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Craft all items in one game

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Achievement Guide for Survivalist

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    Recommended Mutators: Angel Goat, Double Jump, Casual Goat, No Hunger Goat

    Crafting items is as simple as dragging items to a crafting station by licking them. As soon as both items are on, they'll be consumed. Because of this, be careful when taking the Sugar Pack, as it'll combine with anything.

    Additionally, be careful of headbutting while you're taking an item to a crafting station, especially if you have a one-time item like the various signs. If you accidentally headbutt it, it could go flying and it's as good as gone.

    I'd also recommend doing the vehicles last; I don't know why, but any time I built all three, the game would crash shortly thereafter. It could be superstition, but be forewarned.

    The three stations are:
    1) On the street you spawn.
    2) Behind the mall, next to the barn all boarded up.
    3) Next to Studio 1, up the hill to the right of the mall.

    Gumball Machine: Inside the spawn crafting station.
    Beer Bong: Behind the spawn station house.

    Twig Man: Inside the main circus tent, on the back row of the bleachers behind the elephant.
    Wedding Cake: Behind the spawn station house.

    The Relaxer
    Vial of Goo: Inside the fortune teller's tent at the circus.
    Broken Minifun: On the table in the spawn crafting station.

    The Antiquer
    Mousetrap: Against the wall of the spawn crafting station.
    Bag of Flour: Behind the spawn station house.

    Mind Controller
    Boombox: Facing the fortune teller's tent, double jump and you'll see a red cave in the mountain behind it. The boombox is inside on the right.
    Crystal Ball: Inside the fortune teller's tent at the circus.

    Goat SimulatorThe Goa'th amendmentThe The Goa'th amendment achievement in Goat Simulator worth 86 pointsCraft all the weapons in one game

    Crowd Control
    Barrel: Exit the barn crafting station and hug the left wall to find a barrel. For some reason, only this barrel works.
    Baked Beans: Exit the barn crafting station and go to the left of the construction site. To the left of a giant ball is a fence; jump over it or plow through the hole, then immediately look right to see baked beans next to a trash can.

    Edible Food
    Sugar Pack: First floor of the mall, first store on the left, behind the bags of flour.
    Any crafting item will combine with the sugar pack to make Edible Food. I prefer to use one of the various Broken Minifuns lying around, but just make sure you don't use one of the signs.

    Bumper Car
    Studio Light: Inside Studio 1, there are lights on top of large poles with the sides flared out like an X. It has to be these ones, the others lying around that don't have the additional sides don't work.
    Road Block: Exit the studio crafting station to the right, past Studio 1. There are three road blocks on the right just past it.

    Torch: Exit the barn crafting station to the left and you'll see people protesting alien presence. There are torches all along a murky well.
    Twig Man: Enter Studio 1 and stay to the left. Go up some stairs and there is a twig man on a purple couch to your left.

    Skate Sign: Exit the studio crafting station to the right. Continue past Studio 1, and on the right is a skate park. The sign is on top of a building behind the right side of the skate park.
    Plank: The barricades at both ends of the street from the spawn crafting station have several planks in them.

    Sweet Ride
    Furiously Fast Neon Sign: Exit the studio crafting station to the right. Continue past Studio 1, and on the right is a skate park. The sign is on a building to the left before the skate park.
    Road Block: You had to pass the road blocks to get that sign.

    NOTE: This frequently glitched on me. As soon as I brought the second item in, I would be forced into the floor, the game would start lagging, until I suddenly respawned at the church. Any time I pressed Y, it would open the crafting blueprint, whether I was at a crafting station or not. To fix this, I had to go back to the station I built the Sweet Ride. Just entering and exiting fixed the Y issue.

    Home Security
    Stand: In Studio 1, there are stage lights on very tall poles. These poles are the stands you need.
    Baked Beans: In Studio 2, in the very back there is a cooking show. There are baked beans to the left and right, but the camera changes as you get closer, so you may need to cause a bit of carnage to get them somewhere a bit easier to pick up.

    Shelter for Goats
    Home Sweet Home Sign: From the barn crafting station, go behind the house to see a path leading up a hill towards the church where you spawn in normal mode. While facing the church, look to the left to see a tombstone. Headbutt it and it should be a Secretive Tombstone. This opens the church; the sign is inside, to the right, on the front of the altar. This is a one of a kind item, don't lose it to the zombies outside!
    Plank: The barricades at both ends of the street from the spawn crafting station have several planks in them.

    All fashion requires a Fashion item. The two easiest places to find it are the first floor of the mall, second store on the right behind the right window, and Studio 2 has shirts hanging up that count as Fashion.

    Sneaking Boots
    The Moon: Inside Studio 2, there's a moon prop against the middle of the left wall on a star backdrop.

    Realist Tail
    Pack of Nails: Across from the barn crafting station is a construction site. Packs of nails will be strewn about, looking like opened boxes.

    Makeshift Backpack
    Fan: Exit the spawn crafting station turning right. Go down the street and turn right, you'll see a vendor stand with a fan on it.

    Journeying Scarf
    Toilet Paper: Second floor of the mall, back right, men's bathroom, visible from the entrance.
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