Way of the Master Ninja achievement in Ninja Gaiden II

Way of the Master Ninja

Complete the game on the Path of the Master Ninja.

Way of the Master Ninja-0.6
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How to unlock the Way of the Master Ninja achievement

  • Xx Skorch xXXx Skorch xX237,055
    09 Jul 2008 23 Oct 2009
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    Ok, I just got through Master Ninja the other day, it was one heck of a trip! Let me throw some tips at ya:

    1. Use the Lunar. It is, if used correctly, the best weapon in the game (maybe aside from the Scythe). I got all the way to chapter 6 with the Lunar, and never even used it before. Upgrade the Lunar to level 2 ASAP and don't worry about level 3. Use the Izuna Drop (Jump, X, X, Y) constantly. Not only is it faster than the Dragon Swords Izuna Drop, but the Lunar's makes you jump into the air, avoiding the ground attacks. Using the Izuna Drop with the Lunar can be tricky at times. Master it. Also with bosses (again, using the Lunar) use X, X, Y when you see an opening to attack, then run, rinse and repeat.

    2. Those SOB IS Ninjas. If you get an Incendiary Shuriken (or 2, or 5) stuck in you, immediatly block and time the part where it explodes with a quick dash in any direction to negate it. Jump on a ninjas head. Use a UT. Use the Izuna Drop with the Lunar. Anything that involves Invincibility Frames, use them.

    3. Despawning Enemies. This is the cheapest, most life-saving technique in the game. As soon as a group of enemies spawn (and this is extremely helpful with the Explosive Arrow Ninjas) run ALL the way back where you came from, no matter the distance, just keep running. You will eventually reach a point where the enemies will dissapear. Also, even if they don't dissapear and are following you, that's good. Because then you have them coming at you in a line, rather than surrounding you at all sides. You can also usually run straight through them and into the next area. If you get to Chapter 11, run through everything if you can't fight all of them.

    4. Think smart. Lead the enemies into an area you will have an easier time fighting at (preferably a spot where they can only come at you 1 or 2 at a time, like a staircase). If you have to fight in a tight hallway where you can't dodge their attacks, lead them into a bigger area.

    5. Don't save your ninpo. ALWAYS have more than one save file, and after every battle (if you are in good or decent shape) return to an earlier save point and save.

    Master Ninja is all about trial and error, and quite a bit of luck involved as well. You will die ALOT, so be prepared for that and frustration. But keep pushing and retrying, you will eventually make it through.

    I got through without farming and only 2 save slots (could have made it with 1) so anything is possible!

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    An insecure conjecture, "everyone". Clearly, those videos are beyond you. Too bad. It hurts for someone with the opinion of it being the "best game ever made" (it's not); along with being "flawless" (it's not). Deathsmiles is beyond this game and all versions have been done in a similar manner. Trying to doubt obvious feats is desperate; along with being null and void.
    Posted on 14 Feb 16 at 09:00
    YonderGruntA true intellectual. The mighty man that flexes their tongue with a year old response xD
    Posted by YonderGrunt on 12 Jun 20 at 02:07
    OnexWingxAngelxJust dropping by to add another Ryu gamer pic to this comment tread =)
    Posted by OnexWingxAngelx on 19 Nov 20 at 09:36
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  • Button MasherButton Masher203,100
    06 Jul 2010 25 Dec 2010 26 Dec 2010
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    Here is my little guide on how to beat Master Ninja, It will just be some tips that you might find helpful.

    UT: Ultimate Technique
    OT: Obliteration Technique
    FS: Flying Swallow.
    GT: Galtino throw
    LoTG: Life of a thousand gods
    TorB: Talisman of rebirth

    Learn Moves with iframes
    The easiest move to do which have iframes is the GT. If an enemy is near a wall GT them and when they hit the wall a limb will fall off enabling you to do a OT which has iframes as well.

    Every UT has loads of iframes so use them a lot.
    Dashing gives you iframes.
    The FS has a few iframes in it too.
    Use wall attacks they will give you iframes.
    Izuna Drop has iframes.

    Without the use of iframes this game will be near impossible.

    Learn how to chain UTs and practice doing on landing UTs (hold Y just before you land and you will start charging a UT instantly)

    Absorbing essence while charging a UT will make the UT charge even faster but remember you will only get 30% of what the essence is worth if used for a UT.

    Use your shuriken a lot they are very helpful and will stun smaller enemies allowing you to attack them.

    With the dragon sword the xxy combo will almost always chop off an arm allowing for an easy OT
    When you counter an enemy you will almost always chop off a body part allowing an easy OT.

    Never upgrade the scythe past level 2 as the UT does not get anymore powerful at level 3.

    Try and carry max items at all times. The chests that would normally give you items will now give you essence the value of the item that would have been in the chest., which is much more useful. Both for UTs and upgrading weapons.

    Never use a ToRB because the chests that contain them will now give you 50k worth of essence. Very helpful al the end of chapter 5 and beginning of chapter 6.

    Upgrade the Lunar Staff to level 3 as fast as you can its 360 UT is very useful for killing almost every enemy in the game. Also if you press y at the end of the UT you will do a Izuna Drop right after the UT.

    NEVER try and fight enemies in the water you can put out the Gatling gun stay still and just mash B you will kill everything in the water with out getting hit.

    Use save statues as much as you want, if you think you have done good go back and save.

