Title Update 3.0: Nuts and Bolts

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Title Update 3.0: Nuts and Bolts

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Distinguished Service

Earn a crew promotion of Rank 10 or higher.

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  • mottermotter567,912
    19 Aug 2016 03 Jun 2016 11 Oct 2016
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    For the lazy:

    * get Premium (50% more XP)
    * get a Premium Tank (Tier7 for 20% more or Tier 8 for 10% more XP)
    * get the Mentor Skill for your commander (10% more XP according to the PC forum. How much it really is on the xbox is unknown)

    For everyone interested in the details:

    IMPORTANT: it appears that WoT had an issue where Premium & Elite Tank bonus was NOT applied to CrewXP. See http://forum-console.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/14877... for details. In such cases, the players were compensated with 6xCrewXP Boost Ops. If you have those, use them as they will greatly help speeding up the process.

    You need to get one of your tank crews to level 10. Starting from scratch you need 3,806,745 XP (revealed by WG just recently: https://console.worldoftanks.com/en/news/community/community...).

    The current crew level is displayed since update 3.2 on the main garage screen next to your crew perks (like 9/17, means this crew is level 9 out of possible 17). To see how far into the next level you are, highlight the tank a crew is assigned to in your garage, then press (X) to get to the upgrade screen, and then select Crew (2nd from the left). In the top right corner you will see your crew rank and a somewhat greenish bar which indicates your current progress to the next level.

    This is the amount of XP needed to get from one to the next level (those are the most tedious ones):

    lvl 8 -> lvl 9: ~ 800,000 XP,
    lvl 9 -> lvl 10: ~ 1,600,000 XP

    Your crew level increases by XP earned in battles (the total battle XP earned equals the XP for the crew - you see that on the battle result screen). That should not come as a surprise. However, there are a couple of mechanics to remember on how XP is earned and calculated. Most of the information below is gathered from my own experience as well as browsing through WoT forums for either for the console or the PC version. So the math might not be 100% accurate - but I think it gives a good overview.

    In case you wonder, why only sometimes in the post battle screen you see "Crew XP" mentioned, you get this in case your crew actually makes another 1% of a certain skill.

    So, the Total XP earned in a battle (which is the base for your crew XP) is coming from a couple of sources, mainly the Base XP earned in the battle itself plus some stuff on top:

    1) Base XP: The XP earned through the battle itself. More to that further down.

    2) Premium Tank XP: If you have a Premium Tank it will net you a percentage on top of the Base XP you earned in a battle. A Tier 8 Premium gives you 10% additional XP. More information here: http://forum-console.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/38036.... If you have a couple of Premium tanks you can use the method mentioned in this link by Sovietdeath and circle the crew through all of those to leverage the daily multiplier multiple times with the same crew for "free".

    3) Ops: there are Ops which give you a percentage boost, for example additional 25% (x1.25 XP). As far as I can see through my result screens, the additional 25% are added on top of your Base XP multiplied by the Premium multiplier (I do not know if the daily XP bonus takes effect as well). If you, for example get 1489 Base XP, you will add another 745 XP (50%) through Premium and on top of the sum, which is 2234 XP you will get another 559 XP (which is 25% of 2234 XP). At the same time, fixed amount Ops (e.g. 500XP) will be added on top at the end. I have not seen a multiplier affecting those at all.

    4) Premium multiplier: If you have a premium account, you will get an additional 50% XP. I can confirm, that those 50% is applied on the Base XP as well as the Premium Tank XP. The Premium multiplier also affect Ops with multipliers but not Ops with fixed amounts (see above).

    5) Daily multiplier: The first victorious battle each day gives you a double XP boost (+100%) (Special events sometimes spice this up to triple XP). The multiplier is applied, after the Premium Tank XP have been calculated. So if you earned 1000 Base XP you get 100 Premium Tank XP and then an additional 1000 XP from the multiplier -> Overall 2100 XP (not 2200XP) (see https://account.xbox.com/en-us/screenshot/ea32326c-9b48-4d02... for details). I was not able to confirm if this bonus applies to Ops or not. If anyone knows, please let me know through a comment.

    All in all it is pretty much important to get a decent amount of Base XP as everything else depend on it. So how can we increase the amount of Base XP we get during a battle? There are a couple of activities that will contribute to your Base XP (thanks to this page - In German only: http://wiki.fbfu.de/index.php?title=Erfahrungspunkte_und_Cre...):

    During battle:
    * First time spotting a tank
    * Damaging an enemy tank by yourself
    * Team damage to a tank that was spotted by you
    * Team damage to a tank that was tracked by you
    * Damage to modules or crew by yourself
    * Destroying a tank
    * Close Combat Bonus
    * Capturing enemy base
    * Scoring base defense points

    After battle:
    * Survive
    * Platoon bonus
    * Victory (+50%)
    * Loss (+50%, but only if you get a Battle Hero medal)

    There are very likely much more activities contributing to the Base XP than those I mentioned.

