Way of the Mentor achievement in Ninja Gaiden II

Way of the Mentor

Complete the game on the Path of the Mentor.

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How to unlock the Way of the Mentor achievement

  • MacheteLTMacheteLT79,375
    01 Feb 2011 10 Aug 2011 10 Aug 2011
    15 1 5
    So, you want to beat what it seems the impossible:path of Mentor.As alot of players, you probably got blown away by the huge difficulty gap between warrior and mentor, but its manageable, youll just need few strategies, lots of patience, and luck.

    First of all, im really no Elite Ninja Gaiden 2 player like there are some in the world, so if i beaten Mentor, you definitely can do this,too.Just dont give up!

    Ok, ill just gonna make a list about chapters, and what you would expect:
    Chapter 1:
    Its hard because your health bar is a joke, level 1 weapons, no ninpo for some time, and you would think that the beginning could be somewhat easy, but its not, the game doesnt fuck around right from the start.
    Chapter 2:
    Difficulty:10/10, freakin legendary.
    The start of this chapter is a goddamn nightmare, and to sum all this level, its hard as hell.Good luck on this one.
    Chapter 3:
    Kinda easier than first two, but still no cakewalk, beginning and ending fights are hardest, and Gigadeath is really annoying,
    Chapter 4:
    Start is a bit rough, but as getting through, its not bad at all.Alexei grabs can be a pain.
    Chapter 5:
    Its getting actually pretty good, isnt?This chapter marks a bit of relief for a few chapters, of course dont expect a walk in a park, but comparing two first two, its very manageable.
    Chapter 6:
    Bone boss is a pain, and after that, red gajas wawes and long way to the save.Sucks.
    Chapter 7:
    Easiest chapter in a game, till the genshin fight, minions will make it annoying.
    Chapter 8:
    Things were going preety smooth, and here chapter 8 reminds us what mentor is all about.Annoying as shit, very hard, beginning is absolutely brutal, Mechas are real pain and Zedonius is one tough mofo.
    Chapter 9:
    After punishing chapter 8, this one is not that bad, although rocket ninjas will try to annoy you, and dragons boss fight is battle against camera, but theres easy way to end it.
    Again, not a bad chapter, Elizabeth can sometimes make it hard, but once you know her patterns, it a pile of piss.
    Chapter 11:
    Probably the biggest obstacle in your mentor mode playthrough, this chapter will make you go nuts, it is very intense, almost no brief moment, just fight and fight, few save statues between long fights, and its longest chapter.Rasetsus fight gonna test your might.
    Chapter 12:
    Old enemies, same tacticts, and after chapter 11, youre feelin like a badass ninja, and no one can stop you!
    Chapter 13:
    Kinda hard chapter, long too, centaurs and robots will make it annoying, also sack fights are intense, but theres an easy way to deal with it.Alexei is more of the same, no real worries.
    Chapter 14:
    So, last chapter in your long journey.For most of the time, its just a bunch of boss fights.Genshin is hardest for me, then Dagra Dai(cause of his dynamic and unpredictable behaviour),Final form of Archfiend, Elizabeth and Arrow fight with archfiend.
    Its not easy, but if you have a good amount of cash and items, you should make it.

    There it is.

