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No Rest for the Living

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Achievement Guide for No Rest for the Living

  • Dibbs93Dibbs93419,796
    12 May 2016 12 May 2016 22 Jan 2017
    368 5 46
    This is a guide for if you want to get this achievement quickly.

    A few notes to start with, you have to actually finish the level as in reach the 'Win Screen' (quitting out of the level does not work) , also you cannot just play your own maps this will not count even if published but you can play the same map 5 times.

    To get this achievement, from the main screen go to snap map and click search by keyword, through this search for 'quick win' there will be a map called '#quick win on pickup' made by me (dibbs93) select this map and hit play >Host and then start the game.

    from there just pick up the burst rifle (not the BFG) and the game will end just back out of the score sheet and it will take you back to the lobby, play this map 5 times and you should get the achievement.

    Edit: if you are having trouble finding the map try using map ID KHK6H3YR

    If there are any problems please make a comment instead of a thumbs down thanks dance.
  • Mobius EvalonMobius Evalon491,095
    22 Jan 2017 23 Jan 2017 14 Jan 2018
    71 0 4
    I have created a SnapMap as a one-stop shop for several achievements, including this one. To find it, simply hit cn_Y to open the search function from any tab in the SnapMap mode and search for "KFADVXWV" (the capitalization does not matter.) Once you locate the map, make sure you hit cn_A to "Play" the map, because cn_Y "Save to my downloaded maps" will not count if you launch it from your downloaded maps.

    Setting the lobby type to private does not void this achievement.

    If you follow the short tutorial texts on the screen, you can continue into a small arena and use buttons on your controller to spawn demons. You are (nearly) invincible, have infinite ammo, and permanent quad damage once you enter the arena part of the map.

    What this achievement text does not tell you is that you do not need to play five unique maps, so you can simply play the same one five times. My map has a great feature built in for this achievement; simply hit the cn_back View button at any time to end the match in victory. It'll take longer to load the map than it will to rack up a win toward this achievement.

    This map is also great for:

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    Solution for Up Close and Personal in DOOM
    Solution for Juicin' it Up in DOOM
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