    Upgrade you fire nimpo first
    Upgrade your Void nimpo second this will come in handy with the double dragons at the end of lvl 9. they will die with 2 hits each with a lvl 3 void.
    If you have any more jewels left over then upgrade the wind blade nimpo. This will come in handy for chapter 11.

    The double swords will completely murder the werewolf guys you can often kill 3 or 4 with just one UT, even without upgrading

    Never open chests with bats in. these will kill you in seconds or take a load of health off.

    With ghost fish chests you can just spam y with the lunar to kill the all.

    Save your LoTG and your jewel of demon seal until you really need them they are ace and will refill your life or nimpo to the max and add some more on.

    If you need blue or red essence stop using UTs it is highly unlikely you will get blue or red essence from the enemies you kill using the UT.

    At the start of chapter 7 where the turrets are shooting at you ,if you walk forward, on the left and right hand side you will see some screws on the floor. If you stand on these you will be able to kill all the turrets without getting hit.

    Always throw shurikens at the rocket launcher ninja and dash in a zig zag pattern towards them, to avoid getting hit.

    For the zombie enemies try and shoot off their arms with the cannon on first using the bow, then dash up to them and do an OT. Or just throw a IS ( explosive shuriken) at them to blow
    a limb off a and then OT them.

    To kill the armadillo bosses you can stun lock them with ISs if you aim at their heads.

    To kill the worm boss stay in a little cave at the side and keep on charging UTs you kill it. You might have to go in and out of the little cave to make it spawn again.

    The big robots they take 4 or 5 hits with the scythe UT to kill. The little robots with the turrets will die with one hit of the fire nimpo if you get stuck..

    To kill the electric robot weird things just keep on dashing away and doing scythe UTs on them.

    To make the flying dragons fall to the floor throw a IS at them to blow off a leg or a arm then do a OT to kill them.

    If you get stuck from an IS ninja hold block and wait until its just about to explode then dash out of the explosion. Or use a move that involves iframes to no get hurt. If all else fails spam the FS and hope for the best.

    Don’t be afraid to use your nimpo its there for a reason, so use it.

    You can dash through almost any attack in the game, Very useful for dashing through the laser from last boss, Then mess up his face with the scythe.

    At the start of chapter 9 when you fight the hover bots. From the entrance go forwards to the first little hut straight ahead, on the outside of the hut there is a little corner you can stay in . This will make the whole fight a lot easier because the bots find it hard to hit you there.

    To kill the worm things keep on jumping with the scyth and pressing yyy or do FS with the dragon sword.

    Use corners to your advantage, remember you cant get hit through walls so always ran back behind a corner and charge a UT.

    Another easy way to take on all the IS ninjas is to do the Izuna drop with the dragon claws pretty much all animation of doing it had iframes. It's done by jumping towards a ninja pressing x then holding y. Easy instant kill.

    One thing I would note is that Izuna drops have a couple of recovery frames at the end where you are open to attack. Be careful doing them in bunches of red scorpions because they will whip you which takes off a HUGE amount of health.

    Thats all I can think of right now Good Luck everyone :)
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    NINja277Easily the best guide on TA
    Posted by NINja277 on 23 Jan 11 at 22:32
    Button MasherThanks man :)
    Posted by Button Masher on 24 Jan 11 at 14:09
  • Strategy OneStrategy One683,993
    29 Aug 2013 07 Aug 2013 06 Feb 2015
    46 23 52
    Invincible Ninja Glitch
    External image

    Beating the game over 10 times and reading about this glitch gave me motivation to do this glitch. I can easily say with enough time and patience I could have done the game without it, If you played the game as much as I have you would grow sick of it too. So thanks to who ever found this glitch who is unknown, I cannot claim to finding the glitch, but I can claim to everything in this guide to help others out, every method, tip, or information on the glitch (except the glitch itself) has been done and tested by myself, taking the time to mess around with it to make this guide to help others.


    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Starting Tips:

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    General Tips:

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    If anyone has more to add to this guide please comment or message me and I will add it with credit of course. If you record any video of using the glitch (especially with my methods mixed) that would be great if you can send it to me and I will add it to my solution with credit of course.

    Video 1: I just wanted to show you the glitch and how it can EXTREMELY help in certain situations. The video was done by Kumar Abhishek (who is ironically against it)

    Video 2: This video is much more clear and is a great part to use the glitch helping out beautifully. This video was done by samuraigaming

    Video 3: This video is at one of the hardest parts in the game and you can see how helpful it becomes, you can defeat the ninjas before fighting the Spider Ninjas alone. Video is in spanish, but the visual is the idea, not the commentary. If you do know spanish, thats a plus. Credit for video goes to youtube user Marco Hayabusa.
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    FoogaI would honestly just delete the comments Bean (if you can even do that). It’s just pure bickering lol. It also paints a lot of well known people here (including one who’s now a newshound) in a negative light.
    Posted by Fooga on 17 Jun 18 at 20:45
    BeanpotterGood plan.

    Deleted most of the stupid comments.
    Posted by Beanpotter on 17 Jun 18 at 21:52
    The S bot 9000Gonna use this when i start NG+ so i can breeze through the game and wrap up those ridiculous “beat the game using only X” achievementssmile.
    Posted by The S bot 9000 on 07 Aug 20 at 22:36
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