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How to unlock the Ultimate Survivor achievement

  • Zenn PZenn P469,566
    21 Nov 2011 25 Mar 2013 19 Feb 2015
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    Dragon Ball Z: Burst LimitSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit worth 1351 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    This achievement is unlocked by defeating all 100 opponents of Survival Mode (Default Drama) in succession. The two characters that appear to be the most effective for Survival Mode are Broly and Vegeta. This solution will focus on using the Broly strategy in order to obtain this achievement. However, if you want, this achievement can also be earned by spamming the Final Flash Ultimate with Vegeta. For more details on this method, see Wombat's Custom Drama Survival Guide solution.

    Solution for Ultimate Survivor in Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit

    Survival Mode Breakdown
    Defeating all 100 opponents in a row basically has to be done twice. It must be done under Default Drama (which gives you pre-set Drama Pieces) and also Custom Drama, (which allows you to assign your own). This is the only difference between Default and Custom. For Custom, the drama pieces you select shouldn't matter much, but you should definitely go with Senzu Bean, Protection 1, and Broly's Ki Increases. To clear Survival Mode, you must defeat 100 opponents in succession. Being KO'ed will result in a loss, a leaderboard rank, and subsequently having to start all over. Each Survival run will take roughly 60 minutes using this method.

    How To Unlock: Broly must be unlocked in order to perform this method by beating Chapter 1 of the Broly Saga in Z-Chronicles Mode.

    External image

    Broly Combo
    You'll be making use of Broly's [Toward + Y] attack where he leaps at the opponent and Dive Punches them followed by a fully charged [RT + Y] (hold down) Heavy Smash and afterwards a Gigantic Press (Away +B). There are 2 variations of this move that you will be using depending on the opponent you face which is absolutely random. Listed below are the only 2 combos you'll need for Survival Mode. The first one will be your "Sweeper" Broly Combo which is meant to end the match in around 10 seconds resulting in a Perfect. It will take two of these to KO an opponent while in Aura Spark and is mainly used for characters with no particular drama pieces.

    The second combo below is the same thing only without the Giga Press. You'll use the Heavy Smash combo for opponents with 2 or more drama pieces. It will allow you to avoid them from activating and you can skip them with this combo ending fights faster. Here they are:

    Full Broly Combo:
    1. Toward + Y
    2. Then RT + Y (Hold down until it comes out)
    3. Then Away + B for Giga Press. This is your sweeper combo.

    Heavy Smash Combo:
    1. Toward + Y
    2. Then RT + Y (Hold until it comes out) If they only have a few red health left over immediately cancel the smash into spamming Ki blasts with B to finish them off. Helps avoid Drama Pieces
    Additional Note: It is recommended to start fights off by grabbing your opponent with RB. This will put them a few feet in front of you, properly setting up the combo for you. Once you get into Battles 80-100. Just do the Dive Punch and cancel it into the Giga Press. This will help prevent the CPU from dodging and punishing the Heavy Smash.

    Drama Pieces
    Drama Pieces activate throughout fights very frequently in Survival. These are little cut-scenes that trigger during a fight that assist you or the opponent in different ways such as Increasing Ki, Replenishing Health, Decreased Fatigue, Nullify an Incoming Attack, etc. Most are activated by hitting super moves on opponents, knocking them down, or getting them into low health. Luckily with the Heavy Smash version of the combo, you should be able to avoid more than half the Drama Pieces that tend to pop up with the exception of the near death ones that you may still get. Just avoid using Giga Press and stick to fully charging the Heavy Smash until your opponent is dead. If facing opponents such as Kid Gohan, Teen Gohan, Captain Ginyu, Recoome, or Raditz go for the full Broly Sweeper Combo while in Aura Spark to finish the fight in 2 combos. Only when you get into 80-90 range should you start using the Dive Punch into Giga Press combo.

    Survival Mode Layout
    Battles 1-30: These fights are set from Very Easy to Normal difficulty. Opponents will sit still guarding and side step quite often but overall give no opposition to the Broly Combo and will go down with ease. Sometimes opponents will move back and forth and seldom ready stance.

    Battles 30-50: These fights are set from Very Easy to Normal difficulty. Opponents will start to use Ready Stance occasionally and dodge your attacks randomly. Broly Combo still works just fine without too much resistance.

    Battles 50-70: These fights are set from Normal to Hard difficulty. Opponents become more offensive and do not stand and guard as often as they would. You may get punished with grabs and super attacks more often when utilizing the combo.

