Artificial Selection achievement in Minecraft (Android)

Artificial Selection

Breed a mule from a horse and a donkey.

Artificial Selection-0.1
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How to unlock the Artificial Selection achievement

  • lI Majora IllI Majora Il1,099,995
    05 Jun 2016 06 Jun 2016
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    As the achievement description says, you will need to mate a horse and a donkey to produce a mule. Getting a horse and donkey to mate requires a bit more work than the other animals in the game. You need to feed each of them either a Golden Apple or a Golden Carrot. Horses and donkeys can be found in grassy plain biomes.

    To craft two Golden Apples, you will need 2 regular apples and 16 Gold Ingots. The apples can be obtained from oak tree leaves at a very low rate or sometimes from village chests. The Gold Ingots need to be smelted from Gold Ore mined deep underground with an Iron Pickaxe in about the bottom 30 layers of the world.

    To craft two Golden Carrots, you will need 2 regular carrots and 16 Gold Nuggets. The carrots can be found in almost every village you encounter and the Gold Nuggets can be "crafted" by bringing Gold Ingots to a crafting table and breaking them into 9 Gold Nuggets per ingot.

    As Gold Ore tends to be rare to find sometimes, I recommend making 2 Golden Carrots because you only need to obtain two Gold Ingots and break them into Gold Nuggets. If you're struggling to find a village to get carrots, only then would I recommend going for the Golden Apples.

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    lI Majora IlOnly takes a few minutes to create a new world so I'll try and find some seeds that will help!
    Posted by lI Majora Il on 09 Jun 16 at 20:35
    YinFor those just getting around to this achievement now, it appears that v1.1.0 has made this unobtainable.
    Posted by Yin on 05 Jun 17 at 21:52
    Zarda1I used the Xbox one bedrock version and joined my own world with Android to get this achievement but it won't work on worlds synced from the old Xbox one edition. I used the seed 212916517. Near spawn is a village and if you look in the savannah very near the village is a ravine with a massive network of mineshafts. There are a few minecart chests with gold or even golden apples. This was on v1.2.5 I didn't see any recent info on this so I decided to give an update.
    Posted by Zarda1 on 22 Nov 17 at 15:32
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  • Itzz Sh0wt1m3Itzz Sh0wt1m31,458,623
    11 Jun 2016 11 Jun 2016 20 Dec 2016
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    Sorry for the long awaited update. Apparently there was something wrong with my old world, maybe because I already bred them, I don't know. I've made an achievement world in which you can get basically all achievements.
    You first need to kill the ender dragon and then enter the portal, to get back to the overworld. Then, head back to the end of the alley, and then go to the area on the right which says update 0.15. In here, you should be able to find a chest with both horse and donkey spawn eggs, spawn both of them, tame both of them by keep trying to ride them.
    Taming the horse should get you another achievement.
    Then, give both of them a golden carrot, to unlock your achievement.

    (Old solution)
    I've copied my world and placed this folder on dropbox. You just need to unzip it before you can use it. In this world there's a donkey and horse right where you spawn. You might have to wait a little before you can breed them again, though they are tamed and you don't need to go through all the trouble of finding them and getting golden carrots. Download the "artificial selection" world.
    Achievement worlds

    You first need to tame a donkey and a horse. Then feed them a golden carrot. If you're using my world, wait a while before you can feed them again, since they are already fed and tamed.
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    InSaNe HArLeKiNWorked fine for me. too. Thank you very much!
    Posted by InSaNe HArLeKiN on 29 Nov 16 at 00:46
    NBA KirklandHorse and donkey feed, hearts appear, small mule appears, but no achievement. Bugged again? When was the last update?
    Posted by NBA Kirkland on 02 Jul 17 at 22:20
    Itzz Sh0wt1m3Yup bugged again, hencw the partly discontinued flag
    Posted by Itzz Sh0wt1m3 on 03 Jul 17 at 04:43
  • EvcEvc773,798 773,798 GamerScore
    24 Jul 2017 25 Jul 2017
    5 1 1
    Inception, artificial selection, and great view all work if you find the older version of Minecraft PE. Google the app Aptoide, install that and search for Minecraft PE, and download and install version, I just unlocked those achievements a little while ago using this method. Sadly, the llama achievement doesn't seem to work on any version facepalm

    Screenshots of proof I got them (since I can't run a scan at this time due to the 24hr limit):
    Artifical Selection:
    Great View:
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    Hakikun01Thanks guy. It worked
    Posted by Hakikun01 on 04 Aug 17 at 14:11
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