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Travel 1000 Kilometers

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How to unlock the Neil Armstrong achievement

  • Strategy OneStrategy One664,615
    11 Aug 2016 01 Jul 2016 19 Jul 2016
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    Neil Armstrong

    Obtaining any kilometer achievement is much easier than it seems, you will do a ton of running...... A TON of running in this game. Bad news is don't trust your achievement tracker on the ONE as it is absolutely worthless, also the achievements aren't even popping for me, they just unlock without saying it so if you worry about it not counting don't worry you are fine.

    You can view your current amount of Kilometers ran in the menu where you are viewing your character on the right. If you plan on enjoying this game don't go out of your way for any of these achievements until you are done with everything else.

    There is a Mini-bike in the game that should count for this achievement if they coded it correctly because it says Travel 1000 Kilometers without saying a required method. The Mini-bike is known to be extremely glitchy in Co-op/online so recommend doing this offline with Zombies turned off.

    To make a Mini-bike you must find the Schematic which is random, higher chance of finding it in a crate or Safe. Once you get the schematic, save up Small pipes, duck tape, pelts (kill bears and deer). You will also have to make a Forge once you get the seat made and Handle's made. The Mini-bike will make this go by faster, once you do get it find a town/city and drive it in circles to accumulate KM.

    You will also need tons of fuel so save up as much as possible, you can also breakdown Drum's for 600 gasoline so make sure to grab those.

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    BadMotorGoing to guess my speed is slightly lower because I've lackybanded the controller into a circle (about the width of a road) or the quality of the bike is less? (if that affects speed) But I've calculated 28.3Km/hr speed and 3090L/hr in fuel.

    So for a full 1000km (which I doubt you'd need if you've run around collecting bits for a bike) is 35.3hrs of riding in a circle and 109,185L of fuel.

    Again, time might vary if quality of the bike factors into it, mine has about 4 purple parts and the rest are orange.

    edit: by Litres I guess I mean units.. ie 3090 units of fuel an hour - I'm assuming litres since the distance is in KM's
    Posted by BadMotor on 29 Oct 16 at 04:26
    z RagnaroK zOne thing that I want to warn everyone about is Oil Shale.
    Oil Shale is in the console version...however the ability to convert it into gas is not. I spent a solid 2 hours digging up stuff and bringing it back to home base before realizing my mistake.

    Oh well...back to Circling on the mini bike in the field. wink
    Posted by z RagnaroK z on 11 Sep 18 at 07:08
    KontoGRvertical distance doesn't count, just a heads up (cause i saw a comment about it)
    Posted by KontoGR on 07 Oct 18 at 12:19
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  • VermHoleVermHole129,281
    21 Nov 2016 21 Nov 2016
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    This cheevo is cumulative across all your games - mine popped during a 200+ day single player game at 863 KM . . . means that all those other MP & SP games were adding to this total.
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    TheOnlyMattoSpent 2 hours running around shooting zombies last night and it didn't budge.. so this is gonna take a long time without the bike
    Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 29 Oct 19 at 14:01
  • Flik NightshadeFlik Nightshade377,128
    02 Aug 2016
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    While the minibike is certainly the quickest route to the achievement, it also requires you to have a large stockpile of gas on hand and actively be playing the game at all times.

    If you're looking for something a little more automated, binding your control sticks together (ideally with a rubber band) facing inward will force your character to move in a very small circle, but it's just enough movement that it registers on your "KM Traveled" bar.

    Your travel gains will be slow as Christmas but you also won't need to be present either. Turn off zombie spawns, fill up your health and water bar, and ideally have the hunger and thirst perks before attempting this. Put your character somewhere safe and have at it. Just check back every so often to make sure they haven't starved to death and you should be making progress.
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