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Lemon Pellets in Mighty No. 9 (Xbox 360)

Lemon Pellets43 (15)

Defeat all Mighty Numbers with only normal attacks.

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Basically you must defeat each of the 8 mighty numbers with your default weapon, the megabuster. This can be tricky but you can use a few things to your advantage, namely recover boosts. Overall, most are quite manageable, but if you do need a little extra help you can kill yourself repeatedly and you will receive more and better items from patch, the most helpful in this case being damage, defense, and recover boosts. If done properly, you can walk into a boss fight with 2 recover boosts in stock: 1 from patch, and the other by absorbing enough enemies. These should help carry you through some of the more difficult fights. That being said I'll try to outline their attacks and how to deal with them as best I can. I would also like to note that most bosses attacks can be cancelled with a well timed absorb. I may throw extra info in that aren't attacks per se.

Pyrogen: This guy essentially has 3 attacks, and an instakill ability. Mostly just pay attention to the animation he's doing. Also note there are damaging pillars of fire at the edges of the screen.
1)He will put one arm on the ground similar to a gorilla and then charge you leaving pillars of fire in his wake. Back up, then jump dash over him and all of the pillars.
2)He yells "crush" and charges at you and does a bellyflop with an explosion. Waits till he gets close enough to do the move and quickly run and dash away from him.
3)He yells out "here it comes" and charges at you, exploding when he gets close. Same as 2. Wait till hes close enough to do the move then run and dash away.
4)At half health he jumps to the foreground and starts glowing blue, be very careful in this form. If he touches you, it will grab you and instakill you. Also to note is when he first does this you won't be able to hear him call out moves so pay attention to his animation.

Cryosphere: The main thing here is trying not to get frozen, and she has several ways of freezing you. I'll break it down into 4 attacks.
1) If at any time you get frozen, she turns herself into an icy spike ball and tries to crush you. This is devastating. Immediately wiggle the directions and mash jump then dash to safety as soon as you recover.
2)She flies around on a jetstream that she tries to freeze you with. Getting caught as it freezes usually leads to the blocks and her falling on you and attack #1. Simply dash through it quickly so as not to be caught when it freezes.
3)From atop the stack of frozen blocks from attack 2, she will fire a series of ice shots at you. One type sticks and is fairly easy to dodge, the other type bounces and you must run under or jump over. I usually keep my distance so I have more time to react.
4)At half health she hovers back and forth on her jet stream throwing a stream of ice up and down. Wait for your opening, then slide under it.

Dynatron: Other than simple movement patterns, she basically only has one attack, but divided into 3 parts.
1) She throws basically a bunch of sticky knives in your general direction. There are 2 or 3 patterns, none really hard to dodge, and they don't do any direct damage. I suggest trying to get her to throw them at the wall so you can destroy them. If you do get stuck with one, quickly wiggle the stick and mash jump to shake it off. Keep in mind you can fire at the ground by holding rt and pressing x.
2)After she throws out a bunch of attack 1 she will move to the side and shoot a lightning attack that connects to every one of the sticky knives on screen, and usually moves down which moves the lightning with it. If you can't absorb her out of the attack or destroy all the knives, try to find a safe zone in between the knives somewhere.
3)I believe after half health some of her throwing knives glow blue. When these get shocked they fire an electric ball in each direction that you will have to avoid. It's best if you can destroy these before that.
4)At half health she gets an electric shield around herself which you must shoot to destroy. I've never been hit by this so I don't know if it has any secondary effects other than contact damage.

Seismic: This guy has 4 attacks and can be a bit difficult with just the megabuster because he drops a bunch of boxes in your way that you usually have to destroy to get a shot at him.
1)He says something like "watch the head" idk. Hard to make out. But then shoots 2 drill arms across the screen. You want to jump over the first one and dash to the wall to grab a ledge, then jump to the higher ledge to dodge the second.
2)He yells "coming through" then charges back and forth with a little blue shield in front of him. Just jump over him.
3)He will do a ground pound causing boxes to fall. You can see markers at the top of the screen where they will land. There will be 2 open squares. One where the boss is, and the other for you to stand in.
4)Usually after 3 he will reach an arm up and get a huge Boulder to throw at you. Jump on the boxes and jump over it.
5)At half health 2 pillars come down at the sides that will instakill crush you if you're caught. Get center screen.