    Obviously, each tank class specializes on a couple of those battle activities - and you should make sure to play the tank the way it is intended to be played. Light tanks aren't good snipers and Arties aren't supposed to rush the battle field. I'm serious here, I've seen Arties trying to spot and Light tanks staying in the base sniping ... don't do this.

    Light and Medium tanks are good for spotting and/or capturing the enemy base + you might get some XP from close combat when circling the slower tanks. Arty obviously for doing damage to tanks, crew and modules, Heavies and TDs for doing most of the damage (supported by the other classes).

    Youtube howto for Light Tank spotting:

    My recommendations:

    1) Something to keep in mind, you get more XP when damaging a higher Tier tank than yourself and less XP seal clubbing a lower Tier tank. The higher your Tier in general, the more XP you get (Tier 10 nets more XP than Tier 1). So although it might be a little harder to penetrate a Tier 10 tank with your Tier 8, you will get more XP. Best is if you try that out for yourself - because if your Tier 8 pretty much sucks against Tier 10 (which might be very well the case), you can decide to get a Premium Tier 8 with a higher penetration (and leverage the additional 10% XP) and/or use premium ammo - or decide to go with Tier 9 or 10 eventually to do damage in the first place.

    2) Get the Mentor perk for your commander as it provides additional XP to the crew.

    3) If you are dedicated enough, you might want to paying real money to get Premium (and/or a Premium Tier 8 tank) to make this less pain full. I'm currently using a T34 premium and got ~400k XP with 280 battles in one week (incl. Ops like the 1500XP for most damage each day).

    4) skills/perks: if you want to go for this achievement you likely will not start with a crew from scratch but have a few skills/perks on your crew already and know which ones are beneficial or not. Anyhow, my suggestion is to get the following ones just to make your life easier.

    Certainly, every player will have a different order for them or learned completely different ones. This is just the way I did them. The first three are probably OK for all classes, then it splits up:
    1) Sixth Sense: you (usually) do not die as fast as you know when you are spotted
    2) Brothers in Arms: increasing crew skills helps with everything else
    3) Mentor: certainly, can already be the first one but then it's a pain w/o Sixth sense.

    for spotting/hunting:
    4) Snap shot
    5) smooth ride
    6) off-road driving
    7) Situational Awareness
    8) recon

    for Heavy/TD:
    4) Situational Awareness
    5) Deadeye
    6) Designated Target
    7) Signal boosting
    8) recon
    9) Relaying

    I do not suggest to do this cheevo with an arty. However, if you have balls of steel, you already know which skills and perks take you further.

    5) I always used only one and the same tank (not cycling crew through the various premium tanks to leverage the 2x XP bonus) or very similar tanks because I figured out that I got confused with different play styles. Sticking with only one tank I figured out to play better over time. But that's just me not being able to adjust I guess. Might be totally different for you ;-)

    Happy grinding.
  • MehanizamMehanizam230,985
    17 Jul 2016 17 Jul 2016
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    This is not a solution but more like an hint when your crew could reach lv 10.
    My crew has learned 13 perks/skills so far and was 16% into learning the 14th perk/skill when the crew reached lv 10.
    Hope this helps a bit.
  • All the TigersAll the Tigers470,354
    04 Mar 2017 29 Jul 2016 01 Dec 2016
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    [Largely copy-pasted from my solution for the Xbox 360 version.]

    This is going to be the longest achievement in the game for you. To put it in perspective, using the same officer in the German E-100 line (tier-VI to tier-X), my highest ranking officer is rank 7, about three-quarters of the way to rank 8. Wargaming has come out and said that you need 3,806,745 crew experience to reach rank 10, so we now have an actual number as our goal. This will take you many, many hours of fighting battles, but all is not lost! Here are some tips to maximize your XP earning.

    Step 1 - Skills: The first skill you want to learn is Mentor. It provides a 10% boost to experience. This applies to both crew XP and tank XP. The downside is you lose out on a different skill, because Mentor provides no in-match benefits. Choose other skills depending on your tank type, nationality, and play style. (See below for Skill/Perk recommendations.)

    The second skill you should earn (in order to maximize XP gains) is Brothers in Arms. This will provide an additional 5% boost to XP if you already have Mentor. These values (10% and 5%, respectively) are when you have 100% mastered the skill.

    Step 2 - Equipment: It's expensive, but buy the Improved Ventilation equipment for your tank. This can cost anywhere from 150,000 to 600,000 silver, but it provides a 5% boost to skills. This is only useful if you learned Mentor, which is a skill that will get the 5% boost. If you don't have Mentor, do not buy Ventilation. It will not help you.

