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The Beast Below achievement in Tom Clancy's The Division

The Beast Below

Reach Underground Rank 40.

The Beast Below0
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How to unlock the The Beast Below achievement

  • goldyman77goldyman77383,598
    23 Jul 2016 23 Jul 2016 06 Dec 2016
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    Getting to level 40 is a grind that takes many hours no matter how you do it. The only ways to level up are to complete an operation and to collect the 80 pieces of intel, which you'll be collecting as you play. Each intel gives you 200XP and is located right near the resupply box in the middle of every phase you do (there will always be 1 for 1 phase 2 for 2 and 3 for 3). Simply press back when you find the supply box to determine the intel location, though do note that if you only need photos or audio logs that you must wait for the intel to be a photo or an audio log

    Once you've picked up the 80th piece of intel, you can officially then only get XP from completing the entire operation. If you all die during a phase even if you've completed 1 or 2 phases within the operation, you will still get 0 XP. Killing enemies in the underground and the "increased kill XP" stat on gear also don't count toward your rank either

    (NOTE: If only 1 player is remaining, run away and let everybody else quit the game and restart. When they sign in from the main menu it will put them directly back into the operation at the start of that particular phase and you'll just need to run back to where you were. This works if for any reason your game happens to glitch or your team dies)

    Each level from 1-39 you will receive a sealed cache when you level up. When you go from rank 39 to 40, you get the B.L.I.N.D. gear set and the ability to purchase 229 weapons and 268 gear from the UG vendor, though no sealed cache

    The most XP you can possibly earn for an operation is 9,500XP for a 3 phase heroic with 5 directives on, though beware this is essentially unheard of to even the most elite players and something you will almost surely not be doing to level up

    The fastest way to level up I've found is to do Hard operations with 3 phases and 5 directives, which will net you 6,000 XP per run and take about a half hour each. To do this, the leader must be at least lvl 35 and all other players can be whatever level (either matchmake or go to LFG as a low UG level). Additionally, ALWAYS skip any scene that tells you to 'investigate' or 'locate' anything until you've actually arrived at the objective and the timer disappears as this will speed your very repetitious runs up dramatically (NOTE: The XP rate is the same for 2 phases as it is for 3, so at lvl 30 you'll officially hit the per phase XP cap. The only benefit of the extra phase is spending ever so slightly less time in loading screens between operations)

    In case you haven't leveled far yet, keep in mind that for a hard 2 phase with 3 directives will net you 2,880XP, 3,400XP for 4, and 4,000XP for all 5. This figure will simply have 2,000XP added to it for if you play a 3 phase

    To get directives it's best to let someone else be the leader and spend their intel while you accumulate your own. Each phase will give you 1 directive intel when you kill the boss, so remember that when you're running 5 directives that the leader is still losing 2-3 directives each run instead of gaining them depending on if you're doing 2 or 3 phases. Also, each day you can complete 1 hard operation for 10 phoenix credits and 1 directive intel as well as a challenge operation for 20 phoenix credits and 3 directive intel (they stack if you do it on challenging for 4 intel and 30 phoenix credits)

    NOTE: XP required to level up has changed following a patch to the game. Thus, it will take less XP to level up and you'll be able to get this achievement several hours faster now

    Best of luck to all grinding this achievement. Hope this guide helps speed things up for you and let me know if there's anything else I can add!

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    CRT JEDIMARKGod I hate this fucking game, in my 25 years of gaming I think this is the worst fucking shit I have ever played, Fuck Ubisoft.,, anyway. what kind of Gear, DPS, stat do I need to do this on Tier 5 Hard? or whatever the fuck is called
    Posted by CRT JEDIMARK on 18 Mar 17 at 09:48
    ReptarOnIce3000Did they increase the requirements again? Level 22-23 takes me 8000 XP...People are saying 35-40 is supposed to be 6000 per level.
    Posted by ReptarOnIce3000 on 14 Mar 19 at 05:20
    James HoskinYes they must have increased the requirements. I just did it, and to get from level 39 to level 40 took around 20,000 XP.

