The Funeral Director achievement in 7 Days to Die

The Funeral Director

Kill 2500 zombies

The Funeral Director0
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How to unlock the The Funeral Director achievement

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    Standard Options
    -Difficulty Setting (Scavenger)
    -Zombies run (never run)
    -Enemy Aggression (Feral)
    -Daylight Length (Doesn't matter)

    Modded Options
    -Enemy Memory (90)
    -Enemy Spawning (Very High)

    Start up a game with these settings on. This works best if it is in a game that you have good equipment in so that you can kill zombies quickly. Get 72 small stones and make 9 fires. Next get a ton of wood, preferably at least 250 pieces for each campfire. Go to an open area and put the campfires down in a three by three square. Put the wood into each campfire and start them up. Usually a pair of screamer zombies will come in first. These zombies look like the little girl from the Ring. DO NOT KILL THESE! Let them live for about 30 second because they will call in more zombies. After a couple of minutes zombies should start flooding in from every direction. Be careful because its really easy for zombies to overwhelm you. This achievement will still take damn near forever but this method is much better than just running around trying to find zombies.
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    ScoobyDoobyD0nti'd like to point out that if you do this on a map that is pretty long running (i did this on day 89-92) zombie bears, police officers, and ferals spawn in, also the screamer seemed to be really slow in spawning.

    what i did was have a minibike stashed around the side of a house so that if things got too heated i could flee easily. also, by going far away then coming back to the campfire zone, it seemed to automatically trigger the screamer to spawn in for me.

    whenever i saw a zombie bear, i ran away from it as far as i could. the screamer will stay on you, so the zombies will still be after you so no worries about that. after less than 30 seconds they seem to despawn however, so i was able to go back to the area i was slaughtering to.

    ferals and police zombs are easy to take care of, and often drop ammo (pistol, shotgun) that i was using a lot.

    besides that, i cant really think of any other way to add to the guide. great idea to get them to spawn in btw +1 from me :)
    Posted by ScoobyDoobyD0nt on 31 Jan 17 at 14:57
    Tucky90The way I am currently doing it is using mod settings to to explore for 6 days (30 mins per day and set up my base). So block durability down, loot chance up, turn zombies off (sounds stupid but the kills you get vs any potential deaths is not worth it). then on the 7th day I turn zombies to high, block durability to high and day length to 120 mins. That way you have a full night of killing zombies. Once you have your base fully set up you can reduce days down to 10 mins if you want.
    Posted by Tucky90 on 22 Apr 17 at 01:58
    MikeButThis worked great. I think the best I had going was probably around 100 zombies every 10-15 minutes. Also the sledgehammer is awesome.

    I didn't quite figure out the spawning though, it seemed so random. Sometimes I would have 30 zombies chasing me and other times I would have 3 screamers and nothing else. Maybe the corpses on the ground had something to do with it, or maybe after a certain amount of times they can no longer summon any more zombies.
    Posted by MikeBut on 03 Nov 17 at 20:21
    TendedFatbackis this accumulative over all games
    Posted by TendedFatback on 19 Apr 19 at 19:49
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