Battalion: My best strategy for this guy involves jumping over him and shooting him in the back. It's just a matter of anticipating if he's going to jump or if he's going to shoot. Other than jumping he has 5 attacks, one being an instakill.
1)He jumps in the air and yells "death from above" or "air support" as he fires an arc of bullets starting towards the ground and moving up. You have to slide under him before the bullets hit.
2)He yells "fire at will" and shoots 4 rockets along the ground at you that shoot towards the roof when you jump over. I've had success jump dashing over them quick enough.
3)He yells "suppressing fire" and fires 4 bullets straight then 4 bullets diagonally up. 3 ways, first isn't good. Jump near the wall over the first couple then dashing towards the wall to stay under the top 4. Second you could slide under the first 4 and get a fine play and that's it, but you're still in the way of a follow-up and you need the space to slide under without hitting him. Third is to immediately jump dash over him and my preference.
4) At half health he fires his rocket across the screen that will instakill you. Immediately jump over or slide under it with down RB.
5)If you don't end the battle fast enough after he shoots his rocket he will detonate it. I believe you can dodge it by being on the opposite side of the screen when it goes off. I don't know if that's an instakill or not but I'm pretty sure it's at least big damage.

Aviator: Utilize the air vents and ledges. They're there for a reason. This guy has 4 attacks, and I believe an instakill.
1)He says "boss at large" and swoops down back and forth while a robot moves back and forth. This is your best chance to hit him with megabuster. You're safe if you stand on the middle platform, or you can stand on back of a side platform and blast away which will stun the robot as well.
2) He says "boss attacks Beck" and comes from the top or bottom of the screen shooting bullets. Hang from the opposite side ledge. Then he says "twice" and does it again. Same thing.
3) He flies overhead dropping bombs. I stand on the middle platform then dash directly at the side platform he came from to hang on that ledge as he drops bombs where I was.
4) At half health he goes to the back ground then fires bullets at you followed by a charge straight at you. I believe the charge is an instakill, but not the bullets. Stand on the left platform far side. Just before bullets hit you jump over and dash twice to the right platform, then quickly twice back to the left and the charge should miss.

Brandish: Personally I'm terrible at fighting him and would say this is the hardest of the mighty numbers. Other than movement I think he has 5 attacks. The best thing I can say is keep some distance for reaction time.
1)He jumps in the air and does a diagonal slash toward you. Can either dash backwards, or under it.
2)I think he powers up his swords with a blue aura, then he jumps in the air and does a circular slash in the air. Same as #1. Dash backwards, or underneath.
3)I believe he powers up his swords like in #2, but he does a kind of whirlwind lunging attack straight at you. Jump and dash over.
4)He has a slide attack somewhat similar to a dash. Just jump and dash over.
5)At half health he jumps off screen and does a series of slashes across it. It's hard to avoid. I start slightly off center screen. Run to the wall to dodge the vertical, jump over the first horizontal, then dash a few times to dodge 3-5 slashes. Slide with down RB to dodge the last horizontal and vertical cross.

Countershade: He's not bad if you play it safe. Stay in the bottom middle until you see where he appears then try to get into a safe position, preferably behind him. The center of the chandelier is also generally safe but standing there has caused me to be hit a few times. He only only has 3 attacks I know of.
1)He shoots a stream of bullets that follow a guide line. Stay out of the line. Behind him is always safe from fire, if he's in the top corners I think the bottom corners were safe if I recall.
2)He throws out some targeting orbs then fires a stream of bullets that home on you from a particular orb. Basically same avoiding method as #1, but watch which orb is tracking you.
3)At half health he throws out some orbs and does a special targeting shot. He is invulnerable during this. Just keep circling the chandelier and don't stop to avoid it.
**Also note after half health he puts out a hologram to throw you off. Shoot the more solid looking one. No penalty for shooting the wrong one, bullets just go through it.

That's about it. If you have anything I missed or find something to be incorrect please let me know and I will try to fix it as soon as possible.
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