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Distinguished Service achievement in World of Tanks

Distinguished Service

Earn a crew promotion of Rank 10 or higher.

Distinguished Service+0.6
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How to unlock the Distinguished Service achievement

  • All the TigersAll the Tigers490,236
    04 Mar 2017 01 Jun 2016 07 Oct 2016
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    This is going to be the longest achievement in the game for you. To put it in perspective, using the same officer in the German E-100 line (tier-VI to tier-X), my highest ranking officer is rank 7, about three-quarters of the way to rank 8. This will take you many, many hours of fighting battles, but all is not lost! Here are some tips to maximize your XP earning.

    [Major Edit! - Wargaming has finally come out and said how much crew experience you need to read Rank 10: 3,806,745. With that goal in mind, here's are some tips to complete the grind sooner rather than later.]

    Step 1 - Skills: The first skill you want to learn is Mentor. It provides a 10% boost to experience. This applies to both crew XP and tank XP. The downside is you lose out on a different skill, because Mentor provides no in-match benefits. Choose other skills depending on your tank type, nationality, and play style. (See below for Skill/Perk recommendations.)

    [Edit: The second skill you should earn (in order to maximize XP gains) is Brothers in Arms. This will provide an additional 5% boost to XP if you already have Mentor. These values (10% and 5%, respectively) are when you have 100% mastered the skill.]

    Step 2 - Equipment: It's expensive, but buy the Improved Ventilation equipment for your tank. This can cost up to 600,000 silver, but it provides a 5% boost to skills. This is only useful if you learned Mentor, which is a skill that will get the 5% boost. If you don't have Mentor, do not buy Ventilation. It will not help you.

    [Edit: Improved Ventilation ranges anywhere between 150,000 to 600,000 depending on what kind of tank you're driving and what tier.]

    Step 3 - Consumables: Use your nation's food consumable. This is different for each nation, and it costs 20,000 silver if you switch currency types. Otherwise, it will cost 50 gold. This will give you another 10% boost to skills, and again, if you don't have Mentor, don't use food.

    Step 4 - Tanks and Tiers: Use whichever kind of tank you're most comfortable with. I prefer heavy tanks, but it's ultimately up to you. You optimally want to pilot a tier-VIII premium or elite tank. This is because higher tiers give you more XP, and damaging more powerful tanks gives even more. You get more XP for fighting tier-X tanks, and as a tier-VIII, you'll get a modifier for being two tiers lower.

    [Edit: Several users have mentioned they prefer tier-VII vehicles because the matches go faster. People in tier-X tanks can be extremely if not overly cautious, which can make matches drag on. Fighting tier-X tanks as a tier-VIII will give you more XP in a game, but you'll likely get in more games--and therefore more XP--by playing as a tier-VII vs. up to tier-IX.]

    Premium and elite tanks give you a 25% crew XP boost, no matter what tier. You can switch back and forth between premium and elite tanks at no cost, so the more premium tanks you have, the more you can switch between them and capitalize on the x2 daily win bonus. Switching from one elite tank to another still costs money, and you will have to remaster the new tank even if you had previously mastered it. You cannot switch from one elite tank to a premium and then to another elite tank without paying this penalty.

    [Edit: flodros pointed out that it doesn't need to be an elite tank to switch without paying silver/gold. You can freely switch between a non-premium tank to a premium tank regardless of elite status.]

    Additionally, premium tanks also give battle XP modifiers that, unlike crew XP, are different for every tier. Here's a quick rundown:

    Tier-II: 70% battle XP modifier
    Tier-III: 60% battle XP modifier
    Tier-IV: 50% battle XP modifier
    Tier-V: 40% battle XP modifier
    Tier-VI: 30% battle XP modifier
    Tier-VII: 20% battle XP modifier
    Tier-VIII: 10% battle XP modifier
    Tier-X: 5% battle XP modifier

    (Note 1: There are currently no tier-IX premium tanks. Tier-X premium tanks are PC-exclusives, but I listed them because they do exist and may come to console eventually.)
    (Note 2: These modifiers come into play before the premium/elite modifier. For example, at tier-II you'll get a 70% boost for the XP you earn in battle, and then your crew will receive an additional 25% boost on top of that.)

    [Edit: If you have not mastered your current tanks, your skills and perks are disabled until your crew is 100% trained in the new tank. Unlike with learning perks and skills, the XP you earn while mastering a new tank will still go toward ranking up your crew, but you will not have the benefits of Mentor and/or Brothers in Arms. Additionally, because your skills are disabled, using your nation's food consumables will not provide you any benefits, so don't equip any until you've mastered your tank.]

    Step 5 - Premium Days: During premium time, you get another 50% boost to XP. You can either purchase it with real money or wait for an op that will give you free days of premium upon completion.

    Step 6 - There is no step 6.

    Step 7 - Ops: Always pick the ops that give bonuses to XP. This will go to both tank and crew XP, but modifiers from premium/elite tanks, skills, items, etc. will not apply to these rewards. Also be on the look-out for ops that give you premium time.

