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Top Cat

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Top Cat-0.1
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  • TuKraZeTuKraZe894,298
    08 Feb 2017 23 Dec 2016 17 Jan 2017
    7 1 2
    Easiest and most successful set-up I have encountered so far is to equip the following items on St Johns Lake and cast out a good distance from the default post (any peg will do though) starting from around 3am. Make sure that before you put your rod down that your bait and hook is resting within a gravel patch.

    Rod: Haichou 13ft Extreme
    Reel: Sonik Tournos 10000
    Line: Korda 25 Supernatural
    Rig: Korda DF Rig 4 (Gravel)
    Bait: Korda Dumbell 18mm

    Please note that the rod, reel and line do not need to be exact, as long as you have a higher spec rod and reel that can gain some distance when casting and a line that has a pretty decent breaking strain.

    It is also important to understand that this is obviously a fishing game and that it relies heavily on luck, so if you do not get a catfish straight away or it takes a while for the fish to bite, bare with it and keep attempting it.
  • SloanificationSloanification241,148
    03 May 2019 05 May 2019 05 May 2019
    0 0 0
    Ignore the above advice. Use a monster red 18mm on a silt hook 4 IQ-D rig. You want to fish all of the catfish into an alcove, this will prevent them from outrunning your line. You’ll need to make a point of finding where you catch them and where they surface. Catfish have an unusual way of rendering themselves on top of the water, pay attention, and then throw your rigs where they’re patrolling. Ignore other baits when going for catfish and only use the 18mm red monster. If you don’t have lac le dor use the Spanish lake and use the same rig set up, you’ll be mostly ignoring regular carp in my approach which is the flaw to using other baits and strategies. Again, find their paths and lure them through these. In my experience they appear the patrol the outer rim of the water about 2-6 feet from the shore, so don’t be afraid to cast a few feet in front of you, you’ll catch more basic carp this way, but if you see them surfacing don’t be afraid to throw your hook in. If you can find their patrol more than 60 yds away this is where you’ll get most of your cats, this is also the advantage of fishing into an alcove. Catfish have an uncanny appetite for showing up in the same places. This approach will also work in the new games from what I understand, good luck. Another good piece of advice is to ignore all hook nears the red monster, in my experience those hooks appear the be nicer but in reality they’re not. Stick to the more basic haichou rigs with the white plastic weed guards, any other hooks will slow down your progression through the game.
  • Tankk OGTankk OG504,800 504,800 GamerScore
    17 Feb 2019 17 Feb 2019
    0 0 0
    I tried TuKraZe's solution several times and idk why, but I was only able to catch 5 catfish at that lake the whole time that i played this game.

    So I used same tackle setup and went to Presa Del Monte Bravo went to the peg in the cove and would cast 2 really short into the gravel to the right, as in just tap the cast button that's it and then do the same in front of you in the gravel.

    In doing this I caught the remaining 45 cats here, and my last 15 took me only like 2-3 hours(I'm pretty sure I got very lucky, but either way the catfish are there) In this spot I also was able to catch 5 Boss catfish and 3 Boss carp, if you still need those achievements as well.
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