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General RAAM

Battle-worn General RAAM achievement in Killer Instinct

Battle-worn General RAAM

Win 20 ranked matches with General RAAM

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How to unlock the Battle-worn General RAAM achievement

  • Rafael D ArroyoRafael D Arroyo621,372
    14 Jun 2016 08 Jul 2016 22 Sep 2019
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    I've come up with a new solution to the ranked achievements and am including it along with the older one I had, although I should warn everyone to use the new solution at your own risk. I should note that I've checked with the admins as to the regularity of the method (Solution Parameters).


    * First Solution *

    Very simple:

    1. Start a ranked match while connected to the wi-fi, using the character you want the achievement for;
    2. After the match starts, simply connect the ethernet cable at the back of your console (just to be sure keep pressing buttons on your controller while doing this);
    3. The game will freeze for a few seconds and is tricked into thinking your opponent has disconnected, you both get a win, simple as that;
    4. Disconnect the Cable and repeat for the next win.

    A few notes:

    1. After a few wins like this, the game will prompt a message saying that will you no longer increase you rank due to "disconnection wins";
    2. This doesn't affect the achievements, as the wins still count towards them;
    3. I've never had any problems while doing this, since both players are credited a win, so there's no fault to the other player;
    4. I always tried to actually win the match legit before connecting the cable;
    5. prepare to receive a lot of messages from people calling you a quitter;
    6. Yes, this is cheating when it comes to leaderboards, but as long you’re doing this just to unlock achievements and not to claim you’re the best KI player around, I see no harm.

    Doing all character will take about 480 wins.


    * Second Solution *

    This solution is a little long but once everything is set up it's touch and go.

    First of all you will need the following:

    1. PC with windows 10 that can run KI at least in the lower settings;
    2. KI downloaded and installed on your PC;
    2. A dummy account; and
    3. Not exactly necessary but 2 controllers would help.

    Ok, first log in ONLY your dummy account on your xbox one (it will have gold privileges because of the main account).
    Log in with your main account on your PC.
    Start KI on the console and on the PC.
    Go to ranked matches and start searching with the dummy account and after 5 seconds with the main account (don't ask me why, but this seems to make a difference).

    Using this method, I was getting matched up with myself most of the time, especially during times when there are fewer players, like 2am, I got as much as 10 fights in a roll.

    Whenever you get a random, hopefully it will be with the dummy account.
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  • Strategy OneStrategy One670,902
    23 Jun 2016
    4 4 5
    Battle-Worn General RAAM

    You might have to mess around with this a bit but my technique did not involve using shadow moves or much combo's really. I am not that great with Killer Instinct but when I started using cn_RB for every attack it seemed much easier.

    Using the Heavy attack with RAAM makes it to where you do not have to have a finisher at the end of combos to deal the maximum amount of damage, it also has the maximum amount of range so use that to an advantage by keeping a good amount of distance from your opponent if possible. I would also jump a ton, and if your opponent starts jumping use the heavy anti-air attack by pushing cn_LSd and cn_RB.

    If your opponent starts smacking you make sure to to rotate your right analog stick unless you know how to combo-break without it. Also make sure to use Instinct mode when you get it, which if your RAAM is all black your opponent will have difficulty seeing you.

    I have won over half my battles and obtained 15 wins in 1-2 hours. Good luck and have fun!
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    Aj6627Using this method, it took me a little over 2 hours to get the achievement. I had never played KI online before this.
    Posted by Aj6627 on 26 Jun 16 at 21:58
    Strategy OneGlad to hear it toast
    Posted by Strategy One on 27 Jun 16 at 01:25
    CodeRedAddictMDPretty much the same strategy I used, took me a bit to figure it out. Was on a roll with wins one day and should've kept going, but I get bored easily with these types of games. Especially when I'm not winning. Should've read this strategy before, lol.
    Posted by CodeRedAddictMD on 28 Jun 16 at 23:09
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