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Right 4 Life in Dead Island Definitive Edition

Right 4 Life67 (24)

Complete act 1 with 4 different characters.

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Achievement won on 09 Feb 17
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Posted on 08 February 17 at 10:51, Edited on 09 February 17 at 11:03
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Alright, this should be one of your last achievements you should get unless you choose to do it earlier on. It's completely up to you when you do it, but I'd recommend getting the rest or majority of the achievements first as you may find more enjoyment out of the game. You can check at any time which characters you need left for this achievement by going to the achievements screen by pressing start.

You can skip the Prologue, but there's a glitch/trick that you can do once you first encounter the zombies. Once the chase begins, you must turn around and run down the hallway. There is a door open on your left with a zombie in the way. Quickly jump kick the zombie and run and jump up on the bed. Now you are safe. Jump kick the level 51 zombies until all 3 die. You can either take the free couple of levels and continue on with the story or grind out your level as much as you want here. It may help with your run through the game or act.

Once the game begins, finish the dialogue mostly by pressing B to skip. Grab the weapon to the right of the door and go outside. Kill the zombies to complete the quest. Speak to the quest giver again to begin your next main quest. THIS QUEST IS PART OF THE PROLOGUE WHICH CAN BE SKIPPED

Follow the quest ignoring most zombies. Grab what you need and go back. Only kill if they get in your way.

Now it's time to make it to the Lifeguard Tower. Make your way down the beach ignoring any possible zombies. Only kill the ones that are a threat. Before making your way up to the Lifeguard Tower, take a right. Go over the bridge and into both islands with bars in the middle. There should be a canned food item you can pick up in each one. You will need it for later. View video if you're having trouble here. Try to sneak around the zombies or just kill them.

Continue on the path until you reach the Lifeguard entrance. Grab the red tank to your right and throw it at the garage door. Kill all the zombies here and you will get a cutscene of a Thug. Select a weapon that is weak or you don't mind throwing out. Press and hold LT and lock onto the red propane tank. Wait for the Thug to get close and throw the weapon. Go inside downstairs first killing all zombies. Then go upstairs and kill the rest.

You now will need to "Kill Time". Start by speaking with Dominic and Mike. Now I'm not sure if it's necessary but I always completed the side quest for car parts first. I don't know if this needs to be done to unlock the vehicle here or not, so do it anyways. It's a simple one. Once that's finished, begin with heading towards the lighthouse.

You will run into someone who tells you to talk to the leader of the Lighthouse. Go through the door, and accept his mission. You do not need to complete it, and you can switch back to Dominic's mission. There will be a man guarding the door you must reach. So first, you will have to complete a quest for him. You now have access to the fast travel station at the Lighthouse.

Get into the truck at the Lighthouse and drive down the road a bit until you reach spot where the marker turns off the road. Follow the path and you will see a man behind a fence with zombies surrounding him. Kill the zombies and he will give you another quest. I recommend taking the truck with you down here. It's a bit tricky and easy to get it stuck so be careful, but you're still a low level and don't have much Stamina or health and your weapons suck. I recommend jump kicking everything or running them over with your vehicle for now. Run down the basement, kick the door, do your stuff and return back to the guy behind the fence. You will encounter a few Infected (runners) but you can easily take them out with your truck. Once you speak with him, you can head back to the Lighthouse and turn in the quest.

You can now open the door and grab what you need. Before returning to the Lifeguard Tower, grab the truck at the Lighthouse and take a right past the gate at the bottom of the road. (Right before the bus). You can now get your gas here. Speak with the man behind the window and he will let you inside. Go through the back, grab the red tank and put it by the door. Climb the ladder and jump down, quickly turn around and open the door. Lead the Thug out by you, and throw something at the tank once he nears it. Take out the remaining zombies in this area. Open the door and turn on the power. Grab a gas can and place it where it needs to be placed. Be quick here as you will have to fight the zombies. Get in your truck to easily run them over. Once all the zombies are cleared you will here the guy say, "You did it" or something like that. It's safe to get out but be cautious for random zombies anyways. Fill the gas can up, place it in your truck, get in your truck and drive off. Return back to the Lifeguard Tower to complete both quests.

Now Save and quit the game. Select Continue, then run to the nearest island on the beach with bars in the middle. Grab 1 more can of food from there. You should now have 3 because of the two you grabbed earlier. Return them and complete the quest.

