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Shot Down

Prevent 1500 damage with a single use of's Defense Matrix in Quick or Competitive Play.

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How to unlock the Shot Down achievement

  • PBreezeyPBreezey149,877
    31 May 2016 31 May 2016
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    Hello and welcome to PBreezey's achievement guide for the Overwatch achievement "Shot Down"

    To get this achievement you have to use's Defense Matrix - which is activated using cn_RB - to prevent/block/absorb 1500 damage. Defense Matrix only has a 10 second cooldown SO Tip #1: Use the Defense Matrix as much as possible and you might just get this achievement through sheer luck.

    Tip #2: Block ultimate abilities. One of the best ways to unlock this achievement is to block other player's ultimates. For example, I got this achievement by blocking Reaper's Death Blossom. Other good ones to block would be Roadhog's Whole Hog and Pharah's Barrage. This will not only help you get the achievement, but your team will LOVE you! clap

    Tip #3: Find the enemy Bastion. Let's be honest. Right now, there is a Bastion in every game you play. He is set up in a corner, on a ledge, in a doorway - just camping and mowing people down. Use this to your advantage! Let him pump his bullets into you and boost away laughing.

    Tip #4: DON'T SHOOT! While your Defense Matrix is active you are free to move around. However, if you begin to fire your weapon it will end your Defense Matrix early. Use the full time your Defense Matrix can be up, then start returning fire.

    Tip #5: Just keep trying. There is no formula to getting this achievement, no sure-fire method that will make it pop. It's all going to be trial and error. You may try blocking Reaper's Death Blossom but not soak up the damage you need to pop the achievement. Then two minutes later you could decide to take a ride on the front of the Payload and easily soak up 1500 damage from everyone shooting at you. Just be patient and keep trying.

    If you have any comments or questions, please let me know before you downvote. Good luck and happy hunting!

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    Spot on guide.

    i accidentally got it defending Pharah's Barrage
    Posted on 20 Mar 17 at 09:11
    ApesAteMyFleshGreat guide. I got this today without even trying, blocking damage from Bastion and the other team's D.Va letting loose on me with specials at the same time. So, pure luck is an option (it worked for me)!
    Posted by ApesAteMyFlesh on 09 Jul 18 at 05:09
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  • NicoRobinsGhostNicoRobinsGhost492,797
    29 May 2016 29 May 2016
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    I got this achievement by standing infront of roadhog doing his ultimate, as he started his ult i waited a second and activated my defense matrix cn_RB and it popped before the matrix deactivated.

    Good luck.
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    Elite1111111111I've played D.Va for 12 hours and still haven't gotten it. In reference to Lund not getting it from Roadhog's Ult, the damage has MAJOR fallout. You'd have to be pretty close to block the most damage. Finally got it on a Roadhog Ult after MANY unsuccessful attempts. Your best bet is in a point capturing mode, blocking Roadhogs Ult and anyone else who happens to be firing at you. Not sure if blocking JUST the Ult is enough.
    Realistically also blocking Bastion works although most won't shoot you the entire time you have it up, as this is how I got Mei's Icewall Achievement.
    Posted by Elite1111111111 on 09 Jun 16 at 15:01
    Thiagosc777I finally did it. I don't think any of the specials cause enough damage. I did it by blocking Bastion and got lucky that a Pharah tried to use her special on me around the same time.
    Posted by Thiagosc777 on 12 Jun 16 at 04:11
    FWR GeorgieBlocked 1800 damage from bastion numerous times now and no unlock. Why?
    Posted by FWR Georgie on 30 Aug 16 at 18:19
  • Sergeant TillerSergeant Tiller48,957
    03 Jul 2016 03 Jul 2016 03 Jul 2016
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    D.VA's Defense Matrix allows her to block or absorb damage. This achievement requires you to block 1500 damage. An easy way is to block an Ultimate ability, such as Pharah's Barrage or Roadhog's Whole Hog.

    I got the achievement on Temple of Anubis Defense, when Pharah used her Ultimate.

    EDIT: Video here.

    Achievement doesn't pop because it doesn't show it (for some reason)
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