    Battles 70-90: Opponents are now set to the difficulty ranges of Hard to Z. They will counter most attacks and punish you with grabs more frequently. When they go into Aura Spark, avoid attacking them until it dissipates. Or attempt grabs on them to build their fatigue, as they will likely ready stance them every time.

    Battles 90-100: Opponents are set to varied difficulties of Z difficulty and lower. Z opponents in this set of 10 are quite formidable. Switch up the Broly combo by skipping the Heavy Smash and just doing the dive punch straight into Giga Press. If they go into Aura Spark, play defensively by holding down A or RT. If they start pummeling you, try to get them fatigued (e.g Grabbing them in Aura Spark will make them Ready Stance repeatedly to increase fatigue) Use this to get free hits in.

    Z-difficulty Opponents
    As mentioned previously, Z-difficulty opponents typically appear throughout the 80-100 range in Survival mode. These are the super aggressive opponents who will attack you like maniacally and counter any attempt of offense you throw at them. Here are some notes on how to beast deal with them:

    ° Absolutely make sure you fully charge the Toward + Y dive punch. If you fail to do this, the CPU may punish it.

    ° Z opponents like to punish the Broly Combo startup with Super attacks. If you get nailed with one quickly input [Away + A] to Ready Stance it and vanish behind your opponent for an easy grab attempt.

    ° If they ever go into Aura Spark and start attacking in close range, you can also use your RT + B energy shield to push them off of you so that you can attempt the combo again.

    ° Try to going into battles with a full Ki meter if you can. If your opponent has a Large Ki Meter (5 bars) then use Aura Spark at the start of the fight and repeatedly Broly Combo them; they usually die before they get a chance to Aura Spark. If they have a small ki meter (3 bars), wait it out and combo them without Aura Sparking. If they Aura Spark and the fight gets ugly, then play defensively then Aura Spark as theirs dissipates to get the advantage. Grabbing enemies at the start of the fight helps build Ki meter if needed.

    ° Z opponents tend to dodge the Heavy Smash. So a safer alternative combo is to do the Dive Punch and go straight into Giga Press (Toward + Y then Away + B). The worse they can do is Ready Stance and end up on the opposite side of the screen. Side step their ki blasts and use Giga Press to get into range with them again.

    ° Fatigue is a major factor during these fights. When Z opponents go into Aura Spark and are attacking at you close-range. You can spam grab moves. They will Ready Stance it repeatedly to the point where they will be fatigued upon 1 knockdown giving you a free hit.

    ° If they reach full meter, it's best to hold down A to guard or even use RT to use Ultimate Guard. Sit still guarding and wait for them to do something. If you try to be too aggressive the CPU may use an Ultimate on you and ruin your entire Survival run.

    Survival Opponents
    There are a total of 21 different opponents in Survival Mode so you'll be facing quite a few of them more than once. Each opponent has a set difficulty assigned to them such as Normal, Hard, Very Hard, and Z. Each opponent also has a number of drama pieces equipped that can change the tides of the fight. It is important that you not use the Full Version of the Broly combo too often because the Giga Press tends to activate EVERY Partner Assist drama piece as well as others. This is why I provided the Heavy Smash variation as for some reason when spamming it some Drama Pieces will not activate. Drama Pieces give the CPU extra boosts as well as ruin the momentum of the fight so you want to avoid them at all costs. Below is a general strategy for each warrior and some of their Drama Pieces you may want to avoid:

    Android #16
    Drama Pieces?: Yes

    Android 16 is pretty solitary and mostly stands still while guarding the entire time. He should not pose much of a threat, however, he does like to use Ultimate Guard a lot so be sure to throw him with RB if he gets defensive up close. Use the Heavy Smash version of the combo on him to avoid his Partner drama piece from kicking in. If you face him in the 80s-100, I recommend skipping the Heavy Smash and going straight into Giga Press, especially if he starts dodging the Heavy Smash repeatedly.

    Android #17
    Drama Pieces?: Yes

    This fight can be very difficult because he loves to side-step. Android 17 is very resilient if you face him at Z-difficulty. He will counter everything and spam Power Up Blitz at you from a distance. He has a Partner Taunt drama piece as well so Heavy Smash combo him if you prefer. Giga Pressing him will cause it to trigger so only use it to get in range. Avoid him if he’s ever in Aura Spark. Then follow up with the combo until he's down.

