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Last Action Hero

Be decorated with the Order of Vitis Vinifera.

Last Action Hero-0.1
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How to unlock the Last Action Hero achievement

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    Update: Several users have said in the comments that you can make a manual save before talking to the girl in the Fablesphere during Syanna's path. You can load this save later to get the Kling of the Clink achievement. This is much quicker than reloading from the start of Night of the Long Fangs.

    This solution contains story-related spoilers.

    This achievement is unlocked at the very end of the story. The first step is to make a manual save when you reach the "Night of the Long Fangs" main quest. At the beginning of this quest, you can decide to either go to Orianna who will reveal the Unseen Elder's location, or go to Damien who will tell you Syanna's location. If you choose to find Syanna, you must talk to the girl with flint and take the ribbon from her when you enter the Fablesphere during the quest "Beyond Hill And Dale" (the Fablesphere is the dream world with the fictional characters in). This is an optional objective. If you do not complete that objective, it will result in Syanna being killed by Dettlaff, which voids the achievement. Alternatively, if you selected the Unseen Elder path during Night of the Long Fangs quest, simply proceed to the end of that quest and you will get the achievement after killing Dettlaff and proceeding to the medal ceremony in Beauclair. It will also unlock at that point if you chose Syanna's path and she was not killed by Dettlaff.

    I recommend saving at the start of Night of the Long Fangs quest so you can reload later and choose the other path. The Kling of the Clink achievement requires you to choose Syanna's path and to avoid talking to the girl with flint in the Fablesphere, which results in Syanna's death. It is not possible to get both achievements in a single run. If you do not have an earlier save to return to, you would need to play through the entire DLC again from the beginning.
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    Calex dEUSI don't think need to avoid talking to the girl in fablesphere , I accidentally spoke to her and just didn't pick the option to take the ribbon. So I guess you could make a save there before speaking with her to get both achievement. Would cut out a replaying a lot of that section.

    I got the Klink achievement after talking to her and not taking the ribbon, haven't tested reloading and taking the ribbon yet though.
    Posted by Calex dEUS on 08 Jun 16 at 09:04
    AllOvaMyselfI was just about to say what Calex dEUS said. :D

    Though, to be fair, I did make a save at "Night of the Long Fangs" anyway. Just so I can play the other ending... :)
    Posted by AllOvaMyself on 09 Jun 16 at 01:35
    SchinderdivYeah, Calex dEUS is correct. I'll detail my experience a bit further if anyone is interested in specifics.

    I chose the option to go to Damien during "Night of the Long Fangs" with a back-up save before that choice just in case (I ultimately did not need this back-up save). I then did everything in the Fablesphere EXCEPT talk to the girl with the flint, then went to her location, and created another back-up save (this is the important part - it ensures you do the least amount of work for both endings).

    I went through the rest of the story last night without talking to her & got the King of the Clink achievement.

    I reloaded the Fablesphere save this afternoon, talked to the girl with the flint, obtained Syanna's ribbon, and went through the rest of the story & got the Last Action Hero achievement. Confirming both are possible when choosing to go to Damien during "Night of the Long Fangs".

    I am unsure of whether both endings are possible if you choose to go to Orianna instead, but it sounds like you'll end up in the Fablesphere either way, and that the deciding factor is ultimately whether you get the ribbon from the girl with the flint or not.

    I think it's worth noting that both endings were great & it's worth the effort, in my opinion.
    Posted by Schinderdiv on 09 Jun 16 at 22:18
    VaseraxI'll second what Banjo said. I can't speak on the Unseen Elder path but both achievements can be had if you save prior to speaking with the girl with the flint in the Syanna option. Finish the game from there once taking the ribbon and once not taking it. Way faster than starting from the beginning of Night of Long Fangs.
    Posted by Vaserax on 12 Jun 16 at 18:27
    te5s3raktThink there's a glitch in this achievement... Spoilers ahead...
    I finished the game with the "happy ending" (Anna and Syanna both live), got decorated with the Order of Vitis Vinifera (got proof in my inventory), and no achievement pop cry...

