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Achievement Guide for Lawn Bowls Champion

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    Missable - At the beginning of Case 2 A Study in Green

    You will need to win a game of Bowls to unlock the achievement.

    Anyone from the UK will be familiar with this game but for others I will explain (try to)

    **The Aim of the Game is too get the larger balls as close as possible to the small marker ball **
    The Rules

    The smaller ball is the marker ball; it is rolled on to the green anywhere inside the second large rectangle. You then have four attempts to get the larger balls (bowls) as close as possible to the marker.

    If you have 3 balls that go out of bounds but one that is closest to the marker then you will win the round with 1 point. If however you have 2 balls closest to the marker ball you will win by 2 points and so on to a maximum of 4 points in one round.

    There are 3 rounds and all must be played. If you win round 1 by 1 point and round 2 by 1 point the opponent can still win the game scoring 3 points in the final round. So score as high as possible each round.

    If you feel as though you are going to lose, just press B to back out and this will reset the game.


    You will start by setting the marker ball. Don't apply too much power. Roll the marker down the centre and apply the power bar only halfway. Its important you remember exactly where the power bar was.

    Remember you don't need to hit the marker ball with the larger balls, you need to get them as close as possible to it. The idea of bowls is that you curve the larger ball towards the mark rather than rolling in a straight line(hence the curved aim). As the larger balls are heavier they will roll further so Make sure you apply a little less power than you did on the marker.

    Aiming is tricky. The best tip I can give is; Set the aim so the pointiest end of the tip of the aim bar is in line with the marker ball or just to the right. It should look as though the ball will go out of bounds but it won't.

    The larger ball rolls for some distance due to its weight, that's why you shouldn't put as much power into the shot.

    It is important to win Round 1 as you will get to set the marker every time you win a round, meaning you gauge the power bar. This is the key to being in control of the match.

    You only need 1 ball closest to the marker to win, however to increase your score try and get all of them close or at least closer than the AI.

    If you go into round 3 more than 5 points into the lead then you have won, the achievement will unlock once round 3 is over.

    Conversely if you lose Round 1 & 2 by 1 point each, there is still the chance you can win the overall match by getting 3 balls closest to the marker and winning 3-2.
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