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Sanguine Serum

In Zetsubou No Shima, drink fresh Widow's Wine.

Sanguine Serum0
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Achievement Guide for Sanguine Serum

  • StockierHeartStockierHeart411,600
    20 May 2016 20 May 2016 24 May 2016
    26 3 0
    Sanguine Serum (40G) — In Zetsubou No Shima, drink fresh Widow’s Wine.

    Requirement & Location: First you must get the KT-4 (see how in the “Crop Duster” achievement guide). Then fire the KT-4 at the web on the far left side of the map (near the blue water pool). The KT-4 is the only thing in the game that will make the web go away.
    Behind this web is a cave with a big spider boss. Shoot the spider in its mouth (when open) until it dies. Then go further down into the cave and you will see some purple water you can drink from – that’s the fresh Widow’s Wine. Upon drinking it the achievement unlocks and you also get a Widow’s Wine Perk-a-Cola.

    Note: Please be aware that can only carry 4 perks at a time. So if you already have 4 perks you cannot interact with it.

    Edit: You can get it even if you have the four 4 perks either by using the Unquenchable Gobblegum or getting the extras perk slot (by completing tier 3 challenge on the skull altar or gettiing it from a upgraded plant).

    I did not make this guide. All credits goes to the videogamesblogger.

    Special thanks to Activision, MrDalekJD, Powerpyx, Zixology, AcceleratedIdeas & Ali-A for the list, tips & video guides

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  • Mr BlackMagikMr BlackMagik1,144,132
    20 May 2016 23 May 2016
    8 0 0
    The Widows Wine can be obtained after defeating the Spider Boss. To fight the Spider Boss you must first obtain the KT-4 weapon to destroy the blue webs behind Lab A (near the blue water pool).

    To defeat the Boss keep shooting it in its face while it's spitting poison. The poison will damage you if you stand in it and the Boss will also smack its legs down. Every so often it will also spawn the smaller spiders which will attack you. Once you defeat the Boss simply take the path on the right and you will pass by a purple pool of water. Stand in the water and Hold X to drink the Widows Wine and obtain the perk.

    Note: Make sure you aren't full on perks as you won't be able to take the Widows Wine. The maximum number of perks is 4 unless you have something allowing you to take a 5th (Gobblegum or challenge reward). Perk-a-holic might aslo void this.

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