    Android #18
    Drama Pieces?: Yes(2)

    Never use your Giga Press on her. Simply go with Toward + Y into a FULL charged Heavy Smash then repeat. She has a Partner & "Shocked" drama piece that you don't want interrupting your fight so never use Giga Press or else the drama piece will activate. So long as you can connect with those Heavy Smashes(she may even run into them) and avoid being hit into the air, this fight should be fairly easy. Aura Sparking and then applying the Heavy Smashes will end the fight much sooner.

    Drama Pieces?: No

    You should be able to sweep Bardock in 2 Broly Combos(in Aura Spark) just like Gohan and Recoome. At Z-difficulty, you may need to play safely as he likes to throw supers at you when you go for the dive punch. Try Giga pressing into him then grabbing him to set up the combo. This will allow you to attempt the combo on him as he gets up preventing him from launching supers at you to disrupt the combo.

    Drama Pieces?: Yes (1) "Torrent of Ki"

    Broly can in fact be swept, you just have to be quick enough to avoid his "Torrent of Ki" drama piece 12 seconds into the fight. Go for two full Broly Combos in Aura Spark and he should go down. On Z-difficulty he will unyieldingly counter your attacks, especially once in Aura Spark. Once Torrent of Ki activates he becomes more manageable but don't attack him in Aura Spark. You can fatigue him by spamming grabs but if you're low on health just try to use Ultimate Guard (RT) then perform the combo from there. It's not a bad idea to do Dive Punch into Giga Press instead to avoid being hammered by him from the start.

    Captain Ginyu
    Drama Pieces?: Yes(1)

    Ginyu should pose no threat, so long as you avoid his Body Switch technique which rarely happens anyway. If you look at his Ki meter and it has 5 bars, this means he has the Body Switch Ultimate so beware. If he has fewer than 5 bars then you're safe. Broly Combo him in Aura Spark to avoid his Ultimate. You can sweep him in 2 combos however be quick or his "Enough Messing Around" drama piece will kick in once he is on red health. If he somehow gets full meter (when he has 5 ki bars) hold on off the combo and wait for him to expend it to avoid getting body switched.

    Drama Pieces?: No

    Cell loves to side-step sometimes so if you notice him doing this try not to charge down the Toward + Y attack. Just press it until it connects with Cell then perform the combo from there. He doesn’t have any annoying drama pieces so you should be able to sweep KO him in 2 combos while in Aura Spark. If you face him the 80s or 90s you may still be able to sweep him but beware of his side stepping and his Kamehameha waves he likes to spam. If one happens to hit you Ready Stance it by pressing Away + A.

    Drama Pieces?: Yes(2) "Partner Assist" & "Hidden Power"

    Not too bad of a fight, but Frieza also loves to side step so don't get to hasty in your attacks or you'll be left open. Try to avoid using your Giga Press on Frieza. Instead do the Heavy Smash version of the combo then go right back into the Toward + Y attack. This will skip Frieza's Partner Assist drama piece and maybe even Hidden Power if you drop him fast enough. Z-Frieza loves Deathbeam and does lots of jump attacks so have your RT + B move ready just in case.

    Drama Pieces?: Yes(2)

    Watch out for Goku, similar to Piccolo, they both like to throw you while you go for your combo. Goku’s throw will take the fight into the air and put you a good distance away from him so be sure to fully charge the Toward + Y attack to avoid being thrown. I wouldn’t recommend two Full Broly Combos against Goku as he has a Partner Taunt drama Piece so try sticking to the Heavy Smash version in this fight. Z-Goku can be very frustrating to deal with and he wont hesitate to Aura Spark so lay off him if he does and try to lure him into your Combo. Defend, and finish him once his Aura Spark dissipates.

    Kid Gohan
    Drama Pieces?: No

    A small hit-box character like Krillin and the Saibamen but you should be okay so long as he stays still and you fully charge each part of the Broly Combo. Kid Gohan can be easily swept in 2 full combos and you don't have to worry about any annoying Drama Pieces so long as you end the fight quickly enough. Watch out for the Z version of his because he'll Masenko you while going for the combo as well as counter often. For small characters like Gohan, try giga pressing into him then grab him to set up the combo on wake up. You can also simply perform the Dive Punch into Giga Press combo variation to avoid having your Heavy Smash whiff and punished (this tends to happen on the smaller characters).

