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Show Me the Money achievement in World of Tanks: Valor (Xbox 360)

Show Me the Money

Earn 100,000+ silver in a single match (gross earnings before Ops) and survive.

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How to unlock the Show Me the Money achievement

    29 May 2016 29 May 2016 29 May 2016
    15 4 29
    For this you need to earn 100,000 silver top line. That is before ops and premium multipliers. So in the first line of the detailed report for silver in the team tab you need to have 100,000 silver earned. You must also have survived the battle. I got this in my type 59 my gross earnings were 104,000 silver but I made 88,000 profit. So your ammo costs and consumables are not relevant.

    I would advise using a tier 8 premium tank for this if you have one( you can earn one for free in junes morherland op) if not use a high dpm tier 8/9 tank with good view range so you get a good balance of damage and assistance. For reference I did 3,800 damage and 1,500 assistance in my type 59 to earn this. You will need a close to ace tanker game to earn this achievement.

    To maximise your silver earnings in a match try to ensure you are spotting your own targets(your commander can see the tank your shooting at) as using teammates view range will only give you half the silver for the damage you do. For example 4000 damage done of your own spotting will get you more silver than 7000 damage done sniping at the back using teammates view range.


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    o KeyserSoeze oEffortlessly (and I mean that) got this with my lovely IS-6. I did not bounce nearly as much as I normally do, and I played less aggressively/seriously than usual (like I said, it was effortless). Additionally, I was retraining my crew for the T-150, so crew mastery was only at around 78%. I just started playing this game again after a nearly two-year break and this was probably my 15th game in my IS-6 since I've come back; I'm still not nearly as good as I used to be, as well.

    Anyways, it was good enough game for Mastery Class 1, but not Ace, so that should also be telling.

    Tier VIII Match
    4436 Damage
    12 Penetrations
    3 Kills
    822 Assisted Damage
    485 Blocked
    Notable Medals: Confederate, High Caliber, Hand of God

    A pretty average (okay, decently above-average, but not stellar) round for IS-6, to be honest. The round that I earned my first Ace medal was much better than this one, and it was against mostly Tier IX's.

    Edit: Obviously, I survived and won the match; was also MVP but that should not matter.
    Posted by o KeyserSoeze o on 27 Nov 17 at 20:27
    Darkness727420Im going to have to have a god like game. I average about 7 to 9 pens. But I'm I'm the T34 and it can be slow getting to tje action to say the least.
    Posted by Darkness727420 on 26 Aug 19 at 00:22
    Darkness727420Got it in a losing match laugh

    Tank: T34
    Medals: master Gunner, sharpshooter, fire for effect, bruiser, mastery badge 1 class and sniper.
    8 critical kits
    11 enemy damaged
    2 kills
    3,931 damage
    640 blocked
    0 detections

    I was highest in xp earned and damage on my team

    I was killed being one of two tanks on my team alive.
    Posted by Darkness727420 on 26 Aug 19 at 02:55
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  • KroganKellerKroganKeller327,549
    23 Jul 2016 23 Jul 2016
    6 2 2
    Just a little thing that happened to me a few hours ago:

    I was in my Motherland (Earned throug Motherland ops, not paying for it) and I was the last man standing in a losing game. I was destroyed but the achievement popped up. Maybe if you are the last man on your team and you've made the 100.000 it counts towards the achievement, even if you are destroyed.
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    MattiasAndersonGood report!

    I heard two people got it when their team won but they got killed. I thought as long you reach 100.000 silver and your team win you get the achievement.

    After reading this i guess it is as long you get enough silver you get it.

    So nice of you to share this!
    Posted by MattiasAnderson on 23 Jul 16 at 18:02
    KrisSuperI too have met the goal dying last of my team and losing the game.
    Posted by KrisSuper on 10 Aug 16 at 08:36
  • Cnacu6oCnacu6o114,025
    08 Nov 2017 27 Nov 2017 10 Dec 2017
    2 0 3
    For tankers with win rate about 45% as I am it is very important to choose right vehicle and have goals set up.

    So I'd chosen Swedish "Stark Strv S1" as it has enough penetration (288/330) and damage (390) levels (I bought it: "WOT" is pay-to-win game, IMHO).

    Here are two examples of fights:

    Achievement was not unlocked:
    1) Battle tier = VIII (I was in top).
    2) Shots made = 20.
    3) Penetrations = 12.
    4) Damage = 4399.
    5) Damage assisted = 76.
    6) Vehicles damaged = 7.
    7) Spotted = 0.
    8) Kills = 4.
    9) Experience = 829 (gross).
    10) Battle lost, survived.
    11) Silver obtained = 99 506 (gross).


    Achievement was unlocked:
    1) Battle tier = VIII (I was in top).
    2) Shots made = 19.
    3) Penetrations = 12.
    4) Damage = 4280.
    5) Damage assisted = 262.
    6) Vehicles damaged = 4.
    7) Spotted = 0.
    8) Kills = 2.
    9) Experience = 1553 (gross).
    10) Battle won, survived, the "Ace" mastery grade obtained.
    11) Silver obtained = 113 384 (gross).


    So if you run for this achievement using premium tier VIII tank with alpha damage ~ 400 (premium ammo is preferred) your goals should be:

    1) 12 penetrations;
    2) to survive;
    3) to win the battle
    (or to get 1-2 additional penetrations).

    P.S. Higher tier battles require less penetrations:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    However if you are in situation of choice: "To attack for more damage and to risk be killed or to survive" if you are in tier IX or tier X fight you should stop at 11 penetrations mark.
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    GsO LightYou can actually die and still get the achievement as long as you earn enough silver, no need to survive.
    Posted by GsO Light on 23 Dec 17 at 01:27
    Cnacu6oPreviously was declared that being the last one destroyed in losing team does not count against getting the achievement. However survival as I figured out means obtaining more silver. That's why it's highly recommended.
    Would you mind telling more information about circumstances you got this achievement?
    Posted by Cnacu6o on 23 Dec 17 at 14:04
    ScottybonzoJust to add to your guide, I git it today in the Tier VII Champion so is possible at lower level too 😁
    Here are my stats

    1) Battle tier = VII
    2) Shots made (hits) = 24
    3) Penetrations = 19.
    4) Damage = 2405.
    5) Damage assisted = 3196.
    6) Vehicles damaged = 5.
    7) Spotted = 5.
    8) Kills = 2 (both tier VII tanks).
    9) Damage blocked = 550.
    10) Experience = 1881 (gross).
    11) Battle won, survived, the "Ace" mastery grade obtained.
    12) Silver = 100168

    Im fairly sure the champion has a decent silver bonus stat

    Anyway im done with this now (on 360)
    Posted by Scottybonzo on 27 Jul 18 at 08:55
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