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One Better achievement in Rocket League

One Better

Increase the level of a Certified Item

One Better0
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How to unlock the One Better achievement

    26 Jun 2016 25 Jun 2016 06 Dec 2017
    -Unlock a Certified item by playing online against real people. You can unlock a certified item playing by yourself or with friends. i have unlocked two of them. one solo and one in 3v3 in a XBL party
    (no exhibition or private matches)

    -Check to make sure your item is in fact "Certified" by going back to the main screen and selecting "Garage" and then "Manage inventory"

    -Select the specific item by scrolling over to it. You should see "Certified" on the right hand side. it will be underneath the name and the rarity descriptions.

    -Just below and next to "Certified" they have descriptions AND names attached to it.

    -The levels are not numbers. They are what the item is NAMED. and how you get your achievement

    -1st level should read- Play maker
    -2nd level should read-Capable Victor
    -3rd level should read -Veteran

    -To level up your item you MUST play online (no exhibition or private matches) with the item actually equipped on your vehicle AND do what your specific item requires such as score long goals,turtle goals,MVP,epic saves ect. Each one is different so just make sure and check it out before playing with it equipped.


    -You CANNOT level up the certified item in exhibition mode or in private matches. its has been tested and confirmed.

    -Once you have leveled up your item one time and got this achievement "one better"
    make sure and go to your dash and quit the game, using the 3 line button on your controller select quit and then start the game up again. It is possible to skip the process of reaching veteran and it may just unlock the achievement "Certifiable" if you are lucky. This is what happened with me.

    -Just because its a mariachi hat that does not mean you will have long goals like i do.The item itself can have different goals/objectives. To put it simply. i have a certified mariachi hat and my buddy has a certified one and i have long goals and he has epic saves.

    The goals/objectives are different so make sure and read them and understand them that way you are going for the correct objective.

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    PirS92Good way to trade items is Xbox groups. There s plenty of people willing to trade. That’s how I got my certified item
    Posted by PirS92 On 10 Oct 21 at 23:09
    Roose91I only 'Certified' items I seem to get are blueprints which then cost credits to create and thus use.

    Is this always the case now or can you get 'Certified' items ready to use?

    I remember playing when the game came out and you got items near enough every match. It now seems incredibly grindy to unlock anything.
    Posted by Roose91 On 08 Jul 22 at 15:02
    Rixxalightyou can unlock or trade items in for them to be certified got my first Certed one a few days ago but is a horrid goal to do
    Posted by Rixxalight On 09 Aug 22 at 15:36
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  • Llamaman2Llamaman2
    08 Apr 2017 27 Mar 2017
    Once you have a certified item, here are the leveling requirements to achieve a rank up. The requirements for the first three levels for each type of certified item are listed below.

    Title / Task / Capable => Skilfull => Veteran

    Acrobat / Bicycle Goals / 25 => 50 => 100
    Aviator / Aerial Goals / 25 => 50 => 100
    Goalkeeper / Saves / 25 => 50 => 100
    Guardian / Epic Saves / 25 => 50 => 100
    Juggler / Juggles / 25 => 50 => 100
    Paragon / MVP / 10 => 25 => 50
    Playmaker / Assists / 25 => 50 => 100
    Scorer / Goals / 25 => 50 => 100
    Show/Off / Backwards Goals / 25 => 50 => 100
    Sniper / Long Goals / 25 => 50 => 100
    Striker / Shots On Goal / 50 => 100 => 200
    Sweeper / Clear Balls / 50 => 100 => 200
    Tactician / Center Balls / 50 => 100 => 200
    Turtle / Turtle Goals / 25 => 50 => 100
    Victor / Wins / 10 => 25 => 50
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    djgrew75Thank you very much for the list. What the heck are turtle goals? Slow goals?
    Posted by djgrew75 On 05 Apr 17 at 08:59
    Llamaman2Goals scored while upside down (like a turtle on its back). They're pretty rare from what I've seen and tough to pull off
    Posted by Llamaman2 On 05 Apr 17 at 20:58
  • Mario04253101Mario04253101
    08 May 2021 08 May 2021 08 May 2021
    Whoever sees this, congrats you found the easiest way to get this achievement (other than trading). Not many people know this, but the Rocket League item shop occasionally stocks certified items. For example, on the day I'm posting this there is currently a Striker and Playmaker certified item in the shop. This makes this achievement SO much easier. Now all you have to do it wait for an easy certified item to pop into the item shop, and you can scoop it up. Plus, they aren't even that expensive. The two from today cost only 100 credits. Good luck!

    EDIT: This also applies to painted items as well they can also be found in the item shop if you are missing that achievement.
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    ManualShelf8771Thanks for the advice
    Posted by ManualShelf8771 On 13 Jun 21 at 19:36
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