    Boss summary and strategies against them:
    1.Rasetsu, Chapter 1:
    Difficulty-4/10, we all know he's really easy, but in mentor, hes always with minions, and that makes these fights harder.Try get rid of them by using ninpo or flying swallows, absorbing essence and releasing UT's.As soon as the fight starts, you should make it in time to charge UT, to take alot of health of rasetsu.Lunar is the best, 360 UT gonna rape him.
    2.Rasetsu, Chapter 2:
    Minions will annoy you as hell, but as soon as the fight starts, you should charge lunar 360 UT, and take a chunk of his health.Use ninpo, try chain UTs on ninjas.
    3.Genshin, Chapter 2:
    I always hated him, i used to suck a lot playing against him, usually going item heavy and stuff.But, actually, once you know the pattern, its pile of piss.Now, for starters, you can dispose of IS ninjas by ninpo, or with falcon talons.If you have talons upgraded to level2, you can perform a devastating and easy move, flying swallow+izuna drop, jump and press y, then x and y.
    When you get rid of em, Genshin is next.Get in medium to longer distance, and hold block button.He will perform usually a flying swallow, and when he connects hit, dash away, and start combo.Most of people like lunar against him, but for safest way i say Dragon sword is tha best.XYY or YYY are the best combos.If first hit is succesful(if he doesnt guard it), finish the combo, but dont get greedy, after it, get the hell out of here, and then repeat.Sometimes, he can guard your first strike, so get out of there as soon ass possible!
    In short, guard, dash away,combo, get out of there, guard, dash way, combo.If its not succesful, be patient, if he guards your first attack, just get out there, and try again.He will go down, believe me.
    4.Gigadeath, Chapter 3:
    Probably THE most annoying boss fight ever, i hate him so much, all you do is just dodge his attacks and shoot fucking arrows.No real tips here, just shoot him in the face, use ninpo when he release his minions, and thats about it.Not fun at all.You can try to perform lunar 360 UT's on him, you can safely do that at the beggining of the fight, when the wall protects you, and when he's about to smash it, release it, UT should take some of his life.But personally, after this, i never use it on him in the fight.
    5.Ogre(Troll),Chapter 4 :
    Easy.Just get between his legs, equip lunar staff, and do short XYY or YYY combos, and when he's about to attack, guard, you will be pushed out a bit, just get TO attack point again, and unleash your attacks.
    6..Alexei, Chapter 4:
    He's tough, I admit that, his constant grabs can drive you crazy, and sometimes his attacks can be hard to dodge, like grabs or tornado spin.Try to dodge his attacks, read his movements, best way attack to him is after his strike combo(where he does punch and kick combo), hes pretty vulnerable, after his tornado attack also you can land a succesful combo.Good news are he's vulnerable to flying swallow, so try to perform it with dragon sword.You can use ninpo, but its hard to get him, he likes to unleash tornado spin attack as you release ninpo.Also in berserk mode(when he has small amount of health). Alexei is faster and stronger, so be careful!
    7.Water Dragon, Chapter 5:
    One of those bullshit fights, when all you do is just shoot arrows in the face.Boring and tedious.Just try to dodge his attacks going or jumping sideways, best time to attack is when Dragon does his mouth attack, after you dodge it, shoot charged bow UT.Also when he like to dive into the water, and get back, is a wonderful time to attack.
    8.Drunken Skeleton, Chapter 6:
    I hate him, his attacks can be a pain in the ass, i usually have no real strategy against him, just at the beginning try to charge Lunar 360 UT, then use inferno Ninpo on his ass, hopefully he sits down, you attack him relentlessly, then when he's going up, get away from him, and try to repeat the process.He should die.But it may take few tries.
    9.Wolf, Chapter 6:
    Really easy fight, just equip Lunar Staff, get in medium or a bit longer distance, and charge 360 UT.Release it when he's about to get close, and all fight is this same process.Sometimes he can launch Scythe UT at you while you're charging your UT, so dash away and start over.Really easy fight.
    10.Genshin, Chapter 7:
    Same old Genshin, just with increased number of his associates, it makes this fight a bit harder, but again, use ninpo, falcon talons flying swallow+ izuna drop, and when Genshin is left alone, it's the same tactics as in chapter 2.
    11.Armadillo, Chapter 7:
    There's a really cheap and easy way to kill him, if you have a incendiary shurikens at your disposal, tag them to his head, once it explodes, and you see him stunned a bit, spam the hell out of them, and he will eventually die.Don't forget to BLOCK when you kill him!!!
    12.Ogre(Troll), Chapter 8:
    What this fight makes harder from previous counter with him in chapter 4, this time he's with minions, and mechas can annoy you, so be careful.My way of defeating him is simple and aggresive.At first, I charge a 360 Lunar UT, after that, a inferno ninpo on him and other enemies, then i use Scythe and its air XYY combo, and oftenly i use ninpo, when he's about to attack, or i if cannot guard.Sure he will hit you in this fight, but its a fast way, and you should be fine.
    13.Zedonius, Chapter 8:
    Hard boss, you have to have a right timing, and when he's in the air, it can be very annoying, he likes sometimes just to levitate in the air and spam fireballs.Also his kick attacks and grab can hurt pretty bad too.Best way to fight against him is with Scythe, just try to dodge fireballs and his air attack(where he launches to to the ground from the air, and try to do air XXY combo).It may take a few tries, but if youre good with items, this shall be easy.