    Step 3 - Consumables: Use your nation's food consumable. This is different for each nation, and it costs 20,000 silver if you switch currency types. Otherwise, it will cost 50 gold. This will give you another 10% boost to skills, and again, if you don't have Mentor, don't use food.

    Step 4 - Tanks and Tiers: Use whichever kind of tank you're most comfortable with. I prefer heavy tanks, but it's ultimately up to you. You optimally want to pilot a tier-VIII premium or elite tank. This is because higher tiers give you more XP, and damaging more powerful tanks gives even more. You get more XP for fighting tier-X tanks, and as a tier-VIII, you'll get a modifier for being two tiers lower.

    Several users have mentioned that they prefer tier-VII vehicles because the matches go faster. People in tier-X tanks can be extremely if not overly cautious, which can make matches drag on. Fighting tier-X tanks as a tier-VIII will give you more XP in a game, but you'll likely get in more games--and therefore more XP--by playing as a tier-VII vs. up to tier-IX.

    Premium and elite tanks give you a 25% accelerated crew XP boost, no matter what tier. You can switch back and forth between premium and normal tanks at no cost, so the more premium tanks you have, the more you can switch between them and capitalize on the x2 daily win bonus. Switching from one non-premium tank to another still costs money, and you will have to remaster the new tank even if you had previously mastered it. You cannot switch from one normal tank to a premium and then to another normal tank without paying this penalty.

    Additionally, premium tanks also give battle XP modifiers that, unlike crew XP, are different for every tier. Here's a quick rundown:

    Tier-II: 70% battle XP modifier
    Tier-III: 60% battle XP modifier
    Tier-IV: 50% battle XP modifier
    Tier-V: 40% battle XP modifier
    Tier-VI: 30% battle XP modifier
    Tier-VII: 20% battle XP modifier
    Tier-VIII: 10% battle XP modifier
    Tier-X: 5% battle XP modifier

    (Note 1: There are currently no tier-IX premium tanks. Tier-X premium tanks are PC-exclusives, but I listed them because they do exist and may come to console eventually.)
    (Note 2: These modifiers come into play before the premium/elite modifier. For example, at tier-II you'll get a 70% boost for the XP you earn in battle, and then your crew will receive an additional 25% boost on top of that.)

    Also note that if you have not mastered your current tank, your skills and perks are disabled until your crew is 100% trained in the new tank. Unlike with learning perks and skills, the XP you earn while mastering a new tank will still go toward ranking up your crew, but you will not have the benefits of Mentor and/or Brothers in Arms. Additionally, because your skills are disabled, using your nation's food consumables will not provide you any benefits, so don't equip any until you've mastered your tank.

    Step 5 - Premium Days: During premium time, you get another 50% boost to XP. You can either purchase it with real money or wait for an op that will give you free days of premium upon completion.

    Step 6 - There is no step 6.

    Step 7 - Ops: Always pick the ops that give bonuses to XP. This will go to both tank and crew XP, but modifiers from premium/elite tanks, skills, items, etc. will not apply to these rewards. Also be on the look-out for ops that give you premium time.

    Step 8 - Other good skills: Regardless of tank type or whether or not you learned Mentor, you want to learn Brothers in Arms and Jack of all Trades as soon as possible. Having better crew members and reducing penalties for injured crew members is always nice. Pain Tolerance is okay but shouldn't be all that high on your list.

    Preventative Maintenance is virtually a must-have for German and Japanese tanks. They're more prone to engine fires than any other nation. (Sarcastically: Thanks, RNG, as always, you're a big help.) Firefighting is less useful but also good for if you don't have fire extinguishers or you've run out in the middle of a battle.

    Safe Storage is good for tanks with longer loading times, like heavy tanks and tank destroyers. Russian vehicles are more prone to damaged ammo racks than other nationalities, and American vehicles aren't that far behind. Artillery shouldn't worry too much, because if you're getting hit, your tank will blow up long before your ammo rack.

    On that note, artillery should pick up Green Thumb, Muffled Shot, and Camouflage to remain hidden when stationary and firing. If you're a tank destroyer who prefers to snipe rather than charge in, these skills are good for you, too. Camouflage is the least useful of these three skills but still good to maximize your stealth and therefore longevity.

    Light and medium tanks that like scouting should pick up Recon, Designated Target (if you prefer to be a "passive scout"), Call for Vengeance, Off-Road Driving, Situational Awareness, and Silent Driving. That's more or less the order you should learn them in, but pick and choose whatever you like.

    If at any time you feel like switching skills, remember that you can pay 10 gold to switch a known skill for a different one. You get a small amount of "free" gold for watching the tutorials for the first time, both other than that there are very few opportunities to acquire gold without buying it.

    That's all the useful information I have to give, really. Keep at it, and hopefully Wargaming won't introduce an achievement for reaching rank 17. Good hunting, everyone.
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