A Year In The Life achievement in Alto's Adventure (Win 10)

A Year In The Life

Snowboard for 365 in-game days (cumulative).

A Year In The Life+0.7
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How to unlock the A Year In The Life achievement

  • eduartseduarts261,455
    14 Jul 2016 17 Jul 2016
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    I found this solution: when your snowboard get stuck in the snow, watch the video to make another attempt. After the count, keep active the game screen and do not click on anything (otherwise, your character will run again). In this way, the character will be waiting for you to start trying while the game time will continue to run. Keep the computer on this game screen for as long as necessary to increase the length of days played to reach this achievement.

    NOTE: You MUST end the run at anytime to confirm the length of days you gained, otherwise you will lose the time you spent (quite the run going to the main menu).

    PT BR:
    encontrei esta solução: quando cair da prancha, assista ao video para ganhar nova tentativa, após a contagem, mantenha a tela do jogo ativa e não clique em nada (do contrario, seu personagem irá correr novamente). Desta maneira, o personagem ficará esperando você recomeçar a tentativa enquanto o tempo do jogo continuará a correr. Mantenha o computador ligado nesta tela do jogo por quanto tempo for necessário para aumentar a duração de dias jogados para alcançar esta conquista.

    NOTA: Você precisa terminar uma corrida para poder confirmar os dias passados, do contrário irá perder todos os dias acumulados.

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    ChizzyDoes the game have to be the active window or can I minimize it?
    Posted by Chizzy on 18 Jul 16 at 11:33
    eduartsOnly works on the active window.
    Posted by eduarts on 18 Jul 16 at 11:51
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    27 Jul 2016 19 Jul 2016
  • Chris8875Chris8875615,214
    03 Nov 2016 19 Jul 2016 16 Aug 2016
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    For those of us who have used Auto Hotkey in the past (perhaps on Make It Rain!) there's a nice little piece of script that will help you macro this achievement.

    Auto Hotkey can be found here if you don't have it: https://autohotkey.com/

    Download, then go to your desktop, right click and select "NEW". When the different file options appear, choose "New Auto Hotkey file".

    You should be able to edit in some new script via Notepad.

    The script to enter is as follows:


    If (toggle := !toggle)
    SetTimer, Timer, -1

    while toggle
    Sleep, 450
    Save this file to your desktop (file name really doesn't matter) and close.

    Double click on the file to set the script running, then open Alto's Adventure.

    Now, what the script will do is register a mouse click every 0.45 seconds. All you have to do is get the game started, then move the mouse to the bottom right corner of the game window (where "Play Again" appears after a run down the slopes) and hit F12 to start the script.

    You'll notice your skiier jumping every 0.45 seconds, which I've found is a really good interval to allow you to get 1000m down the slope at least half the time. Sometimes you'll fail after 300m, other times you'll go 3000m.

    importantly, the script can be started by hitting F12, and it can be stopped by hitting F 12.

    This is important because after every 5-7 runs down the slopes, an advertisement will play in the Alto's Adventure game window. If you don't stop the script, you'll end up clicking on a download button and end up in the Windows Store.

    It is unlikely you'll purchase a game (most of the time you'll end up auto-clicking on the gallery and looking at a picture of the game the advertisement wants you to download). But what this does is, obviously, stop you gaining metres by skiing.

    When an ad appears, hit F12. Go to the top left corner to click out of the ad and back into Alto's Adventure, start your next run, move your mouse to the bottom right corner and hit F12 to resume your script's operation.

    EDIT - 17/8/16

    An improved script for this achievement is featured in comments to another solution and comes from Palesius - I'm going to quote it below (with his permission) as it incorporates something very important - detecting and avoiding ads.

    Thanks so much Palesius - all credit to him, and thanks for reaching out and helping get the word out there:

    Palseus says ...

    Here is a slightly improved script. It will resize your window to about 1024x768 (inside dimensions), it will make you jump and restart, but it will also detect ads, wait for them, to end, and close them.

    If (toggle := !toggle)
    WinMove,Alto's Adventure,,,,1040,776
    WinActivate,Alto's Adventure
    sleep, 1000
    SetTimer, Timer, -1

    ;test found
    while toggle {
    PixelGetColor, pc, 20,50
    if pc = 0x000000
    sleep, 1000
    else if pc = 0xffffff
    mouseclick, left, 20, 50
    sleep, 1000
    mouseclick, left, 950, 710
    sleep, 450
    For Palseus' original comment, as well as an improved script from him which prioritises llama catching, refer to the comments in the

    Alto's Adventure (Win 10)Silver SurferThe Silver Surfer achievement in Alto's Adventure (Win 10) worth 656 pointsSnowboard for five in-game years (cumulative).

    solution. Again, all credit goes to Palseus.
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