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The Icelandic Experience

It never erupts when you want it to.

The Icelandic Experience0
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    26 Jun 2016 27 Jun 2016
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    For this achievement all you need to do is take a ride on the geyser when the water comes flowing out. The geyser can be found by following the map towards old goat mountain but when you get to the beach instead of turning right go left. You should find a goat walking into it. The easiest way I found to get this achievement is to use the anti-gravity and double jump mutator, then double jump over the geyser then activate the anti-gravity the geyser should then fire within a few seconds and your achievement should pop. *please note you cant just stand in the geyser and wait as it won't fire while you wait there*

    If you would like a guide of how to find the geyser or a video guide for the whole achievement I have included my video guide below.

  • FQXFQX212,370
    18 Jun 2016 18 Jun 2016
    33 0 0
    Go to Glarblargle beach, turn off any mutators you have except for 'Angel Goat' and 'Double jump'.

    Find the little geyser and stand in the middle. Now double jump and hold Y to hover, the geyser will erupt, and launch you up in the air. That's all.
  • DwaggieniteDwaggienite2,130,915
    15 Jun 2016 15 Jun 2016 28 Jun 2016
    39 8 2
    When I tried to do this, when I waited on the geyser like the other solution suggests, it NEVER erupted. So what I did, I pressed cn_start and used the 'double jump' mutator with nothing else.

    Stand to the edge of the geyser. It will explode every 2 to 4 seconds.. It'll take a couple of attempts, but use the double jump to jump over the geyser's spout when you think it's going to erupt. Make sure you don't touch the sandy area around the spout or it'll cancel the upcoming eruption.

    The geyser itself is at the south west of the map, just south south east of the firey castle area.
  • Mr GrenedaMr Greneda348,937
    14 Jun 2016 15 Jun 2016
    11 1 2
    Go to the beach on the left side from the map. There is a little geyser. Step on it and wait a little bit. When the water comes out you fly in fhe air and then it plops up.
    26 Jun 2016 21 Jul 2016
    8 0 2
    Simple way to get this. make sure you have the wheel of time mutator, then when the geyser blows with water hit the Y button to stop time, enter the geyser and it will blow you in the air and press Y again to start time again and the achievement will pop in the air.
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