Achievement Details

Chestful of Cobblestone

Mine 1,728 Cobblestone and place it in a chest.

Chestful of Cobblestone+3.5
1 guide
Gamer Date Won
xCulinaryOne xCulinaryOne 02 June 2016
JustOmegaMan JustOmegaMan 04 June 2016
England TUAAM TUAAM 05 June 2016
Norway Solobrus22 Solobrus22 05 June 2016
USA Yannie Boy Yannie Boy 06 June 2016
USA Ahayzo Ahayzo 06 June 2016
USA New Paralyzer New ParalyzerJust got 3 months Game Pass Ult for $15. Turn off Auto renew, buy 1 month from Amazon, you'll get promo 2nd month, then microsoft gives 1 month for AR 06 June 2016
Canada lI Majora Il lI Majora IlSo I guess back in November my dumbass missed that the rest of the Kingdom Hearts series is coming to Xbox One! Holy shit I'm amped to play again! 06 June 2016
England RandomlyEvasive RandomlyEvasiveCan't be too much to ask for Win 10 stacks of all the Fallout games on Game Pass; I'll do it all again! 06 June 2016
USA kashmyr7 kashmyr7 06 June 2016
USA oh hi bert oh hi bert4650/4650 plants vs zombies 06 June 2016
Canada ToxicAegis ToxicAegis 06 June 2016
Germany aP ChainZ aP ChainZRoad to Finish Black Ops III 06 June 2016
Germany Cpt Kuesel Cpt Kuesel 06 June 2016
Belgium FgnZ DeBroin FgnZ DeBroin 06 June 2016
Finland l4mp00n3n l4mp00n3n HELP 06 June 2016
Germany KuerbisBus70203 KuerbisBus70203 06 June 2016
USA snrubauhsoj snrubauhsoj 06 June 2016
Netherlands Itzz Sh0wt1m3 Itzz Sh0wt1m3Save transfer glitch (for a 1 minute completion) 06 June 2016
Netherlands evil terrorr evil terrorrGreat so i completed outer worlds (win10) before the end of the year so i could start a clean 2020. 1 achievement decided not to sync up 06 June 2016
USA Airwreck Slays Airwreck SlaysIf anyone wants to boost Friday the 13th or Gears of War UE PC, message me on Xbox. 06 June 2016
England TehJofus TehJofusAnyone know a good seller on eBay to get Japanese games from? 06 June 2016
PlatinumTaters7 PlatinumTaters7 06 June 2016
Poland xRosierrox xRosierroxxRosierrox's achievements in Elite: Dangerous 06 June 2016
USA LAZY SHIKAMARUX LAZY SHIKAMARUXOut of the 3 games I have an active preorder on 2 have been delayed 😑 06 June 2016
USA JumboWario JumboWarioGreat find on the forums! All Windows 10 version of the Walking Dead are available for purchase! Including Final Season! 07 June 2016
USA BinaryRuse BinaryRuse 07 June 2016
England Zedarboy Zedarboy 07 June 2016
Scotland TechnoTomato TechnoTomato200k gamerscore achieved - 02/06/18 07 June 2016
Hey Mandriix Hey Mandriix 08 June 2016
flammingheadman flammingheadmanSweet nostalgia carry me onward 08 June 2016
New Zealand MadMirror MadMirrorIs it me or is ads is out of control on mobile version. I keep getting ads once one goes away it comes back straight away and covering everything. 08 June 2016
England Sambarine Sambarine 08 June 2016
USA dkill1 dkill1 09 June 2016
gaz0007 gaz0007 09 June 2016
USA GoatND GoatNDI would kill for the gamertag "Goat" 09 June 2016
Germany N0RFEN N0RFENcleaning up // 9 years Xbox Live membership 10 June 2016
USA Unmet Player Unmet PlayerLooking to sell Official Xbox Magazine demo disc with Dash of Destruction and Under Defeat Japan, feel free to make any offers 11 June 2016
lpg6316 lpg6316 11 June 2016
USA Dallasthedude DallasthedudeSelling a copy of Bioshock(Korean). PM me your offer. 11 June 2016
USA NutriWhip NutriWhip 11 June 2016
USA BigDog7572 BigDog7572 11 June 2016
Canada Kazuma Spitfire Kazuma Spitfire 12 June 2016
LightningFNC LightningFNC 12 June 2016
Germany Coke Maan Coke Maan 12 June 2016
Vinni500 Vinni500Oi pra quem ta lendo isso, algum dia vou fazer 100% em todos os jogos que eu gosto, essa é minha meta. 12 June 2016
Netherlands RzrsS RzrsSResident Evil 7 being xbox play anywhere....Best news ever!! 12 June 2016
England RodersArgoders RodersArgoders 12 June 2016
USA MarioToo MarioToo1st in the Windows Achievements Won Leaderboard for Ohio for the decade?? Nice. 12 June 2016
England YAT0 YAT0 12 June 2016