    Drama Pieces?: Yes

    Another opponent who loves to side step so pace your Toward + Y attack once he's still or don't bother charging it and you'll hit him more often then combo out the rest. Use the Heavy Smash variant of the combo on Krillin. He has a Partner drama piece as well as his "Do or Die" piece that can be tricky to avoid while he's in low health. He has a Destructo Disk Ultimate that hurts a LOT so if he ever has full ki meter be ready to Ultimate guard by holding RT just to be safe. He will also spam side-step-able Kamehamehas while in distance. On Z, he likes to punish your Broly combo startup with destructo disks, just use the same strategy as mentioned with Kid Gohan or Bardock above.

    Drama Pieces?: Yes(2)

    Use your Heavy Smash combo instead to avoid his 2 drama pieces and finish him quickly if you can to avoid the "Saiyan Warrior" drama piece. On Z-difficulty he will evade some of your attacks like most opponents, just keep on the offensive and fully charge each attack until you finally put him to rest.

    Drama Pieces?: Yes

    Like Goku, he will grab you while charging your combo up close so be careful. I would say try to do it in range but Piccolo has a stretch-arm move as well that may get you. His arm will reach out and grab you at times and he'll follow up with a pink beam of energy. This can easily use Ready Stance on this by hitting [Away + A]. Stick with doing the Heavy Smash combo on Piccolo and you should avoid his drama pieces. If he gets resilient then use the Dive Punch into Giga Press variation if needed.

    Drama Pieces?: No

    Another easy sweep fight. Radditz will go down in two full Broly combos easy enough. Even on Z-difficulty where he may teleport away or dodge some of the combo he will eventually fall if you keep on him. Additionally on Z, Raditz loves to spam ki blasts and supers. Side step these or guard them with A or RT accordingly especially if he's in Aura Spark. Wait for it to dissipate then finish him off.

    Drama Pieces?: No

    Another sweeper. Two full Broly combos will end Recoome with no drama pieces kicking in whatsoever as he has no unique ones in Survival Mode. If you face his Z-version he can be pretty tricky because his Charge Blast has an invincible start up frame, so avoid it at all costs if you see him start to dance around.

    Drama Pieces?: Yes(2)

    This fight can be a bit tedious because there are 3 enemy Saibamen with their own health bar plus their hit-box is small. Dont worry, the Broly Combo works but DON'T bother using Giga Press on them(to avoid "Go All Out" and Partner piece). Just do Toward + Y into full charge Heavy Smash. In Aura spark that should take them down in one go especially if you add some Ki blasts by mashing B to finish them off after the Heavy Smash. Once one dies back dash 5 times to give yourself some space to set up the combo for the next one. A close up game is a dangerous one against these guys especially when they start hopping around. Keep your distance. Grabbing oddly works on them sometimes too but don't rely on it.

    Teen Gohan
    Drama Pieces?: 1

    Just like Kid Gohan this fight should also be a clean sweep if he behaves. Teen Gohan should go down in 2 Full Broly combos. If he ever gets in Aura Spark, NEVER attack him because he will spam Heavy Smash and you'll be KO'ed before you know it. Create distance and defend his attacks until it dissipates then finish him off.

    Drama Pieces?: Yes(2) "Partner" & "Tien in Trouble"

    Heavy Smash combo him and leave out the Giga Press as he has 2 drama pieces. Also beware of Solar Flare as it will stun you. He as well as Krillin and Cell like to use it. On Z-difficulty he can be extremely tough to beat as he will combo you and combo you some more. So give yourself some space on this fight because he will try to get in close and pummel you dead. You will need to be fairly experienced defensively to win this fight if he's on Z and not giving an inch so use your Shield with RB + B to push him off. If you're lucky, he'll wear himself out opening himself up for your Broly Combo.

    Drama Pieces?: Yes(2) "Partner Taunt" & "Trunks' Irritation"

    Another tough fight like Tien can be. Trunks has weird hit-boxes at times whenever he pulls out his sword and some of your attacks may miss unfairly. Once he is near death, he'll yell out "Here Goes" and Trunks Irritation drama piece will trigger. This gives him a full ki meter. Whenever he triggers this immediately go defensive because he may go for an Ultimate or go Super Saiyan. You should be able to hit the Heavy Smash combo on him while in Super Saiyan mode without him evading too much. Like most opponents on Z-difficulty they will wear themselves out if they counter your attacks too much leaving you a chance to finish him off eventually.

    Drama Pieces?: Yes

    Pretty standard fight that is very similar to Nappa. He has two annoying drama pieces: a Partner Assist and "Race of Warriors" if you don't beat him fast enough. Skipping the Giga Press will help avoid his drama pieces. In the 80s and 90s, I recommend skipping the Heavy Smash and going Dive Punch straight into Giga Press. Use your same defensive technique if he starts to get aggressive and then follow up with the Broly Combo accordingly.

