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Mountain Mastery

Complete all 180 goals.

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How to unlock the Mountain Mastery achievement

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    In order to achieve Game Complete you must finish all 60 levels in the game, each level consists of 3 challenges which I will list below. Most of these are self explanatory however I will add a note for any that are not, aswell as some tips for the harder ones.

    For levels 1-10 see my guide for Maya here:
    Alto's Adventure (Win 10)Secret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Alto's Adventure (Win 10) worth 49 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    For levels 11-20 see my guide for Paz here:
    Alto's Adventure (Win 10)Secret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Alto's Adventure (Win 10) worth 94 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    For levels 21-30 see my guide for Izel here:
    Alto's Adventure (Win 10)Secret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Alto's Adventure (Win 10) worth 143 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    For levels 31-40 see my guide for Felipe here:
    Alto's Adventure (Win 10)Secret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Alto's Adventure (Win 10) worth 228 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    For levels 41-50 see my guide for Tupa here:
    Alto's Adventure (Win 10)Secret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Alto's Adventure (Win 10) worth 467 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    Once you have unlocked Tupa you should be using him for the rest of the game, why? Because Tupa has 1 extra life per run (only if you die in a chasm) as well as all the powers of the other characters (Maya's fast flips, Paz's longer sonic boom, Felipe's double jump and Izel's rocket snowboard.)

    Level 51
    • Fall into 1 chasm as Tupa - This will demonstrate Tupa's extra life ability, simply jump into the first chasm you come across and you will respawn at the other side, you only get 1 extra life per run so in the future use it wisely
    • Land a 13x combo
    • Escape 5 elders in one run – The 5th elder appears around the 19,500m mark

    Level 52
    • Double backflip to grind backflip
    • Wingsuit to rock bounce - Glide close to the ground in the wingsuit, when you come across a rock fly towards it and cancel your wingsuit, if done correctly you will bounce off the rock.
    • Land 75 backflips in one run - Pretty simple, Tupa can double jump which means you can get a backflip pretty much anywhere, simply double jump backflip and repeat, I don't think double/triple backflips count as extra backflips so keep it simple.

    Level 53
    • Jump across 15 chasms in one run
    • Smash 3 rocks in 10 seconds - Similar to Paz, Tupa has an increased sonic boom. Rocks appear more often the further you go. You should aim to do this on your jump 15 chasms run, simply land a trick or cross an ice patch and hope to smash into some rocks.
    • Collect 10 super coins in one run - The coin magnet powerup will help a lot here.

    Level 54
    • Wingsuit for 1500m in one run
    • Score 10,000 points in the first 3,000m
    • Rip 500 bunting flags in once run

    Level 55
    • Double backflip to wingsuit to grind
    • Slide on 15 ice patches in one run
    • Pick up a coin magnet 4 times in one run - This unlocked after picking up only 2 magnets for me, most of the magnets are found on ground level or after ramps.

    Level 56
    • Roof grind between 2 bunting grinds
    • Land a 14x combo
    • Smash 3 rocks with one boost - Same as level 53, travel as far as you can, land a combo, smash rocks.

    Level 57
    • Triple backflip off a grind
    • Wingsuit in-between 3 separate grinds
    • Survive for 2 days straight - For this you have to survive 15 minutes, unfortunately idling in the menu will not work for this challenge. If you are having trouble surviving in the later areas you can slow your self down a little with the wingsuit, or you could even switch to Maya for this one.

    Level 58
    • Escape 6 elders in one run - The 6th and final type of elder appears around 24,500m, and let me tell you these Elders don't mess around! If you go in range of his whacking stick he will hit you. You're better off spending most of your time in the sky with the wingsuit, keeping your speed and combos going at all times. Avoid any low grinds and rock bounces, bouncing off rocks slows you down immensely and while I've never been hit while rock bouncing it certainly feels very risky.
    • Travel 30,000m in one run - You really want to do this in your 6 elders run.
    • Land 3 triple backflips in one run - Triple backflip problems are a thing of the past, with Tupa's boosts, double jump and flipping speed you should be able to get this off of most high drops. Momentum is key here and keep your wingsuit handy incase a triple backflip is about to go wrong.

