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Your Pal Paz

Play as Paz.

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How to unlock the Your Pal Paz achievement

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    Paz will be unlocked at level 21, each level consists of 3 challenges which I will list below, most of these are self explanatory however I will add a note for any that are not.

    For levels 1-10 see my guide for Maya here:
    Alto's Adventure (Win 10)Secret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Alto's Adventure (Win 10) worth 49 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    Maya is the best character for pretty much all of these challenges, she flips much faster than Alto, but doesn't build up speed as fast.

    Level 11:
    • Land 3 backflips with Maya in one run
    • Land a 3x combo
    • Pick up 50 coins with the coin magnet

    Level 12:
    • Collect 75 coins in one run
    • Travel 2,000m in one run
    • Jump off a wooden ramp onto a grind

    Level 13:
    • Land 2 double backflips in one run
    • Survive a rainstorm - You can wait in the menu until a rainstorm starts to start your run if needed, a full day cycle takes 7 minutes 30 seconds, i'm unsure if a rainstorm is a daily occurrence though.
    • Spook 30 birds in one run

    Level 14:
    • Jump across 3 chasms in one run
    • Backflip onto a grind
    • Get a grind bonus (60m without jumping)

    Level 15:
    • Backflip over a rock
    • Catch 25 llamas in one run
    • Rip 60 bunting flags in one run

    Level 16:
    • Catch a llama while hovering - May be useful to upgrade the timer on the hover feather if needed. If you don't have this by the time you get your triple backflip I suggest switching to Alto for this challenge as Maya tends to hover past the llamas.
    • Land a triple backflip - Maya flips much faster than Alto, always use her when going for backflip challenges! Gather enough momentum and jump before a big drop, sometimes you will have enough time for a triple. Use your best judgement, it's better to land a double and try again at the next big drop than die and start again. The wingsuit will help alot with this challenge since you can use it to get higher and as soon as you finish the triple jump you can wingsuit to safety. Also you can bounce off rocks with your head, if you know you will land on a rock keep flipping!
    • Bounce on a rock

    Level 17:
    • Travel 3,500m in one run
    • Score 5,000 points in one run
    • Grind 3 rooftops

    Level 18:
    • Grind to backflip to grind
    • Land 3 double backflips in one run
    • Slide on 5 ice patches

    Level 19:
    • Double backflip off a grind
    • Jump off a wooden ramp onto a grind 3 times in one run
    • Backflip over a campfire

    Level 20:
    • Land 2 triple backflips in one run - Same as in level 16, always use Maya, Wingsuit is amazeballs. Took me a while without the wingsuit but it is possible, just have to be patient and time it right.
    • Land a 1,000 point combo
    • Witness 3 lightning strikes - I assume this can be done by simply idling in the menu if you happen to finish the triple backflips before this one.
    Once you complete Level 20 congratulations, you just unlocked Paz! Simply select him from the character screen located on the main menu and the achievement will pop.

    Paz has longer sonic booms (for destroying rocks and campfires) and is faster once he gains momentum.
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    WyyvernLevel 16: Catch a llama while hovering.
    I think this HAS to be done as Alto. I was using Maya and she would hover past every llama without "catching" it. First blue feather with Alto and he tagged that llama!

    Came to say the same thing
    Posted by Wyyvern on 14 Jul 16 at 19:06
    InfamousThanks i'll add a note for it
    Posted by Infamous on 14 Jul 16 at 19:36
    SweetArkhaneHow do you get a grind bonus (60m without jumping)? Has it to be done on a grind? Because I'm sure I grinded more than 60m without jumping on those "guirlandes" (I don't how to call it in english^^).
    Posted by SweetArkhane on 04 Sep 16 at 11:27
    DunderMifflin83I think if you get any airtime at all it counts as a jump even if you dont jump.
    Posted by DunderMifflin83 on 22 Sep 16 at 03:18
    ZZRsyI'm struggling with the triple backflips, I have only managed one in a run then I try again and crash- so frustrating.
    Posted by ZZRsy on 21 Jan 17 at 13:05
    InfamousYeah it's a tough one, If you don't already have the wingsuit I highly recommend buying it asap, it makes the triple backflips much easier, then with Maya it's just a case of finding the right place to go for it. Not much else to add i'm afraid, you'll get it eventually though. :)
    Posted by Infamous on 21 Jan 17 at 13:52
    kriegiri dont see how the wingsuit helps...
    Posted by kriegir on 26 Mar 17 at 21:10
    kriegiri dont see how the wingsuit helps...
    Posted by kriegir on 27 Mar 17 at 20:55
    drewdogg77"Catch a llama while hovering" CAN be done as Maya. I've used Maya exclusively since she was unlocked. It might help getting a bit of speed boost off ice before trying for the triple flip.
    Posted by drewdogg77 on 12 Sep 17 at 21:21
    ALoneWolf42The triple flip is hard; I must have done one for level 16, but now I need to do three in a run for level 20. I guess I'll save up for the Wingsuit and see if that helps.
    Posted by ALoneWolf42 on 25 Feb 20 at 17:58
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