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Eliminate 10 enemies without dying.

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Achievement Guide for Overkill

  • Sir VegemiteSir Vegemite605,391
    01 Jul 2016 01 Jul 2016 02 Jul 2016
    51 1 9
    Very easy to do, head into TRAININGS and select OFFLINE TEAM DEATHMATCH. You will be against bots. Very easy to rack up a 10 killstreak.

    Don't forget to pick up their orbs to regain health. Or you could hold down cn_B for self healing. *Thanks to ProjectJeff85 for the tip*
  • ArpyAndMoonieArpyAndMoonie585,516
    01 Aug 2016 01 Aug 2016
    5 0 0
    Here is a video based on Sir Vegemite's solution

    AIs arent that good but make sure to stay back and watch your health

    Took me around 5 mins to get the achievement

  • Myckel JayMyckel Jay217,946
    03 Dec 2019 03 Dec 2019 03 Dec 2019
    0 0 0 New
    An easy way to get this achievement is in Offline Team Deathmatch.
    From the main menu, click on Play, then Training, then Offline Team Deathmatch.

    Each match lasts 5 minutes, or until a team reaches 20 kills. So if you average 2 kills per minute relatively quickly, you'll be just fine.
    Use any mech you want. I personally find the Vanguard Type-C Heavy helpful, as it has more health.

    The important thing for the achievement is obviously not to die. So pay attention to your health and press and hold cn_B when it's safe to heal. Another thing to pay attention to is your kill streak, displayed in the top left of your health bar.
    Each yellow skull = 1 kill
    Each blue skull = 5 kills

    Once you get 10 kills without dying, the achievement will unlock. Good luck!
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