    For what it's worth, it took me 124 phases to collect all the intel and 133 phases to get to level 40.
    Posted by James Hoskin on 15 Oct 20 at 17:56
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  • Tired RevokerTired Revoker731,633
    27 Feb 2017 27 Feb 2017
    28 0 2
    If your gear score is around 256 and you are trying to rank up fast by yourself and do not care much for a loot set the world level (introduced with patch 1.4) to 2 and play on hard. The experience you get for completing the run is lower if compared to completing on world level 5 but one phase operation takes between 5-10min instead of 20+ minutes. Once you unlock all modifiers make sure to take advantage of them as well, same applies to multi phases. I was able to run 3 phase run with 4 modifiers in 20 minutes. That gave me ~5750 experience, which basically means one rank per completion, which translates to ~4-5 ranks in one hour. More importantly you do it lone wolf and don’t have to waste time looking for players.
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    jonycaliforniaGood guide
    Posted by jonycalifornia on 08 Apr 20 at 07:10
    xCRiMZoNxThis made levelling up so much quicker! Thank you!
    Posted by xCRiMZoNx on 08 Jan at 14:52
  • KinjoTheTakenKinjoTheTaken526,889
    02 Aug 2016 08 Jul 2016
    33 18 12
    Essentially, reaching rank 40 is a simple process of gaining Underground xp in order to level up. Unfortunately this is a painstaking grind due to the lack of variation in your objectives and will force you into repeating the same missions over and over again.

    luckily there are ways to increase the xp you get from missions to make it go a little quicker, these are the "tricks" im using:

    -play with a partner on hard. Hard mode increases the xp gained and is quick and easy with a partner.

    -place 3 directives on your phases. Each directive adds 50 xp onto your mission xp, so adding these onto hard mode missions which still is easy to complete with a partner, doing solo will take a little longer. You open up more directive slots as you increase in rank.

    -play missions with 2 phases. Phases gives you additional objectives and once complete increases your mission xp, stack these with directives and hard mode with a partner and each mission will b around 15 mins and will get upwards of around 800++ xp minimum and atleast 1-2 green gear items.

    im currently rank 19 and find these tips the fastest way, as playing missions on normal only gives you basic xp, but if u wanna do it solo then playing on normal with 3 directives will still get u atleast 650xp per single phase mission which isn't bad.
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    Shred Asics 13^agreed. I really wish you could partially earn XP for each phase and then get a bonus or something if you complete the whole thing.

    My ISP went down during the last few waves of Heroic Phase 3. I mean, at least I got to keep some gear but what a waste.
    Posted by Shred Asics 13 on 22 Jul 16 at 13:38
    SiegfriedXYes, I had the entire team receive a delta error once, I've seen the elevator door simply not open no matter what, people getting stuck on a ladder and not able to move anymore... Playing 3 phases is just increasing the odds of wasting your time.

    I'm almost done with this one though, 37.000 XP left. Really hoping they have learned the lesson with this horrible DLC and change things for the next one. Achievements should always be fun to get, not a pain in the ass to unlock. Everyone I talk to, no matter how much they liked the game before agrees this DLC is horrible.
    Posted by SiegfriedX on 24 Jul 16 at 06:07
    KanchanaburiI agree, this DLC level 40 was bullshit. It doubled the length of completion for a single f**king acheivement. Hard becomes boring, and is only worth the time with 5 directives which then put a risk that isn't worth the reward (for the acciedental failures) and challnging IS a serious increase with only a guarantee of 240 gear but a serious chance of failing from simple mistakes. heroic.... waste of time for XP, and even for gear since ranking up will giving you gear faster than successfully playing heroic.
    Posted by Kanchanaburi on 15 Aug 16 at 21:42
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