Credits Will Do Fine achievement in LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Credits Will Do Fine

Collect 2,000,000,000 LEGO Studs

28 Jun 2016 until 27 Sep 2016

Credits Will Do Fine
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How to unlock the Credits Will Do Fine challenge

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    The key to earning studs is to farm them. The best place I've found for this is on the Millenium Falcon, at the table with the Dejarik Battle. This is a horde mode type game. (I didn't notice this until after I finished the story, but it may be there sooner. The only videos I can find online seem to show the battle as unlocked after the story is finished, so you may need to go through all of those missions first.)

    With no red bricks activated (no multipliers, no stud magnet), I made the following video where I earned 600,000 in one run. With multipliers on, I earned over 3 billion, easily enough to buy everything, and earn this challenge. BB-8 is key, since he can run fast enough to pick most of them up before they disappear.

    Here are where the multiplier studs are:
    2x - Chapter 4 - 1,000,000 studs
    4x - Chapter 8 - 2,000,000
    6x - Chapter 5 - 3,000,000
    8x - Chapter 3 - 4,000,000
    10x - Jakku - Lor San Tekka's Return - 5,000,000
    *You can use BB-8 to jump down behind the Admiral Ackbar pool to reach this. Thanks to kintaris for pointing this out!

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    the jeffmeisterWhere is this located on the Falcon and how do you activate it? I can't find this. I have not completed all levels yet, currently on mission 5. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Posted by the jeffmeister on 05 Jul 16 at 00:20
    SashamorningIf it's unlocked (and having finished the game, I don't remember the requirements), you'll be able to access it from the galaxy menu on the Falcon. If you're on the Falcon, it's at the table next to the Galaxy map.

    You may not have gone far enough into the game or earned enough gold bricks yet. I just don't know. But once you do unlock it, all your stud problems will be over.
    Posted by Sashamorning on 05 Jul 16 at 00:25
    kintarisQuick tip - you don't need Admiral Ackbar for the 10x Red Brick. You can jump down behind the Ackbar pool and complete the mini game with BB-8.
    Posted by kintaris on 20 Jul 16 at 22:56
    SashamorningAh, nice to know. Thanks!
    Posted by Sashamorning on 21 Jul 16 at 03:41
    OneChicago51I thought I had finished the story and this was locked until I was walking around the hangar place and noticed the epilogue I think it was. Then the story was complete and this unlocked. Had no idea that hangar mission was there until I walked into the blue icon and it started automatically
    Posted by OneChicago51 on 28 Jul 16 at 08:30
    SashamorningYeah, I didn't notice it until after the story. Pretty sure that's where you get it. Then it's CAKE!
    Posted by Sashamorning on 28 Jul 16 at 18:28
    XtowersI'm on chapter 8 and the minigame isn't unlocked yet, but I'll confirm it when I finish the story.
    Posted by Xtowers on 18 Sep 16 at 14:50
    XtowersConfirmed that you must beat the main story through the epilogue for the minigame to unlock. Great solution!
    Posted by Xtowers on 19 Sep 16 at 11:53
    c36dWas this a time specific one? I have over 4,000,000,000 and it still won't unlock.
    Posted by c36d on 01 Dec 16 at 18:41
    XtowersYes, that's correct. Nobody can earn this now.
    Posted by Xtowers on 01 Dec 16 at 18:58
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