    14.Twin Dragons, Chapter 9:
    Difficulty-6/10 or 3/10
    This can be a annoying and long fight that can require items, if you're gonna do it with bow.But, it can be very easy with piercing void ninpo at lvl 3, one void attack will take about 60% of dragon health, so totally four of them and fight is over.If you're for example, have just lvl2 piercing void, it is good to use too, it will just take more hits, I personally did this fight with lvl2 too.The hardest part with this way is trying to get them, because they move a lot, so attack when you're certain it will make a contact.
    15.9 Rasetsus fight, Chapter 10:
    Difficulty 6/10
    You can skip this fight if you want, but, if you wanna to kill them all, just equip lunar staff and do 360 UT's.Try to dodge they're wind blades attacks, after UT, run somewhere further and charge it again.
    16.Elizabeth, Chapter 10:
    I used to hate her, but i found out some useful tips and tactics against her.First of all, always run away and dodge her blood attack, she will replenish her health while taking yours!Now, equip your falcon talons, and try to do flying swallows on her.It can be a bit hard to do at the beginning, sometimes Ryu wil just jump int the air land a hit straight, so try to to steer analog stick into her side, and he should do a flying swallow.If done correctly, it will stun her and you even be able to do 5-7 swallow attacks in a row!Also, the phoenix ninpo is useful here, it will stun her and take damage of her.
    17.6 Rasetsus fight, Chapter 11:
    Probably the hardest fight in the whole chapter.I suggest here using Lunar Staff 360 UT, along with wind blades if you have them maxed out.Personally, i had just 1 lvl wind ninpo, and i thought i was screwed, but inferno can work pretty good, too.So, as the fight stars, charge 360 UT on one of the rasetsus, then, as soon as possible, release a ninpo on one of the is ninjas, then absorb essence to charge UT.And that would be just about it, i say have as much devil mushrooms here, because if you want this fight to be easier, you need to use ninpo.So try to chain UTs and use your ninpo.
    18.Genshin, Chapter 11:
    Playing through brutal chapter 11 there's one big last obstacle to overcome-Genshin.He's has a new set of attacks, and his izuna drop is devastating move.Tactics as in previous fight are the same, but it will be a little harder, since he tend more often to guard your attacks.
    19.Twin Armadillos, chapter 12:
    Same cheap tactics with incediary shurikens.
    18.Zedonius, Chapter 12:
    Difficulty 8/10
    Same as before, he just can launch you into lava and its really not good, and the landscape in this fight is abit harsher.But the same tactics applies here.After the fight do not forget to use scythe ut on those lavamine enemies that block youre path to the save statue!
    20.Wolf, chapter 12:
    It's the same old Wolf with same attacks, except this time he has Centaurs with him, and it can make this fight harder.When the fight starts, equip Scythe and charge UT on centaur asses, it should take few of them, then quickly dash way and run somewhere further and charge again.You can also use inferno ninpo, it is really helpful here, and you can then absorb essence to kill other centaurs.Once centaurs are dead, Wolf is one easy boss to beat, as i said earlier, just do Lunar 360 UT's on him.Also, you can make him taste his own medicine, equip Scythe and use air combo XYY, it can kill him very qiuckly.He will sometimes hurt you when you finish attack, so dash away and repeat.Really easy boss.
    21.Alexei, Chapter 13:
    Same tactics as the first time.
    22.Genshin, Chapter 14:
    Fiend Genshin is now faster, stronger, and it harder fight overall, he will not let to do earlier tactics, he like do dodge and instanly attacks you, so be very careful!But, you can try them, if youre good on items.Personally, i go with scythe, and just spam the hell out of air XYY combo.He will definitely hurt you, but it's a fast way.Best time to attack, is after his long combo or air attack.
    23.Elizabeth, Chapter14:
    Difficulty-7/10, or 3/10
    You can fight in fair way, but there a really easy and cheap way of defeating her.Get to the Genshin body, and finally, after lots of encounters with him, he will make a great use to you.Try to get Elizabeth to you, and stand to Genshins body, and try to get her to opposite side of genshins body.The Genshins body somehow doesn't let her to attack you, and you just can spam the hell out of Sctyhe UT's.She will sometimes dodge it, and there's one attack, where she will go into the air and she can get you with flying swallow attack, so be careful.Other than that, its easy.
    24.Dagra Dai, Chapter 14:
    This can be both easy or hard fight, if he decides to be an asshole and just be in the air the whole fight, you're basically screwed.But, he can be on the ground for most of the time, and this is your chance of killing him! Just take a Scythe and do a classic air XXY combo, and spam it as long as he's on the ground.Dont even pay attention to Gelfs, they never do anything bad to you for most of the time, just focus on Dagra.So this fight requires luck.Good Luck!
    25.Archfiend Incomplete Form, Chapter 14:
    Just let the game to auto aim bow UT's at him, when your successful, dash to time into opposite side, and repeat.If done right and with good timing, its an easy fight, and you should do it withou a scratch.
    26.Archfiend Final Form, Final Boss, Chapter 14:
    Difficulty 7/10:
    Again, kinda luck factor here, if he decides to sit on ledge and let you rape him with Scythe, then its good and easy fight, but if he decides to fly around much, it makes fight more harder.If you have few grains or talisman left, you should be good here.I dont have a big tactic here, just attack him relentlessly with Scythe while he's sitting around.And that marks THE END of mentor!