    Level 59
    • Grind to rock bounce to backflip - Similar to level 52 but with a grind first, in order to get the correct combo you will need to wingsuit onto the grind then wingsuit with no tricks onto a rock then backflip, the combo order is important here, if you get a wingsuit bonus after your grind it won't count.
    • Rock bounce to backflip 3 times in one run - Same as level 52 but 3 times in one run.
    • Land a 15x combo

    Level 60
    • Catch 3 llamas in an unbroken wingsuit flight - This can be done without the llama horn but i highly recommend using it. Simply get your wingsuit ready, ride until you get the horn powerup then glide through the stampede. Watch out for rocks though!
    • Land a 15,000 point combo
    • Score 250,000 trick points in one run - This is it, your final challenge. Same as my solution for Level 50 but with Tupa instead of Maya, simply go for high combos using the wingsuit to keep them going, upgrade your wingsuit for even higher combos too.
    An ideal combo would start with a boosted double jump off a high drop, triple backflip, wingsuit back up (cancel it with the momentum so you go higher) another triple backflip or a double if not enough space, wingsuit up again backflip and repeat until a grind spot, if you are moving slowly double jump backflip back onto the grind, at the end of the grind do another double jump backflip and land, if you have wingsuit still before you land use it, maybe you can get another grind or a rockbounce in there and keep it going even longer. And you want to keep doing this until you reach 250,000 points. It takes practice but is very doable.
    Another *untested* method would be to idle on the main menu for 250 ingame days, for every sunrise you gain 1,000 trick points but you can't see the points until you start your run and pausing will not let you continue idling. You can idle as many days as you want and gain the rest from actual tricks or do it all in one long idle session (31 hours 15 minutes realtime I believe). Once you finish idling start your run, your trick points are displayed in the top right corner, if it's at 250,000 or higher the challenge should be complete. Again this method is untested and may not even work though!
    Once you complete level 60 the achievement will pop. Congrats, you beat the game!
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    InfamousNot sure, a few of the achievements are pretty buggy atm, the Devs were pretty vigilant with patches for the first 2 weeks or so but haven't seen anything from them since. Sadly, the best advice I can give is give it some time it might just be delayed.
    Posted by Infamous on 10 Aug 16 at 17:23
    TangerineGamerReading the guides for the character unlocks makes me think I don't have the required skill level to get these achievements
    On the up-side I have found out the hotkey for toggling the wingsuit on and off (W funnily enough), I think when I get better at using that I will get better at combos etc, currently level 37

    I find that my go-to characters are Maya for flips etc. and Paz for long runs
    Posted by TangerineGamer on 05 Sep 16 at 14:41
    Kil3rlukI completed It yeasterday offline but when i log i have to do last mission again LOL !!😠 online trophies are pathetic It should be stores local Memory
    Posted by Kil3rluk on 01 Oct 16 at 09:27
    nicklkA tip for level 57.....I made it to 60% and needed to go somewhere, and I paused it. Came back and challenge was completed.
    Posted by nicklk on 04 Oct 16 at 17:30
    ChooseMyFateSave Issues?

    For anyone that comes across issues with progress not saving. What I have done that seems to work so far is after you complete a set of challenges or a super hard one. Go to the title screen. In the bottom right is a "quit". This should in theory save your progress (as I too was a victim of it not saving and putting me back about 8 levels). Afterwards, simply reopen the game.
    Posted by ChooseMyFate on 26 Oct 16 at 18:44
    DUS SOULWOUNDhow crap - i finally finished this achievement, but my progress appears stuck on 81%
    the achievement wont pop and doesn't even appear as completed in the ingame achievement list, even though it says' contrats you've completed all challenges' before any rounds start.
    does any one have any ideas for helping to make this pop?
    There are no pending updates and i'm connected to the net just fine.
    Posted by DUS SOULWOUND on 02 Mar 17 at 08:49
    DUS SOULWOUNDWow, I actually finished this on the 27 Feb and the chieve popped randomly today, so be warned it is glitched but should pop eventually.
    Posted by DUS SOULWOUND on 05 Mar 17 at 10:43
    i confirmed for the level 57 challenge to survive 2 straight days, i wiped out and then just sat there, after two days it counted
    Posted on 27 Dec 17 at 02:10
    Manb3arSquirrelI haven't gotten any retry advertisements in a couple weeks. Have played normally, closed and relaunched game many times, and nothing. 250,000 in one life is a lot more of a hassle than 3+ lives, of course.
    Posted by Manb3arSquirrel on 10 Mar 18 at 01:02
    LausDominiI tried the idle method on level 60. I scored about 75,000 points, hit a rock, clicked Resume, but did not touch anything after that and then sat in the snow leaving the game running for the next 24 hours. I had to change a setting on my PC to never have the screen go to sleep. After the run ended the achievement unlocked.
    Posted by LausDomini on 23 Jul 18 at 10:55
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