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Home of the brave

Finish the single player campaign on Deathwish difficulty.

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How to unlock the Home of the brave achievement

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    This achievement is for completing the game on Death Wish difficulty NOT hard diffculty.
    Here are some tips for getting started, the early portion of the game is by far the hardest as you wont have any equipment/perks. The game becomes much easier once you have right equipment.

    If you are planning on getting all of the other achievements I would recommend grinding those out on lower difficulties and saving this achievement for a 2nd playthrough. once you understand the mechanics and level layouts it really speeds things up.
    I was able to pretty much speed run this achievement from start to finish in about 10 - 12hours. I believe I could of done it in under 8 if I wasn;t mopping up the achievements I missed.
    You're very first purchase should be the crossbow or suppressor and a sight. Noisy weapons are out they make things much more complicated particularly in the early portion of the game. I went with the crossbow but it depends what you prefer/comfortable with. Don't purchase anything else until you have 5k to purchase the Less Damage perk, the quicker you acquire this the easier the game gets. This makes the difference between being one shot killed and not! Money management is essential early on, the perks for extra med kits, and camouflage will help later in the game.

    There is one simple rule to follow if you want to complete this difficulty quickly and hassle free. Do Not Get Distracted, radios, jobs, stash houses and flash points, ignore them all unless you come into direct contact with them. I spent 20 mins on my first playthrough trying to get a radio. Stay focused.

    You should have two main aims; complete mission objectives ( immediately) and complete strike points. Why Strike Points? Well not only do they decrease the enemy presence on the map but they provide crucial ally support, being able to recruit help is an excellent method for getting through some tougher missions. However, don't go miles out your way to get every strike point, just the ones near missions will suffice.

    Utilise the motorbikes to quickly get from one mission point to the next, and bypass the enemies. Seriously this saves major time. Also, Use your Distract tool, this is a hidden gem which on easier difficulties isn't needed but is essential on Deathwish. Make sure you have abundant health packs, Recruit Allies and Dont get distracted. Use stealth, if like me you use the crossbow make sure you buy the faster reload perk and upgrade fully. If you went with pistol and silencer purchase the perks for that.

    Deathwish is VERY doable provided you manage your resources effectively and play stealthily. Bank your valuables, if you die you lose them. Missions provide the best source of income so quickly completing these enables you to purchase the best perks.

    If you are struggling remember the early part of the game is the toughest if you can tough it out you'll find it gets easier. I honestly believe I could have completed this in under 8 hours if I wasnt mopping up other achievements. Saving this for a second playthrough really helps, you will understand the mechanics and what to do for the missions.

    Deathwish forces you to change your playstyle and to manage your resources and time effectively. You must think and plan rather than go in all guns blazing which is a much more satisfying feeling and It really made me appreciate the game much more.

    Hope these tips help you.

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    burtondude33I did Deathwish on my second play through, and this guide is 100% on the spot.

    Buy the crossbow (mod pistol to the SMG), use that until you get $5K for the Vest, then work on upgrading the Crossbow to Level 3, also buy the laser and 4x scope for it. Recruit Resistance members at every point you can! It makes it much easier. Also, don't forget to pick up the easy strike points and intel points!
    Posted by burtondude33 on 05 Mar 19 at 18:40
    HenryKenyoBRif I finish the game in this difficulty I release the achievements of other difficulties?
    Posted by HenryKenyoBR on 12 Mar 19 at 14:26
    AllOvaMyself@HenryKenyoBR - Yes.
    Posted by AllOvaMyself on 12 Mar 19 at 14:57
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  • ThePr0digalS0nThePr0digalS0n248,195
    07 Jun 2016
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    At the time I am writing this the achievement itself is still buggy but I Figured I would go ahead and write this guide hoping it gets patched someday.

    This achievement is actually very easy to obtain, the game starts of rough but once you know what guns to upgrade and gear to buy the game becomes a breeze.

    The first portion of the game I recommend buying the upgrade to your pistol which turns into a silent gun. This is very useful in the early and some late parts of the game.

    For the rest of the game weapon wise what i found worked best for me was the assault rifle and the battle rifle. The assault rifle can be modded into a full on machine gun and basically anti vehicle launcher which are very useful. And the battle rifle can be use to turn into a sniper rifle when needed. I recommend getting the battle rifle first as its head shots are one hit kills in this game. And with the attachments of holographic scope, arm grip, and muzzle brake can do a lot of damage.

    Attachment wise most of them are useless except sights and muzzle break. Muzzle break on automatic machine guns is a pain in the butt, but on the battle rifle is very nice. It always for two shots of most enemies center mast, and can help take out heavies very reliable.

    I also advise upgrading the battle rifle itself for damage and stability and upgrading the launcher part of the assault rifle. Once the launcher is upgrade you can use it to destroy all vehicles and mow down lots of enemies. I have heard some people like the crossbow as well since it is silent and can turn into a shotgun which is nice. For me personally, the pistol smg mod was enough for me, but the crossbow is also a viable option.

    As for gear, i would by the last three as soon as possible, they let you take less damage, use med packs faster and run faster. The med speeds increase is probably the most important and helped me the most when i was playing.

    As for the game itself, i nice feature i found is that if you are being swamped by enemies and need a break if you complete your mission objective it just ends any conflict you're in and basically wipes them away. This even works for capturing strikes and other objective. You can in essence skip all fights as long as the objective is taking a certain point or killing someone, or anything like that. This is very useful and should be used to help you speed through some sections.

    There is no penalty for death as far as i could see, i would frequently run into bases to figure out what type of enemies there were, die, and then kill them all when i respawned. But the games has terrible load times, so i understand if you don't want to do this. but honestly if you die don't worry anything you did would be saved and has no consequence.

    Most sections you play in for the main story only have a few parts of the map you actually play on, when you get to these new sections i recommend capturing a few strike points, they will act as new spawn points and will make it much easier to complete missions. once you capture a section most enemies don't spawns or even show up in that section.

    Honestly the game is really easy you just have to get past the first hour or so saving up money to buy things that actually help you. Buy the middle part of the game i was just running through levels killing most people in my way because the AI in this game is non existent.

    If you have questions just let me know i will be happy to answer them!
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    Julz D 01@ox Someone should answer the above question. Is there some sort of translation or spelling error here?
    Posted by Julz D 01 on 17 Oct 16 at 03:48
    The SCHWARTZ 00The achievement description is incorrect, it should say beat the game on the HARDEST setting, which is Death Wish.
    Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 08 Mar 17 at 17:49
    matdanWorked fine first playthrough, thanks for the tips
    Posted by matdan on 17 Apr 17 at 12:14
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