    Drama Pieces?: Yes(1)

    Similar difficulty to the Tien and Trunks fights because all 3 of these guys are tough to deal with on Z. He has 1 Partner Assist piece so I suggest you use the Heavy Smash combo on this fight. He will likely go for Wolf Fang Fist in the 70s-90s so try to hit him on start up or simply Side step it and punish him. Also his Spirit Ball Ultimate. Never try to dodge this. Simply Ultimate Guard it with RT.

    So that's a quick rundown of how to beat each opponent efficiently and to avoid the annoying drama pieces. If they are ever in Z-difficulty any of these opponents can be a huge problem and truly only with practice and experience will you be able to handle most of them. Z-opponents can appear at ANY time throughout battles 80-100 in Survival and you won't know until you notice they don't eat the Broly combo like the majority of the opponents do.

    Aura Sparking [LB] makes your life easier too, though it's not 100% mandatory it speeds things up and enables you to utilize other useful techniques so try your best to keep your meter up by the end of the fight to carry on to the next. One advantage you have against Z-opponents is that if they counter you a lot this will drain their stamina meter and once they get up holding their chest while panting that opens you up to punish them as much as you can for the win.

    Once you get the hang of it you will find that this achievement is not so much hard but rather time-consuming and requiring patience and perseverance to pull off with this method. Don't expect to get these done on your first try, obviously it will take time to get used to performing the combo, learning the CPU, and combo-ing them accordingly without ever losing against any of the 100 DBZ opponents. Also, don't forget to use Grabs to set up the combo. Much luck to those who are still working toward this.


    (Credit and original inspiration for this guide goes to Arcane Insanity. He was the original person to post the Broly strategy on True Achievements. Essentially, this guide is merely a reboot to what he posted here previously in 2010.)

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    Zenn PI could do that. But I would have to film my television off of my laptop as I don't have a capture cam at the moment. I'll see if I can upload one and edit it into the solution.
    Posted by Zenn P on 12 May 13 at 21:58
    Lord Agrius@DJLoyd091 - Are you like 5 years old?

    Thanks for this guide anyway dude, managed to get to 83 first try with this method and #18 beat me with like 1 hit away from KO. Ah well, try again soon :) upvote from me.
    Posted by Lord Agrius on 24 Jun 13 at 01:39
    Never give up. Easy.
    Posted on 01 Feb 16 at 05:07
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  • Wombat x360aWombat x360a565,207
    26 Dec 2013 08 Jan 2014 08 Apr 2014
    9 1 6
    DBZ Survival notes for Vegeta method

    This is the method I used to clear the survival trials:

    Side notes:

    ? Don’t EVER enter Aura Spark mode (RB).

    ? Don’t overtap the A button to evade attacks… This will weaken your character and when your stamina is 0, you will become stunned, dizzy, therefore leaving you wide open for attacks.

    ? Once you hit the 50's, ALWAYS turn "Super Saiyan" and then use your "Final Flash" attack. When in "Super Saiyan", your ki charges up faster AND your "Final Flash" does WAY more damage.

    Onto the tips. You’re going to use Vegeta and his FINAL FLASH finisher. The reason for this is that Vegeta is faster than Broly. I tried the Broly method and failed in the 80s twice… Also, Vegeta has one of the best finishers FINAL FLASH: this spans the entire screen and deals devastating damage. It will hurt EVEN when blocked…

    So, choose Vegeta and choose these drama pieces they are best: SENZU BEAN, VEGETA’S PERCEPTION, PROTECTION #1.
    Start most of your fights with this move: FORWARD, FORWARD + HOLD Y (>,>, Y) this is a kick, BUT it’s the holding that confuses the AI. Once you hit the 70's, I would be careful using this kick. Sometimes the AI WILL dodge it, and possibly put you in a devastating combo. Once you’re in "Super Saiyan" mode, and your KI meter is full, unleash the Final Flash on them… THAT’s IT. The first 75 default fights and first 50 custom should be no problem.

    After that, start playing defensively. In the 80s, I would start the fight backing up and circling them. You must play the AI. They will continue to use super attacks and throw ki blasts, but since you're circling them, nothing will hit.

    I will now breakdown the characters according to who I find most difficult/most dangerous and who is not a concern… *Please note, these findings are ALL based on Characters as they appear in the 80s and 90s, i.e., they’re set to very hard/Z difficulty skill wise.

