Rainbow Collection achievement in Minecraft (iOS)

Rainbow Collection

Gather all 16 colours of wool.

Rainbow Collection0
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How to unlock the Rainbow Collection achievement

  • TeddynavTeddynav273,402
    15 Dec 2016 18 Nov 2018
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    Use this world: MCPE_V4_SH0WT1M3_ACHIEVEMENT_WERELD.mcworld

    You can import the world onto an ios device by following this video:

    Credit to OMGcraft - Minecraft Tips & Tutorials!

    You simply need to pick up all items from the chest on the left. It is easiest to simply destroy the chests, thereby picking up all colors of wool and then the achievement should be earned.
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  • NebuleyNebuley249,970
    15 Apr 2018 16 Feb 2021 16 Feb 2021
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    In order to obtain all 16 colors of wool, you'll first need to obtain 16 dyes in order to dye the wool. Any color of wool can be dyed any other color, for example: you can dye White Wool to be Orange Wool, or Purple Wool to be Green Wool, etc.

    Heres all the ways to obtain all the different types of Dye! (Compiled from the Minecraft Wiki)

    White Dye
    -Crafted from Bone Meal.
    -Crafted from Lily of the Valley (Flower)

    Light Gray Dye
    -Crafted from Black Dye + 2x White Dye
    -Crafted from Gray Dye + White Dye
    -Crafted from Azure Bluet, Oxeye Daisy, or White Tulip. (Flowers)

    Gray Dye
    -Crafted from Black Dye + White Dye

    Black Dye
    -Crafted from Ink Sacs
    -Crafted from Wither Rose (Flower)

    Red Dye
    -Crafted from Beetroot
    -Crafted from Poppy, Red Tulip, or Rose Bush (Flowers)

    Orange Dye
    -Crafted from Red Dye + Yellow Dye
    -Crafted from Orange Tulip (Flower)

    Yellow Dye
    -Crafted from Dandelion, or Sunflower (Flowers)
    -Obtained from Village Mason's chest

    Lime Dye
    -Crafted from Green Dye + White Dye
    -Obtained from Smelting Sea Pickles

    Green Dye
    -Obtained from Smelting Cactus
    -Obtained from Desert Village House chests

    Light Blue Dye
    -Crafted from Blue Dye + White Dye
    -Crafted from Blue Orchid

    Cyan Dye
    -Crafted from Blue Dye + Green Dye

    Blue Dye
    -Crafted from Lapis Lazuli
    -Crafted from Cornflower (Flower)

    Purple Dye
    -Crafted from Blue Dye + Red Dye

    Magenta Dye
    -Crafted from Purple Dye + Pink Dye
    -Crafted from 2x Red Dye + Blue Dye + White Dye
    -Crafted from Pink Dye + Red Dye + Blue Dye
    -Crafted from Allium, or Lilac (Flowers)

    Pink Dye
    -Crafted from Red Dye + White Dye
    -Crafted from Pink Tulip, or Peony (Flowers)

    Brown Dye
    -Crafted from Cocoa Beans

    -Wandering Traders can also have random Dyes for sale for 3 emeralds.

    Okay, now that you know all the ways to obtain all 16 dyes, you just need to craft them with any piece of wool. Wool is obtained by killing, or shearing sheep. It can also spawn naturally in the world around Villages and Pillager Outposts.

    edit: Wool can also be crafted with 4 string.

    If I were you, id clear your inventory and hold one of each piece of wool in your inventory. Then, after you've obtained all 16 colors, your achievement should pop!
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