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How to unlock the Beat the Best achievement

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    EDIT: According to I AM CULLY, the following is true:
    I found something which may help speed this up even more. After you use both flashbacks, just exit, quit the game and then restart it. Continue your game and your flashbacks will have reset.
    Note that this achievement guide is being written when the game is in 'Preview'. This achievement may be subject to change in the future.

    You can play the career on Easy difficulty, with your aim line as 'Extended'.

    As you play through the career, you'll have to play the Semi Final. This is a best-of-35 match, so you need to win 18 frames to win. The computer player is not very skilled at all, so use spin and swerve to your advantage.

    Also, if it's the AI's turn, don't forget you can rapidly press cn_A to skip through his shots so it's your turn much quicker.

    Further, always aim on the above-the-table camera by pressing cn_Y. You can then press cn_Y again to look along the cue, then press cn_X to use the free camera to check the aim line to make sure your shot is going in the pocket.

    When you've won 18 frames, the match will end, and this achievement will pop.


    Also, the 'Frame-Award' glitch from Pool Nation FX makes a return, but this time, it works slightly differently. This time, with it being a long match, you only get two flashbacks per match. However, you can use them to get yourself two quick frames.

    You need to make sure that the frame you try to do this on, the AI breaks first. You need this because the following frame, you need to be the one breaking off so that you can use the flashback. This WILL NOT WORK if the AI is the player breaking off in the following frame.

    What you need to do is get yourself a good break. You want to do this, and get to the shot on the black, where the game asks you if you want to call the frame (by calling the frame, if the black is not a required pot, you will win the frame without potting the black). When the game asks, click 'cancel', which means that you've elected to pot the black. Pot it. This will give you a frame win, for winning the frame. Then, BEFORE breaking off, press cn_B & cn_left.

    This will flashback to the previous shot, with the balls on the table how they were (in this example, the only balls on the table are the black and the cue ball). However, unlike Pool Nation FX, where there's no score counter, there is in Snooker Nation. The score from the new frame will remain at 0-0, so you will need to pot the black to get another frame awarded, which the game thinks that you win 7-0.

    Because the game thinks that you played the whole frame, when in reality you only played the shot on the final black to win the frame, the next frame will be the AI breaking off.
    Repeat this entire process for the second flashback, and you'll get two easy frame wins onto your total.

    I know it's a long process, but it does save you from playing two more frames that you need to.
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    Dwaggienite@Maka91 Unfortunately, it's a game preview. There are bugs. Nothing I can do about that :(
    Posted by Dwaggienite on 10 Aug 16 at 07:09
    JORAXLots of achievements are "done... unlocking" lately in this game. Hopefully it will pop for you soon!

    As for the 'rewind' trick - I have been using it constantly to get 2 frame wins for the price of one. Even if the opponent gives up with a few balls on the table, you can rewind and probably clear out what is left - so don't think this only works if you are down to the last ball.
    Posted by JORAX on 10 Aug 16 at 19:59
    JORAXAlso, if you are playing a game and it has you breaking, just save and quit and restart until the opponent breaks. This sets you up for the 2-for-1 when you win the current round (since you'll be breaking next).
    Posted by JORAX on 10 Aug 16 at 22:33
    JORAXActually, you may have to break first, then save and quit for it to change who breaks next after the restart. Not fully tested...
    Posted by JORAX on 10 Aug 16 at 22:38
    WebChimp UKThe flashback tip still works and saves a tonne of time. There were a couple of times when the ball would be floating above the table after the flashback, but quitting and playing the frame as normal would usually fix it for the next attempt.
    Posted by WebChimp UK on 05 Sep 16 at 00:23
    CTM AudiRS6Anyone have a video explaining the flashback thing? I don't get how to get it to work. The AI breaks, I sink a red, I press A which brings up the arrows around the black ball, hit B then sink the black ball and nothing happens. Hitting L+B just goes back to that shot again.
    Posted by CTM AudiRS6 on 05 Mar 17 at 04:58
    I ASK NO ONEI found if the opponent concedes before all balls are pocketed (like ur score is beyond any recovery for them), u can still use flashback on the next table. The score is reset on the flashback to 0-0 and the opoonent will not concede again so easily on the replay. So don't give up if they concede before the game is fully over, just flashback again and continue. Thanks for the post, Dwaggienite.
    Posted by I ASK NO ONE on 07 Oct 17 at 21:20
    Dwaggienitenp :)
    Posted by Dwaggienite on 07 Oct 17 at 21:27
    SirBaxter77Seems to have been an recent update to game. A few minor features have been added, but the final game is now only best of 11 frames, which means you only have to win 6 frames - not 18. I am pretty sure I have won 5-6 before in my save file in the final, but to today it was back at 0-0 again. However, I did not have to start from all over again with the tournament, just the final. Have to win it now and finish the game before they make more changes!
    Posted by SirBaxter77 on 02 Mar 19 at 17:22
    GerbasgamerSo much quicker now. Thanks for the info SirBaxter77
    Posted by Gerbasgamer on 11 Mar 19 at 19:00
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