    Weaponry summary:
    1.Dragon Sword
    Suggested upgrade level-2, if you have a lot of essence to burn, lvl3.
    Excellent allround weapon, simple and effective combos, good flying swallows, you do not need to know lots of combos, few basic ones are the best.Also izuna drop is helpful.UTs lacks range, and Ryu oftenly somehow misses target.But theyre pretty powerful.You can use Dragon Sword on almost anyone, of course best use is against ninjas.Good weapon against Genshin, Alexei.I upgraded this weapon to lvl 2, it was really enough for, and plus, you get a lvl 4 instanly on chapter 11.Pretty late in the game i know, but its your choice.
    2.Lunar Staff
    Suggested upgrade level-2, again if you want to, level 3.
    Awesome weapon, very helpful against big groups, crowd control, easy and not complex combos, also effective.Best thing about it-360 UT, it will help in lots of fight scenarios, with bosses too.Excellent in chapter 3 against van gelfs.Lvl 2 was more than enough for me.
    3.Falcon Tallons
    Suggested upgrade level-2.
    Fast and awesome combos, make a real mess out of small groups.Best thing about this weapon, its easy izuna drop, jump, Y, then X and Y.Devastating move against all ninjas.Falcon has a powerful UTs, also it can be used against Van Gelfs effectively.
    4.Dragon's Claw an Tiger's Fang
    I do not suggest you to upgrade it, lvl 1 is believe me, enough.
    This weapon, even at lvl 1, has a devastating UT, and if done on lots all enemies, it can kill most of them.Best use is in chapter 5 and 6 against werevolves, charge UT's on them and see how much essence you get and how this weapon completely destroys them.Good against ninjas as well.
    5.Kusari Gama
    Suggested upgrade level-Lvl 1.
    I suck with this gun, and honestly, i never use it.But, if wielded right in skillful hands, this weapon can be devastating and has a good use against Bone Boss, Alexei, Genshin.But ill say you should skip this one.
    6.Eclipse Scythe
    Suggested upgrade level-lvl3
    Only weapon i suggest you to fully upgrade, because of its usefulness on bosses and its UT's.
    Lvl 1 is enough in my opinion.
    This weapon, is a complete rape gun against ninjas and robots.UT's are ridiculously powerful, fast, and what is more, it has a pretty good launching range!This weapon will come in handy as i said against robots, also, excellent use in chapter 11, UTs, even on lvl 1, can wipe out 5-6 ninjas.
    8.Vigorian Flails
    Lvl 1 is enough.
    This weapon is for fun, it has fast and cool looking combos,but it lacks power,and you cannot really have a good use against bosses, so id say do not upgrade it, unless you have nothing better to do with essence.

