Overkill achievement in Minecraft for Gear VR


Deal nine hearts of damage in a single hit.

Online/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative
Gamer Gamer Date Won
New Zealand sorren101 sorren101 21 June 2016
Germany bCyberBasti bCyberBasti 22 June 2016
USA Ignignock IgnignockSomehow i got KH3 for free from Amazon. I guess having a preorder for like 5 years pays off 23 June 2016
Switzerland IG Frosch IG FroschWir suchen Achievement-Guide Schreiber und Tester für insidegames.ch. -> PN 27 June 2016
Canada smrnov smrnov 30 June 2016
Australia Kiwi Soldier Kiwi SoldierFINALLY hit 500,000 TA score 04 July 2016
USA JORAX JORAXJust passed 100 completed games for the year. Only the 3rd time I've done that... and its only May. Previous best was 121, sure to set a new record. 04 July 2016
Germany GD Great Healer GD Great HealerBest day - 521 ach won / 33.373 TA / 20.520 GS - Thanks Nichtl 09 July 2016
USA Wintr17 Wintr17 16 July 2016
xMussolini xMussolini 05 August 2016
Australia Grug GrugEnjoying some casual gaming... 06 August 2016
Northern Ireland Toxicsoul88 Toxicsoul88My goal this weekend is to move just enough so people don't think I'm dead 14 August 2016
England TUAAM TUAAM 24 August 2016
USA VidGamiac VidGamiac#VirginPiñaColadaYoungMoneyTheThird 08 September 2016
USA ShadowRaven9 ShadowRaven9It's over! 100% Assassin's Creed Odyssey and the DLC. What a long... long game. The longer you play, the more you start to hate it. 15 September 2016
KaMaKaZi09 KaMaKaZi09 23 September 2016
USA allkore allkore 23 September 2016
USA KhalDrakon KhalDrakon 16 October 2016
USA BinaryOni BinaryOniHappy National Video Games Day! 27 October 2016
USA xTCx xTCx 28 October 2016
USA Exe the Hero Exe the Hero999,999gs with "True Hero." 1,000,000 with "Do As You Like" to bring in retirement! Millionaire #128 😁 13 November 2016
Canada lI Majora Il lI Majora IlWell the dev for Cyber Protocol refuses to answer me so the chances of it getting patched seem to be slim :/ 22 November 2016
USA General Tynstar General Tynstar 25 November 2016
USA Kobeskillz24 Kobeskillz24Lost the love for gaming. Gears 5 is my last hope. :( 27 November 2016
Ireland Celtic Force Celtic Force 21 December 2016
USA Dallasthedude DallasthedudeWant the easy Chinese X1 stacks? I can get it for you! No Chinese X1 required! 22 December 2016
USA tknology tknology 29 December 2016
Canada Sashamorning SashamorningNo joy. 4 times pressed the Place My Order at Target, every time had my cart emptied. Guess I won't be getting one this year. cry 29 December 2016
USA cnirvana cnirvanaTry this one, Geoff progress - 80/100. Getting closer, yet still so far away. 05 January 2017
cleetus vandamn cleetus vandamnMy backpack's got jets... 08 January 2017
England Slim Panatella Slim Panatella 17 January 2017
The Renz Garcia The Renz Garcia 28 January 2017
USA Im kind of High Im kind of HighWhy do I keep getting signed out on XB1, and when I push the guide button literally nothing pops up. I’m stuck inside the game I’m playing. Nothing I 02 February 2017
USA n00b1ets n00b1etsBuild complete - 4/27/2017 - http://imgur.com/lvNnjBI 11 February 2017
OldVectorical OldVectorical 11 February 2017
USA Fshguy FshguyMillion done, 122k in 3 months, 750 completions total. 68th Million in US 12 February 2017
England Barker Guru Barker Guruhttps://www.youtube.com/c/BarkerGuruGamer 17 February 2017
New Zealand Dragonata DragonataLooking for fellow NZ achievement hunters: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1758474874469073 22 February 2017
England LewLewMaGewGew LewLewMaGewGewhi there 25 February 2017
England Effigy Effigywon 563 Achievements in 55 games, for a total of 42,573 TrueAchievement points (28,626 Gamerscore). 26 February 2017
USA MarioToo MarioTooAny of my friends who may or may not need the specific horde maps I’ve posted sessions for in Gears 4 that want to join, feel free. 26 February 2017
England A1m0n A1m0nLove the Assassin's Creed interactive flag guide map - saving me so much time in locating these pesk 19 March 2017
DiGiovanna1 DiGiovanna1 30 March 2017
Brazil cooorpse cooorpse 06 April 2017
Belgium MC0REBE MC0REBEDoes anybody need help with BLOPS4? I really miss playing it 11 April 2017
USA RVM RVM 19 April 2017
USA BwF SmokeBudnSF BwF SmokeBudnSF 09 May 2017
Netherlands The Reward The Reward 15 May 2017
England Sambarine Sambarine 25 June 2017