day, since they seem pretty good about getting the servers back up.

    Original solution:
    I have created a SnapMap as a one-stop shop for several achievements, including this one. To find it, simply hit cn_Y to open the search function from any tab in the SnapMap mode and search for "KFADVXWV" (the capitalization does not matter.) Once you locate the map, make sure you hit cn_A to "Play" the map, because cn_Y "Save to my downloaded maps" will not count if you launch it from your downloaded maps.

    Setting the lobby type to private does not void this achievement.

    If you follow the short tutorial texts on the screen, you can continue into a small arena and use buttons on your controller to spawn demons. You are (nearly) invincible, have infinite ammo, and permanent quad damage once you enter the arena part of the map.

    For this achievement, hit cn_X and non-aggressive zombie enemies will congregate near the center of the arena; cn_LS spawns a barrel where you're standing. I don't think you need to be a Mensa candidate to figure out how these two items go together.

    You can hit the spawner button as many times as you like, but the game only allows 12 enemies on the screen at any one time. Similarly, only 12 barrels will exist at the same time.

    This map is also great for:

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    Solution for Juicin' It Up In DOOM
    Solution for No Rest for the Living In DOOM
    Solution for Butcher In DOOM
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    NuttySandman123I'm shooting the barrels and it doesn't go up at all, but I got the other achievement juicin it up
    Posted by NuttySandman123 on 04 Oct 18 at 11:15
    doomedtoliveCan't seem to find any maps at all using the search function now
    Posted by doomedtolive on 08 Dec 21 at 22:46
    KludgyCartoon79Doesn’t work as of April 2022
    Posted by KludgyCartoon79 on 01 Apr at 19:20
  • ProfessorPlutoProfessorPluto1,259,213
    14 May 2016 14 May 2016 14 May 2016
    14 0 2
    During Mission 5 - Argent Energy Tower the second Rune Trial you come across is for killing 10 unwilling with explosive barrels. The rune trial specifically relates to the Equipment Power Rune. The barrels will not look like the typical red barrels from the game, but they count towards the achievement. Be careful and get some room between yourself and the barrels as you start this trial with 1 health and the explosion will kill you if you are too close.

    Just wait for the enemies to get close to the barrels and shoot the barrels. You can replay the rune trial from the campaign menu once you have unlocked it in the mission.

    Here's a video I captured on my xbox of it:
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    TheGreatKoalaBest guide here...
    Posted by TheGreatKoala on 14 Nov 16 at 12:36
    ProfessorPlutoThanks mate!
    Posted by ProfessorPluto on 14 Nov 16 at 12:48
  • BenderWinBenderWin368,730
    Yesterday Yesterday Yesterday
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    As of Oct 4th 2022, this was the available snapmap that was easy to find and specifically made for this achievement! In order to unlock this achievement, you'll need to kill 100 enemies via explosive barrels.

    From the main menu, cn_RB over to SnapMaps. Now hit cn_Y to search. Type in the keyword "barrel" and hit cn_A to hit the first hashtag.

    The snapmap info is:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    As soon as you spawn in, you'll notice a ring of barrels per room. For me, the enemies didn't spawn in immediately, but there is also a horde of enemies in the very last room. Make your way to the very last room and lead the enemies to the barrels as well, and as soon as they get close enough, fire away! Reload the map if you run out of enemies and the achievement should pop as soon as you reach 100 kills!
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