    Projectile weaponry summary:
    Simple shurikens, best use of them is to stun your enemies or keeping your combo count high.Unlimited supply.
    2.Incendiary Shuriken
    It explodes a few seconds after it is thrown, much more powerful than regular shuriken, you can delimb enemy with 1 shuriken in most cases.Also,it has a wonderful use against armadillo bosses.You can carry 30 at a time.
    3.Fiend's Bane Bow
    Can kill a ninjas in one fully charged shot, others will be delimbed.Theres gonna few boss fight that you will need a bow.Can carry 30 at a time.
    4.Spear gun.
    You gonna maily use it against watermine enemies, and sometimes against gajas in the water, or against fishes(those big ones in underwater).Other than that, nothing really special or useful here.
    5.Windmill Shuriken
    Probably the best projectile weapon at Ruy's disposal, its a shame though we get it so late in the game(chapter11), because it's fully charged UT can kill and delimb lots of enemies, very useful from longer ranges(for example in chapter 13 against marionettes).

    Ninpo summary:
    1.The Art of the Inferno
    You probably gonna use this for most of the time, and ill say upgrade it to lvl 3.You can use it in most of the games situations.
    2.The Art of the Wind
    It will be helpful in chapter 11 rasetsus fight, but i didnt upgraded, but its your call.I would say try to get it to lvl2 at least.
    3.The Art of Piercing Void.
    Very, very useful in chapoter 9 against dragon boss fight, ill say try to get it to level 2.It can be used in other places as well.
    4.The Art of the Flame Phoenix
    Dont upgrade it for Christ sake!Almost no use of it compared to others.

    Item summary:
    1.Herb of spiritual life
    Heals a small amount of damage.
    Id say have at least 1 of them.
    2.Devil Way Mushroom
    Restores one Ki Gauge flame
    I always try to have 3 of them, because ninpo can be very useful in mentor.
    3.Grains of Spiritual life
    Heals a large amount of damage.
    I always try to carry 2 of them.
    4.Talisman of Rebirth
    Automatically brings Ruy back to life.
    Value this item!Not only it will bring you back, everything will be replenished, so use it when absolutely necessary or theres is no other way.Also, there will several chests containing talisman of rebirth,and, if you already have one, chest will give you a 50,000 essence!Thats a real benefit!
    5.Life of Gods
    Collecting nine of them permanently increases your maximum health.
    Theyre are gonna be scattered throughout the game, and when you will have 9 of them, try not to use until its necessary, because not only it increases your health, also, it can replenish all the damage, so be mindful!
    6.Thounsand Lives of Gods.
    Permanently increases your maximum health.
    This one you dont need to collect 9 like life of gods, it already can be used to increase your health.But, same rules as with life of gods, use it when absolutely necessary!
    7.Spirit of the Devils
    Permanently increases your maximum Ki.
    Not only it increases your Ki, also it replenishes all wasted ninpo slots with Ki, so again, use it in tight situations!
    8.Jewel of the Demon Seal
    Permanently increases the strength of one Ninpo art.
    Use it as soon as you get it.
    9.Muramasa's Omusubi
    Heals completely all lasting damage.
    Try to conserve it for as long as possible.I used mine on final from Archfiend.

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    I son I GokuFantastic guide men,congrats clap
    Posted by I son I Goku on 05 May 13 at 10:53
    Okay, two of your points are just wrong.

    "5.Kusari Gama
    Suggested upgrade level-Lvl 1.
    I suck with this gun, and honestly, i never use it.But, if wielded right in skillful hands, this weapon can be devastating and has a good use against Bone Boss, Alexei, Genshin.But ill say you should skip this one."

    Gun? Also, this is by far one of the best weapons in the entire game. You shouldn't skip it at all. In every difficulty run-through I've done; (Acolyte, Warrior & Mentor) I've used this weapon more than any other & it is basically all I use once I get it. I'm currently on Master Ninja & I will be doing the same once I get it back.

    "8.Vigorian Flails
    Lvl 1 is enough.
    This weapon is for fun, it has fast and cool looking combos,but it lacks power,and you cannot really have a good use against bosses, so id say do not upgrade it, unless you have nothing better to do with essence."

    Yes, you don't need to upgrade it at all; however it is fantastic against some of the bosses. You can kill Elizébet & Zedonius (at least) in one combo after you stun them (by simply tapping "X" at regular intervals after they are stunned). They won't be able to fight back if you do it right & you will kill each of them in less than two minutes (once either are stunned).
    Posted on 04 Nov 13 at 14:52
    The S bot 9000Note: You need to beat the game on Path of The Warrior to unlock this difficulty. Path of the Acolyte can be new game+ for the weapon playthroughs but if youre only interested in finishing it on MN then go straight to warrior
    Posted by The S bot 9000 on 07 Aug 20 at 22:20
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  • Black XinoBlack Xino28,133
    01 Oct 2008 25 Feb 2009
    13 12 10
    Use Izuna Drop with any weapon!!!
    Use 360/Circle with any weapon!

