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Big in Japan

Beat the whiplash course without getting wet

Big in Japan-0.3
17 November 2019 - 5 guides

Achievement Guide for Big in Japan

  • Teriyaki TejTeriyaki Tej570,760 570,760 GamerScore
    16 Jun 2016 16 Jun 2016 16 Jun 2016
    94 21 19
    If anyone is struggling with this, use the Wheel Goat Modifier. Using the special allows you to freeze the course so it is just a case of jumping across. Don't forget to re-engage time before passing through the finish gate other wise it will not count the course has been done.

    The Wheel mutation can be found in the MMO DLC by getting the "Wheel Goat" achievement.
    14 Jun 2016 15 Jun 2016 16 Jun 2016
    48 4 8
    For this achievement you need to complete the whiplash course on the Goat Z map with out falling. To make it easier for you I would recommend spawning before the outbreak. Now this course is basically a total wipeout course, it is located at the port and the start of the course is a the top of the stairs. The actual course is really easy except for the first and last spinning wheel. As a tip for the first spinning wheel I made sure to jump when one of the pads was at the top of the screen and that seemed to make me die the least times, and for the last one try to stay at the edge of the pads as much as you can as some of the area can't be reached by the spinning pillar.

    *edit credit timmie271 and Dwaggienite This achievement can be done in slow motion and is strongly recommended to be done with this as it makes it much easier

    Please note that this achievement is a lot about luck and timing, it may take you a few attempts before completing it but you will get there in the end but if you would like to see a video guide for this I have included my guide below.

  • Omega DeezOmega Deez1,202,562
    15 Jun 2016 10 Dec 2016 03 Sep 2017
    14 1 0
    I used the Double Jump and Wheel Goat mutators for the Big in Japan achievement.

    The Wheel Goat mutator freezes time and stops all of the moving obstacles from actually moving taking them out of the equation. You have to freeze time after you start the course and unfreeze it before you cross the finish line for it to count though. You use the cn_Y button to control time.

    The first part of the video below shows where to get the Wheel Goat mutator if needed. The Whiplash course starts at 3:10.

  • misterced12misterced12388,403
    29 Nov 2016 30 Nov 2016
    11 4 9
    the best and easy way to unlock this achievement is ......
    just pass de starting gate and double jump and fly to the final gate, the achievement will pop when you pass the final gate !
    not necessary to do the entire course

    use double jump and angel goat mutators
  • ciegcieg755,861
    21 Oct 2017 21 Oct 2017
    4 0 0
    So I got it with a big streak of luck! Made it to the last red rotating wheel before the end and it smacked me off the course by the finish but still onto the ground. I got up and walked back through the finish a BAM! Achievement Unlocked!
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