    Step 8 - Other good skills: Regardless of tank type, you want to learn Brothers in Arms and Jack of all Trades as soon as possible. Having better crew members and reducing penalties for injured crew members is always nice. Pain Tolerance is okay but shouldn't be all that high on your list.

    [Edit: Brothers in Arms will add a 5% boost to all your skills when fully mastered. If you have Mentor, it will increase the boost you receive from 10% to 15%.]

    Preventative Maintenance is virtually a must-have for German and Japanese tanks. They're more prone to engine fires than any other nation. (Sarcastically: Thanks, RNG, as always, you're a big help.) Firefighting is less useful but also good.

    Safe Storage is good for tanks with longer loading times, like heavy tanks and tank destroyers. Russian vehicles are more prone to damaged ammo racks than other nationalities. Artillery shouldn't worry too much, because if you're getting hit, your tank will blow up long before your ammo rack.

    On that note, artillery should pick up Green Thumb, Muffled Shot, and Camouflage to remain hidden when stationary and firing. If you're a tank destroyer who prefers to snipe rather than charge in, these skills are good for you, too. Camouflage is the least useful of these three skills but still good to maximize your stealth and therefore longevity.

    Light and medium tanks that like scouting should pick up Recon, Designated Target, Call for Vengeance, Off-Road Driving, Situational Awareness, and Silent Driving. That's more or less the order you should learn them in, but pick and choose whatever you like.

    [Edit: If at any time you feel like switching skills, remember that you can pay 10 gold to switch a known skill for a different one. Again, thanks to flodros for the reminder.]

    That's all the useful information I have to give, really. Keep at it, and hopefully Wargaming won't introduce an achievement for reaching rank 17. Good hunting, everyone.

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    Outlaw MustangsYou can convert free XP to Crew XP. Go to the crew section and in one of the tabs their is an option to use your free Xp to level up your Crew, the conversion rate isnt great but it is an option to explore.
    Posted by Outlaw Mustangs on 14 Nov 18 at 02:10
    ArtieThe actual total crew XP for Rank 10 is, 4,000,000. not 3,806,745. This is easily confirmed in the Convert free xp to crew xp screen when it's offered (which it is now). My crew is at 3,847,524 and still rank 9. Basically, a rule of thumb is that a crew will have 13 total skills done, and about 1/10th of the way on skill #14 when it reaches rank 10.

    For comparison, Rank 9 is 2,500,000. So rank 9 to 10 is 37.5% of the grind.

    The half way point for this achievement is exactly at the 50% mark between 8 and 9.

    Posted by Artie on 11 Feb 19 at 14:23
    Ian 1485Just unlocked as I type this. What Artie says is correct. With it being free xp to crew xp I had 38,000 and was 7%. Took me over to 16% in which the achievement unlocked. Now down to the last two rock
    Posted by Ian 1485 on 22 Nov 19 at 18:15
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  • cs mestercs mester281,950
    26 Jul 2017 08 Jun 2017 06 Jul 2017
    4 0 0
    This solution will be helpful for those who doesn't have gold membership or cannot play multiplayer in world of tanks.This achievement can be boosted in the proving grounds.There are four ops which can be done on the first match you play per day.Choose every ops except the one which requires you to detect ten vehichles in any number of battles.
    Choose encounter battle on himmelsdorf.You should get around 1500 xp for destroying 10 tanks and winning.Then if you completed these ops you should switch to mines skirmish as it is the best way to earn xp in proving grounds.Take the middle route and push forward until you can go left to the area with the barbed wire,Move forward couple of meters and
    you should see a smaller rock on the right,to the right of the rock there is a good sniping position(i found it a little late) where you can see all tanks which will be left behind by your teammazes to destroy.Also there is a position to the left of the aforementioned rock but it is not that good because you cannot see a tank in the water if your teammates leave it behind and it is a little further than the other position.
    It is basicly the border of the middle part so be careful not to fall down.I would recommend to do something else on the computer while boosting this as you wont be bored this way.If you reach the sniping spot and u shot 1-2 times it a positive silver income most of the times and 99% of the time teamates will finish the game for you.The other 1% is when the triggers for advancing your team are not working and they are not moving.Then you have to finish the game either by suiciding or capturing the base.I would rather destroy my tank when they cannnot even move from the first checkpoint to save time because all off the enemy tanks are alive and i dont want to waste 20k silver on them and there is no chance u can pass them in a slow vechicle without dieing (if you dont destroy them).There are 3 checkpoint triggers.In the other two i would go for the base.
    It should take 2,5-3 minutes on average for 310-380 XP.Good luck.
    UPDATE: with the new update the proving grounds gives you 900-1040 xp(3 times more) and twice the silver on the map Mines.It is shame that they didnt activate this update 1 month earlier.I boosted 100 hours at least in proving grounds.
  • SkarviTSkarviT160,724
    23 Mar 2020 26 May 2020 26 May 2020
    0 0 0
    The most recommended for this achievement is to have a tank with 80% XP bonus, which would be the Tier I or Tier II tanks, but there are also specific tanks for some nations that are better such as the Hollenhund for German Crew, Vengeance T25 for Americans and the T-34-88 that can cater for the Russian and German crew, also have the Mentor skill that gives you additional XP.
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