    Use the Dragon Sword:
    *Only use Flying Swallow on remaining enemies. If you use it during an ambush or with lots of enemies, when Ryu finish performing a flying swallow, it will leave him open to explosive shurikens, rockets or enemy grab.
    *Y (Heavy Attack) on bosses only!
    *If you want to use the Ultimate Technique, make sure the enemies are close by, because the D.S's UT is annoying, sometimes Ryu may not finish his full attack.

    Lunar Stick: You really need to use the 360/Circle Ultimate Technique a lot!
    *Jump+X+Y (For Izuna Drop on enemies, if not FOR BOSSES!)
    *360 Ultimate Technique: Always use this instead! Deals hard damage! Perfect for everyone: ninja's, fiends and bosses. (Tap Y at the end of the animation for Ryu to perform the Izuna Drop)
    *Use the normal Ultimate Technique against ninja's. (If you want to burn them at the end of the animation).

    *Kusari-Gama: Use this for any boss, except for Volf
    *Jump X+Y (For bosses!)
    *Jump Y+Y (For bosses!)
    *Circle+Y,Y,Y (Bosses+enemies)
    *While running+Y,Y

    Vigoorian Flails: Don't use this for bosses:/
    *While running+X,X,X,X,X+Y,Y,Y,Y,Y (Ryu does the Shadowless Kick/Jet Li's move, or Lui Kangs move "Mortal Kombat". If you press the other combo, "Y". Ryu elevates up and start slashing ascending.)
    *Dragon Slaughter/Crimson- X+X+X+Directional+X,X,X,X,X+Y,Y,Y,Y,Y,Y (My favoruite motherf**ng move, if you press Y following, Ryu does the elevating moves again.
    *Jump Towards an Enemy+Y,Y,Y,Y,Y. Ryu will perform a flying swallow like, if you keep pressing Y, he does the elevating moves again.
    *Insane Devil: Directional+X,X,X,X,X,
    *Perform an U.T, and keep pressing X!

    Tonfa: Only use this against Robots and Explosive Shuriken Ninja's. It's alright to use it for other enemies, or bosses.
    *Flower Garland Drop throw: X+X+Directional+X+Y (You need this)
    *Ulitmate Technique level 1 will weaken, enemies or fully get rid of them. For the 4 legged robots, UT lvl1 will kill them! For the Mech Robots, lvl 2 is useful.
    *When ever you perform a move, always use the Dash Cancel! Heavenly Justice: X or LT + L during combo
    *There's some killer move that does heavy damage against bosses, can't remember what it is. But use Y! Maybe X+Y+Y

    Scythe: Boss Slayer and Enemy cleaner
    *Ultimate Technique!
    Enough said:/
    *Some cool moves, Jump+Hold Y (for Boomerang attack)

    CLAWS: Not good for Volf! But can still be beatable by it.
    *Izuna Drop: Jump Towards an Enemy+X pause for 1 sec Y. (Only use for annoying ninjas or rocketeers)
    *Dismember: Only use this weapon if you want to dismember fiends, to stop them from rushing you
    *Wings of the Vermilion Bird: X+X+Directional+X+Y+Y+Y+Y: Only for bosses! Ryu does a straight slash, teleports and slashes with his feet from multiple directions. (Pressing Y at the end, Ryu does another straight slash after the multiple kicks)
    *Thunderous Lion's Roar: Directional+X,X,X,X,X. Ryu does straight slashes from multiple directions. Useful for enemies and bosses.

    *If you are going to use your Lives of the Thousand Gods, only use it if you are running really low on health. Basically the red bar as nearly over taken your meter, or you have 20% health left.
    *Use the Windmill Shuriken's U.T!!! Only for the enemies.
    *Gutalin Throw! Jump Towards an Enemy+XY
    *Back track back to Murasama's shop
    *Use lots of U.T to gain karma money
    *Use Obliteration Techniques, if you want a probability of health essence to be left over when you kill an enemy.
    *The same goes to Devil of Ki, only use it if you are out of Ninpon's. This will increase your ninpon meter as well as replenish all the bars.
    *Forget about Survival Mode, only play it if you are really low on karma.
    *Don't upgrade the Dual Katanas and Phenoix Bird Ninpon