    I went down the "Beyond Hill and Dale" mission branch...
    So, from "Night of Long Fangs" I went the "Follow Damien’s Unit" path... During "Beyond Hill and Dale" I got the magic ribbon for Syanna, and was nice and understanding to her throughout (ending in the love scene)... Once I got once out of the Fablesphere, and Regis and Syanna began arguing I told them both to behave... Due to the ribbon, during "Tesham Mutna" Syanna lived, and I fought Detlaff... Starting "Pomp and Strange Circumstance" I went along with Regis to investigate the fifth victim further, asked all questions I could with everyone, read the letter from the beggers, and then confronted Syanna in the tower... I told the guard at the tower nothing of what I knew, just that I had to see her and he let me in... I was nice and understanding with Syanna again (so option 3 first up, then "forgive her", then "she was a child"), then went onto Guard Captain Damien... Talking to him, I said nothing of what I know of the fifth victim, and went onto the ceremony... There I went the second option, then picked "Free to do as I choose", next "Syanna’s crimes were horrible, but she had cause to feel pain", and finally "you were both children"... Anna and Syanna made up and I went onto see Regis... After all that and the final final happy ending, still no achievement...

    Eventually got it to pop though by going back through all the above (I had made a save just before leaving Fablesphere, leaving all the the ribbon collection outstanding, to go back and follow the thread to get the Kling of the Clink achievement), following the exact path with one change... When I saw guard captain Damien, I told him of the fifth victim... All he did was express concern and indicated he'll increase Anna's protection, and it was onto the ceremony...

    I'm unsure how that one line seems to affect the achievement... Maybe it's just me, as no-one seems to have brought it up yet after some googling... But on the chance anyone else has issue though after following the same thread, that could be why...

    Perhaps something to make note of in the achievement guide?
    Posted by te5s3rakt on 26 Jul 16 at 15:06
    RavenWraitheThe achievement glitched for me as well. But I did a hard-reset of my console and replayed from the checkpoint where Geralt goes to confront Syanna. Achievement popped this time round during the ceremony.
    Posted by RavenWraithe on 27 Jul 16 at 10:40
    EurydaceI voted negative only because you could have avoided quite a lot of the spoilers you included. I realize some were unavoidable, but I don't need to know at least half of the story spoilers you wrote to get both the achievements cry
    Posted by Eurydace on 31 Jul 16 at 20:59
    JitheryBit late, but for others who may get the problem that this achievement doesn't pop:

    I'm quite sure the choice of dialogue before and during the ceremony doesn't matter in terms of whether it pops or not - it's only a matter of actually getting the order. Normally, the achievement will pop exactly when Anna Henrietta pins it on your chest. If it doesn't, it may be the usual random Xbox Achievement delay, or it may simply not pop.

    If it doesn't pop, as RavenWraithe says, it's enough to go back to the checkpoint or a save game right before you (can) confront Syanna. May even be enough to keep a save game before the ceremony itself (i.e., don't talk to Syanna, or tell the guard that you'll go to Damien yourself rather than immediately after meeting Syanna, and then save before talking to Damien) - since it isn't a "complicated" achievement - it should be (and likely is) implemented as "simply" a check that you get to a specific point in the ceremony.

    I went through the talk with Syanna and the ceremony itself 3 times (with all the same choices) before it popped - then it did so immediately. Note that only my 3rd attempt was after a shutdown of the Xbox - the second was right after seeing the achivement didn't pop. So may only require two attempts, not a "random" number. Or it may be something that's still in memory until you shut down that interferes with the achievement.

    ETA: After playing some of the other endings, figured out that not talking to Syanna may not trigger the achievement.
    Posted by Jithery on 06 Sep 18 at 15:20
    Shadow XBLThis and the other top solution for the other ending are very unclear. At the start of the solution is should say plainly which choices to make for which, not compare the two endings. It took some serious reading before I could figure out which choices to make for which achievement. And figuring out that the other quest doesn’t give an achievement (well may Kling of the Klink? See, it’s very unclear.)
    Posted by Shadow XBL on 06 Feb at 00:58
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