    BROLY: In my opinion, THE most deadly foe to face in the 80s/90s. Broly can finish you off in one chain combo, with his galactic smash. Even if it does not kill you, it will deal substantial damage AND stun you. MY ADVICE: Go HARD on Broly when the fight starts. Charge him with > >Y, and do that until you turn "Super Saiyan". If he dodges, GET as far back from him as you can, until your Final flash is ready and let him have it. The longer this fight continues, the more dangerous things get. If Broly uses Aura Spark, just HOPE he doesn't hit you. He will turn VERY aggressive. Just circle him until your "Final Flash" is charged, and use it.

    CAPTAIN GINYU: Another problematic character-MAYBE. What you need to watch
    For here is if he has 3 bars in his KI meter, or 5 bars. Three bars, and he’s no threat to you. FIVE bars mean he can do the body-switch move. He will be very clever. He will let you beat him to a pulp and after your Ki meter is empty he will suddenly switch bodies with you. This can be DISASTROUS. What’s worse is that this particular ultimate does not have an animation like the others. Meaning, that if you are NOT HARD BLOCKING (RT) BEFORE HE DOES IT, IT WILL HIT YOU 99% OF THE TIME. Try to get him fatigued and/or combo him a lot that way his Ki cannot regenerate and ONLY use your last Final Flash when you KNOW that it will kill him. **** I have been in situations where I used it putting him at VERY LOW health. However, his Ki was full by that time, and presto: I was defenseless and he switched bodies. NOT GOOD AT ALL. If he does switch bodies, back up, and circle Vegeta. Wait until your ultimate is charged and body switch back. This saved me on my run I got my achievement.

    PICCOLO and CELL: If they are on their last health bar, you must try and finish them off ASAP. The have regeneration drama pieces that will kick-in and can recover quite a bit of their health. This will be a problem. Other than that, they’re not very aggressive/tough opponents. Just be careful when fighting Piccolo. If he hits you with ANY of his ultimates, it does a ton of damage.

    ANDROID 18: She is a fast character and some of her combos can deal a good bit of damage, while not giving you time to regain your stance. To handle this, back up, and block. She will do a "kick combo", and while blocking nothing will hit you. If it does, I have had her land a 15+ hit combo on me before...NOT GOOD. Maintain your distance and try to end this fight as fast as you can.

    VEGETA: Do the same thing you did for Android 18. He is very fast, and can do huge combos. I would suggest to block and continue circling him. If he uses "Final Flash", try to block as fast as you can. You CANNOT cirlce past it.

    ANDROID 16 & 17: While they don’t pose a significant threat, they can become evasive. Keep your distance, and make sure your final flash will connect before using it, as I have wasted it against them and had them rush me.

    BARDOCK: While most people won’t label him a dangerous character, I lost to him using the Broly method. He has a few combos that are fast and don’t have any down time between them. However, if you’re playing as Vegeta, he shouldn’t pose a big threat.

    KID GOHAN, TEEN GOHAN, SAIBAMEN, KRILLIN: These are all small, i.e, vertically short chacters. They can pose a threat, in that they’re tougher to hit with the > > Y and with the final flash. The best thing it to keep your distance. If your final flash isn’t connecting, you can resort to a PURSUIT Attack (LT KI meter activated), and get ready to mash ABXY buttons really fast.

    All other characters did not pose any threat to me, so I won’t go into detail about them.

    Once you are in the 80's, do not do anything, but circle them, and use "Final Flash". They will block almost everything you try to do. Play it safe.

    I would like to thank FOREVER SKEPTIC for all the help he gave me while going for this. I give him credit for most of this guide. It wouldn't be here without him.

    Good luck everyone. It really isn't as bad as it seems. Just play it safe and be persistent. If you have any questions or concerns, just leave a comment or send me a message.
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    Wombat x360aI'm glad it helped man! It does take alot longer using Vegeta, but it's more safe than using Broly. I rather have one hour long game than to keep retrying using Broly because of stupid stuff happening. I rather be safe than sorry !
    Posted by Wombat x360a on 10 Jul 14 at 21:39
    Mecha WernerYeah. I got to the 60s with Broly, but I was finally able to do battle point C using this method. I cant wait to do this in survival.
    Posted by Mecha Werner on 15 Aug 14 at 11:53
    Serious X DevilThanks for this great easy to follow guide, only this moment finished it! nearly died twice due to captain ginyu stealing my body and krillin spamming solar flare right into his ultimate, such a rush though!
    Posted by Serious X Devil on 09 Apr 17 at 22:59
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