    *Use the Windmill Shuriken U.T against those zombies with rockets
    *To kill Degra Dai. Use Lunar Staff or Kusari=Gama.
    *Use the claws to kill the Amaradillio (Wings of the Vermilion Bird)
    *Use the Lunar Staff to kill Genshin. Step away from him, charge for a 360/Circle U.T, when he gets mid range close, UNLEASH IT. Don't let him get too close, you'll know what will happen. Better yet, use the Jump Y+Y for Kusari-Gama on him.
    *Claws or Lunar Staff against those Gargoyles looking Fiends. The flying one and Purple one. For the claws, While Running+X.
    *In the chapter, Blood, before you fight Elizabeth+Genshin. To avoid those steroid fishes, just keep running. If you suspect they will jump and grab you, just use your Fireball Ninpon.
    *To kill Elizabeth 1 & 2, Just Use Sycthe. Jump and X+Y.
    *To Kill the Worm. Use the Lunar Staff's original U.T (The one that ends with Flame)
    *To kill the big troll (New York's bIG TroLl). Use Claws. Thunderous Lion Roar
    *It doesn't matter what U.T you use for the Lunar against those 4 legged robots. They die on lvl1 U.T. But for the Mecha Droid Robots, you need to use 360/circle.
    *To kill Retsatus (The sub spider boss). Use Lunar Staff 360 U.T. 2 uses will end it's life!
    *To get pass the chapter, whereas you fight those bosses again, and you enter this part with cocoons. You need to use Lunar (to kill the spider, back track to charge again). Claws Izuna Drop to kill annoying ninja's.
    *For Volf's castle. When you enter the actual castle and the sweet music plays (Hell Denizen). Just run all the way to the left door down stairs by the stairs, ignore all wolves. Just head straight to the room you fight those Vipers with claws that dig underground. Yes the game will slow down while doing this, but this part is SWEET. Use any weapon you desire (a weapon's U.T). I suggest the Lunar Staff or Kusari-Gama. Kills surrounding enemies.
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    NINja277Guide is pretty weak to be honest , alot of info but most of it i disagree with thus far and I'm half through my run. Also you rip on TJ2012 for farming essence ( you call cheating ) yet you encourage it for your MN run? So it's okay for him to "cheat" as long as he cheats like you did...Thumbs down for being an overall dick as well.
    Posted by NINja277 on 23 Jan 11 at 20:05
    Black Xinoshut the fuck up you f**ig dick head!

    Did you even read my Master Ninja guide? I laid out a compensation note so people should not farm to level up both Lunar and Dragon Sword but to level up just one of the weapons.
    Posted by Black Xino on 23 Jan 11 at 21:46
    NINja277No your right I didn't read it , I just quoted certain parts of it without reading it LOL
    Posted by NINja277 on 23 Jan 11 at 22:56
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    To unlock this difficulty mode, beat the game on Path of the Warrior. When you beat Path of the Warrior, you also get the achievment for beating Path of the Acolyte if you didn't already have it. And if you thought Path of the Warrior was brutal, just wait for mentor. And you dont even want to know how sadistically brutal Master Ninja difficulty is.

    Once you unlock Path of the Mentor, Black Xino's exhaustive strategies should help you out a lot, and try to master a tactic referred to as quick ground charging for ultimate attacks. To do this, start charging your ultimate after jumping right before you hit the ground. This will make you almost ready to unleash your ultimate charge level 1 without the lag time standing still. It is a key strategy. Beyond that, Black Xino's post is a goldmine of useful tactics. And like him, I can't emphasize enough: learn to do izuna drop and do it A LOT. On higher difficulties flying swallow is not an I-Win button, but if you know how to Izuna Drop, many annoying enemies will eat dirt in a hurry like those bone snake monsters that cruise around on the water (dont fight them on or in the water ever unless you want to experience a severe pain train) as well as the potentially deadly groups of black spider ninjas.

    Also, vs genshin I know I dodged his attacks and got him in a hard combo when he was recovering for a split second just using the dragon sword I believe and he went down like a sack of rocks. (I didn't read all of the post above, but dagra dai is a real bitch even on warrior difficulty- I didn't try the lunar or kusari gama on him as Black Xino recommends, but I definately will give it a try next time because his tendency to fly around all the time is ridiculously annoying since he seems to stop doing it whenever he damn well pleases, which sometimes is almost never. Many people say the fight with him involves a lot of luck. If he decides to land frequently you should be fine, but if he decides to fly and basically never come down, you're basically screwed.)
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