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Your mail is on your desk.

Post all parcels.

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How to unlock the Your mail is on your desk. achievement

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    31 Aug 2008 21 Nov 2008
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    for this achievment just type in these
    To unlock the various features and items below, insert the corresponding code at the university’s math classroom.

    * Artifact Detector - VIKED7
    * Beep Beep - VNF59Q
    * Character Treasure - VIES2R
    * Disarm Enemies - VKRNS9
    * Disguises - 4ID1N6
    * Fast Build - V83SLO
    * Fast Dig - 378RS6
    * Fast Fix - FJ59WS
    * Fertilizer - B1GW1F
    * Ice Rink - 33GM7J
    * Invincibility - B83EA1
    * Parcel Detector - VUT673
    * Poo Treasure - WWQ1SA
    * Regenerate Hearts - MDLP69
    * Secret Characters - 3X44AA
    * Silhouettes - 3HE85H
    * Super Scream - VN3R7S
    * Super Slap - 0P1TA5
    * Treasure x2 - VM4TS9
    * Treasure x4 - VLWEN3
    * Treasure x6 - V84RYS
    * Treasure x8 - A72E1M
    * Treasure x10 - VI3PS8
    * Treasure Magnet - H86LA2

    and it still unlocks the achievmnet
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    xJamie92does this also help towards the 100% achievement? or would i still have to find all of em to get it?
    Posted by xJamie92 on 21 Jul 09 at 11:23
    Cosmic KatamariFor super slap - it's a zero not an 'o'.
    thanks for the codes though.
    Posted by Cosmic Katamari on 27 Aug 09 at 03:43
    Pateman31Perfect solution rather than running through all the levels. Wish it was like this for the artifacts >.<
    Posted by Pateman31 on 26 Apr 10 at 04:08
    P4NDA CAKESwow thanks i had all of them but invincibility and couldnt find the last code... thanks!!
    Posted by P4NDA CAKES on 30 Jun 10 at 04:25
    SinReturns03Quick question: Does anyone know what Parcel 1 refers to specifically? I've entered in all of the codes, and Parcel 1 is still shown as 'locked' in the extras menu. I likely missed one or inputted a code incorrectly without noticing.
    Posted by SinReturns03 on 01 Sep 10 at 21:19
    SinReturns03Disregard my question: looked through the list and discovered I was missing fast fix - that's parcel 1.
    Posted by SinReturns03 on 01 Sep 10 at 23:13
    TheBeadster125nice on, this unlocks both cheevos
    Posted by TheBeadster125 on 13 Feb 12 at 12:41
    Big Ellthanks for the help with this "achievmnet"
    Posted by Big Ell on 27 Nov 13 at 22:20
    Brett Evans15In 5 days ago. I did put the cheat codes for the beginning already and I got two achievements is now unlocked is Your Cheat Very Big and Your Mail is on your desk. And then without a glitch, without getting fixed and without everything in it or something like that. In 3 days ago. I choose Ancient City Bonus Level right here in the middle of the second circle. I put Super Scream on with extra. I did use Willie and there are 7 glass in it. There are 3 glass here on three guys and hold B to destroy glass Then go to left a little further and then press A to jump. And then, there are 4 glass right inside and hold B again to destroy glass again. What do you do is go to quit and start over and over again probably 3 to 5 times or 3 to 7 times. And finally I got achievement is now unlocked is Trouble with her is the noise. In 2 days ago. I did I got the last character is Han Solo and finally I got two achievements in now unlocked is You Chose....Wisely. and Fortune and Glory Kid. I did just one to get 100% I guess. Thanks for let me know about it.
    Posted by Brett Evans15 on 18 Jul 18 at 14:45
    Iron Man TStarkWhich one is parcel 2?
    Posted by Iron Man TStark on 03 Aug 19 at 10:49
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