The next quest is for getting 2 Juice Packs. Very simple and you can kill everything with your vehicle. Drive to the furthest location, meaning ignore the Juice Pack at the gas station. Once you reach the furthest location, run everything over first. Now line your truck up with the small area in the back of the main building. You will be able to jump on your truck, then onto the roof here without going on the main part of the roof where there's zombies. Break the glass and fall into the small room. Take the Juice Box and throw it out the window you came in from. Grab 2 more Juice Boxes and do the same. Remove the board on the door and head back outside to put the Juice Boxes into your truck. You only need 2 but I found having 3 just made things easier as sometimes a Juice Pack will randomly fall off the truck. Return them and complete your mission.

Now it's time for the annoying part. The Hotel. The Hotel is pretty straight forward so let's get into it. First you need to drive there, don't walk. Once you reach the entrance, you will see 2 thugs and you'll probably be getting chased by a good amount of zombies. Ignore the Thugs and pick up the card by the dead body. Quickly turn to the door and Press and Hold X. Press and Hold X once more to enter. If you're fast enough, the Thugs won't hit you. Once you're inside, ignore the zombies and close the doors behind you. You will eventually encounter Infected. I recommend killing them. Jump kick them and finish them off. Once you reach the pool, make a bolt for the opposite side and shut the doors behind you. Use your Rage if you have it unlocked. If you're not quick enough (it's pretty difficult to be quick here), you will have to fight off the Infected. Jump Kicks and get that door shut. Make sure to finish them off.

Continue along the way, and kick open the door upstairs. Be careful not to break the glass or you will fall through. Speak with the injured man, and run through the following door. Kill the zombies on the other side and enter the next quest door. There will be a Thug in here. You can completely ignore him by running around him and grabbing what is needed. Don't forget to close the door after leaving this room or the Thug may follow you and become a problem. Return to finish the quest and continue on with the Hotel.

Continue running along, you will get to a part where you need to break the glass to get through. Make sure you break the right glass as there's zombies behind the wrong glass. It's quite obvious though. You will fight an Infected and a few zombies guarding a door. Once they're dead, a man will open it for you. Run up to him to get a new quest.

Start with the most obvious computer, then go into the big room with all the zombies in it. Kill them all. Deactivate both computers here. Now you should have 1 zombie and 1 thug left in the next room. Kill the zombie and lure the Thug into the big room. Bring him around to the other door. Once he's on that side, quickly shut the door then run to the other side and shut the other door. This locks him in the big room where all the zombies once were. Deactivate the final computer and return to the guy. Now it's time to exit the Hotel. Run down the stairs and into the parking lot. There will be another Thug. Just run past everything and press and hold X on the truck door where it says to.

Now just get into the vehicle and return it to the Lifeguard tower. This will complete the quest. Once that's over, teleport to the Lighthouse and run down the hill in the direction the path leads. Throw a weapon at the Suicider to kill it. You will meet someone who you will have to defend and escort basically. Get the attention of the first group of zombies so they all walk up to the rock you're on. Drop down and wack them all in the back and quickly take them out. Now stick with the person and kill the infected that run after you. Once the quest is over, you will receive a Machete. Repair and fully upgrade it.

Fast travel to the Lifeguard tower and complete the quest. Now take the truck to the following location and run over the zombies blocking the garage entrance. Once it's clear, get out of the truck and go inside. They will tell you to go outside while they work. Here you will have to defend against a bunch of Infected. There is some energy drinks up the ladder near the garage door, if you need any. Use your machete and let them have it. You should instantly kill everything if you time your swings right. Once that's over, drive the truck to the end and you will complete the Act.

Overall, it takes me about an hour and a half to complete an Act. If you try hard enough, you can probably get this under an hour. I uploaded a video that I streamed off of Twitch of me running through Act I to give you an idea. It's unnecessary to watch, but feel free to check it out if you're having any problems.

Fun fact: The achievement is titled Right 4 Life. Which is the exact opposite of Left 4 Dead. smile

0:00 - Start of Act I
3:20 - Reaching Lifeguard Tower Quest + 2 Canned Food
8:14 - Continuing on with Lifeguard Tower Quest + Thug Encounter
12:16 - Speaking with Mike & Dominic
13:13 - Dominic's Quest (Heading to Lighthouse)
17:17 - Darvin's Quest (Finding friend)
23:51 - Mike's Quest (Getting gas)
31:26 - Getting final Canned food
34:06 - Getting the food
41:24 - Hotel
54:14 - Black Hawk Down Quest
1:00:00 - Final quest to put armor on the truck
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