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Dragon Sword Master achievement in NINJA GAIDEN 2

Dragon Sword Master

Complete the game using only the Dragon Sword.

Dragon Sword Master0
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How to unlock the Dragon Sword Master achievement

  • ScipionSTScipionST48,743
    04 Sep 2009 05 Sep 2009
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    In fact you can go further then the egg sacks in chapter 13 with ninpo and projectiles only. You are allowed to hit and break them with the weapons so just punch the sack for 2-3 times to open it and kill what's inside it without using weapons. This way I reached level 14 just before Genshin and Elizabeth bosses (they were to tough to take out using ninpo and projectiles only) so each weapon run from this plase will require near 15-30 minutes.

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    Wanderer128This is exactly what I did after my first two playthroughs which I felt necessary to up my health and ninpo slots in order to help this along.
    Posted by Wanderer128 on 20 Jan 12 at 09:37
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    This solution is not made for just getting this specific achievement. This solution is for getting ALL the weapon achievements in a faster way, without playing through the entire game 8 times for each weapon.

    1. Start a new game (preferably starting from a save after you beat the game, aka a game + save file) on the easiest difficulty. You'll see why in #2. Hopefully you already went through the game on easy so you can use a game +, which means you keep all essence and upgraded weapons

    2. Do NOT use any of the MELEE weapons at all for as far as you can go through the entire play through. In other words, run past enemies as often as possible. If you get to a point where you have to kill enemies (eg. a boss guy), use projectiles or ninpo only.

    Apparently you can use melee weapons on the egg sacks in chapter 13 thanks to a patch on the game.

    You can get as far as chapter 13 by doing this. In chapter 13 there's these egg sacks or whatever that ninpo and projectiles don't work on that you have to get past to continue playing. This is where you start your weapon achievement. You don't have to go all the way to chapter 13, but obviously the further you get the faster you can get all the rest of the weapon achievements. Once you get to the point where you start using your weapon, remeber the save slot that you used before you started using the weapon so you can reload it and start using a different weapon.

    3. After unlocking the achievement for whatever weapon, reload the save and use the next weapon you need an achievement for.

    Guide for bosses w/o melee weapons, written by Madcap182:
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    Puppetfacewill using a melee weapon on the control panels in chapter 7 void this strategy? cuz i can't find any other way to destroy them besides using weapons =/
    Posted by Puppetface on 08 Jul 10 at 03:27
    tremberzI can confirm that this works as I did it last night. Just a few extra tips if anyone is unsure. You can use a melee weapon to destroy items such as computers and barrels. If you by accident slash an enemy you can just die and continue game. This will load the game back up and your hit won't count. You can also run through quite a lot of bits in the game without defeating enemies. This saves a lot of time.
    Posted by tremberz on 30 Dec 10 at 11:17
    RobBobTheCornC0I just did this and can verify it still works(ain't easy.) I got as far as Genshin+Elizabet. That forum is very handy; here are some extra tips. Shadow ninja rasetsu can be killed with piercing void(PV,) inferno, or the bow. Godomos(giant) I just used a bow to the face. Water dragon was fine with bow+heal. The 1st armadillo I used bow&nimpo as I sort of ran out of IS on genshin. Bow+hide didn't work on giant worm. Instead I used flame pheonix to stop it, then IS to the face. I found it easier and it works. Elizabet's blood splatter heals her so watch out; PV works well if you corner her on the ground. Alexei can be hit by PV during attacks in his rage; don't hit Irene in the cage during his 2nd battle. My hardest battles were Genshin, giant worm, and zadonius. Zadonius is best to hit with PV when landing next to you(can't miss him) just be sure not to weapon attack him or giant worm as you get close with these tips. Genshin requires patience + precise timing; let him whale his attack combos & dodge Also vulnerable during charging attacks. Finally if you DO attack the eggs, be very resourceful. You fight 2 rasetsu's before reaching alexei (2PV + bow worked well;) I used the save heal before jumping down the 1st hole. Windmill shuriken + nimpo is your best friend if you have to kill enemies. I used a talisman or nimpo increase if I ran out of nimpo & mushrooms. Chapter 7&8 I used bow for mechs and PV for alien-look-alike suits. Also best to skip the blood sharks before genshin+Elizabet battle (water run, and use a herb in a corner on other side.) Attacking thin air, blocking, defending, jumping on enemies, attacking computers & eggs does not affect this guide. Multiple saves are advised; I had 5. Happy hunting :D
    Posted by RobBobTheCornC0 on 11 Mar at 08:18
  • ICoN xLeViAtHaNICoN xLeViAtHaN389,665
    04 Sep 2008 28 Jan 2009
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    Simply complete the game with only the dragon sword. Do not do damage with any other weapon and remeber that it switches you to the sythe and archfiend blades when you obtain them so switch it back before hitting an enemy. Best done in first playthrough since its the only weapon you can use in the begining. Only ugrade this weapon if going for its achievement.
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