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Trial Master in Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Colonies

Trial Master226 (40)

Clear Trial Battle Mode on "Extreme" Difficulty.

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Achievement won on 30 Sep 10
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Posted on 27 March 10 at 07:00, Edited on 27 March 10 at 20:15
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The name of the game in order to beat this achievement is speed + safety, with proper VS management..So here we go.

Boss 1: Giant Akrid + Minions

Attacks: Swipe with claws, lunging "teeth" attack, charged up roll *rolls around the arena for around 15 seconds*, fast roll *hits a wall and unravels, leaving itself exposed*.

First thing you should do is hop into the VS to your left, if one of the akrids hit you with their roll it may be best to reset since T-energy is vital. Once your in the VS head towards the shotgun that should be right next to you, after that, jump/hover over to the shotgun on the opposite side of the area. Immediately after getting your second shotgun head straight for the bosses tail, emphasizing on speed "dont worry if you have to hover some more to get into position", Now to the trick of getting him into a stunlock.. Fire both of your shotguns in his tail, do not fire again after that, instead wait for him to get out of his "stumbling" animation and fire both shotguns again.

Rinse and repeat and hopefully you should make it through that first bit with your VS still intact, with leftover shotgun ammo, if your VS is dead it may be best to reload since this is only the first fight.

Boss 2:

Attacks: Missile Barrage from the knees, Horizontal laser of death *jump/hover to avoid, or head straight to her side/behind her so she cant hit you*, non-lethal machinegun fire.

This VS boss is a lot easier than you would expect, assuming you have your shotguns still. First thing you do is jump/hover over right next to her, blast away with the shotguns. note- DO NOT KILL HER, you will need to destroy the t-eng tanks in the area to boost your energy. Once you have destroyed those tanks park yourself right next to the fresh VS "which is equipped with a rocket launcher" and wait for her to destroy your current one.

Eject yourself and get out of the blast zone so you wont die, then head over to the next suit, once your in pick up the rocket launcher that should be to your left "while avoiding the bosses missile fire/laser" and fire both rockets at the boss to finish her off..Wait for her to explode and rush to the t-eng she drops.

Boss 3: Greeneye -

Attacks: Rush and mow over, Icicle barrage, stunning stomp *jump to avoid*, Freezing ice wave of doom

Get out of your *slow vs* and head into the "super vs" as I like to call it, now for Greeneye the important rule is to not get hit, stick to stage cover to manipulate the boss, and use gatling guns to pop out its eyes. You should be able to destroy one side of him in your current location with his first pass. If you don't get all do not worry, You will get another shot. Play yourself conservatively and try to preserve the mech your in right now because it is very helpful for the next boss "Who is a jackass right and proper if your on foot". Once Greeneye's right side eyes are destroyed jump over to the ledge in the middle, and wait for him to pass around. Blast away at those eyes and then his "front eyes" should appear. Now by this time you should be running a bit low on gatling gun ammo, so whenever you get the chance race around the arena *using Y + direction for boosters* and pick up the gatling gun ammo. Now for the tricky part *at least from my experiences* head into a corner of the stage where you can await greeneye, and prepare to blast away with gatling guns. If he rushes use your boosters to get out of the way, and whatever you do don't stop firing at his eyes till all 4 pop. Once they have popped his big eye should appear, do the same strategy on it..Only once he is close to death try and position yourself next to the shotgun laying in the opposite corner from where you started this stage, so you can pick it up after he bites the dust. Once that is done rush over, break him, and pick up the T-eng he drops.

Boss 4:

Attacks: Large missiles, Thunder Joust "charges in a straight line across the area *don't be in the way*, Shock therapy *extremely lethal, once he rushes over and gets next to you boost back so he doesn't hit you with this since it almost always guaruntees your going to fail*

This boss's stage is laid out in a grid-like area, and since im bad at explaining locations, I will simply say head towards the shotgun which should be one "lane" to your left, pick it up as soon as you can so you can get both shotguns..I bet you know where im going with this, once it is picked up, wait for the boss to stop "Jousting" across the arena as I like to call it and as soon as your able get right next to him, preferadly behind him, and spam your shotguns as if your life depends on it Yes, this boss is really that simple to beat if you have your supermech and dual shotguns. If you are lucky he should go down in under a minute, if your not lucky, you will have to dodge his attacks for a longer time, prolonging the risk of your mech being destroyed/having to start over.

Also do not worry if you are running low on t-eng near the end of this fight, you get an infinite supply for the next boss.

Final Boss: The final boss from the main game (shocking).

Attacks: Pewpew lasers "actually deadly, don't let em hit you", Missile Barrage, Homing Lasers, Sword Swiping, Helper A: Spreadfire lasers of death, Helper B: Up and down laser of death.

Alright, there is both an easy way and a hard way to beat this guy, I will give you the easy "but longer" way to destroy him.

What you wanna do is, before he summons his helpers rush in and use your charged lasersword swipes to take off large chunks of his health. Once a single helper has been summoned, back off far away to where the lasers that come from them wont hit you..And simply use your sword projectiles to fire away and chip off his health. Thats it, just stay out of his range and slowly kill him, Though be noted for the final blow you need to get a sword swipe in since he becomes immune to everything else at his final sliver of health. His vulnerable point is when he rushes in to try and hit you with his swords, rush away and wait for him to do a "blender" like motion with his sword. Once he has done so he will be vulnerable so rush in and give him some love.

Congratulations, you now hopefully have what I believe to be the second hardest achievement in the game.

NOTE - I won't bother putting in the control changes for the last fight since if your reading this solution im assuming you have already at least beaten the game..
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