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Find all Moura tears

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How to unlock the Collector achievement

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    There are five Moura's Tears to find throughout the game. These are required to get the true ending and access Level 8 itself, as well as being required for some of the achievements.

    Chapter 1 - Tolomera Del Rey

    You will enter a room with executioner enemies, make your way through three of them ( don't forget to jump the chandelier for the 1UP!) drop down to the next level and on the wall to your left you will see a small cross, hit that a few times and the wall will be destroyed, jump in and claim your first Tear!

    Make sure and grab it before dropping down to the bottom level with the barrels, you will have to start over if you do

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    Chapter 3 - The Alcazar

    Make sure and head right instead of going down first! You will fight through a few knights and a dragon, go all the way to the right to find two chests, one which contains a key. Grab it and head back to the left.

    On the way back make sure and crouch in front of the statue to spawn the Invincible power up, this will let you walk through all the spears with no hassle (make sure you don't grab it while heading to the right, or it will be wasted).

    Head down and kill or walk past the dragon, move down the next hallway killing the Harpies. Drop down again and head left, unlock the door with the key and the Tear will be in a chest.

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    Chapter 4 - The Swamp

    After killing the Turtle boss you will start a section where a creature will guide you through with a torch. Head right (dont go down) kill a few enemies, jump over a rock, and climb up the chain. Head left over the falling bridge ( for this part dont stop moving, kill the enemies as they get to you. If you fall there is no way to get the Tear unless you die and restart).

    This last bit can be troublesome for some, but after some practice should pose no challenge. Jump through all the spike balls and you will find the Tear in a chest at the end.

    Tip: When coming back, after making the first jump. From your landing position, do a running jump to get over the 2nd ball, if you move forward after landing you wont be able to make the clearance and WILL get hit.

    Chapter 6 - The Aqueduct

    Proceed through the level, after a short time you will get to a section with three shielded knights, jump up the platforms here and you will see a chest on the top. This contains a key, grab it and continue. Dodge or kill the Sirens, make some more jumps and kill a few more enemies.

    You will then enter an elevator section. Sickle makes this part super easy, anyway, kill all the gears and when the elevator hits the top, unlock the left door with the key and claim your Tear from the chest.

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    Chapter 7 - Cursed Forest

    You will come to a room with Firefly enemies, the next screen after this room the very first tree you can see has a small cross on it. Drop down, kill the two tree enemies (try not to go to far past the tree or you will spawn an annoying flower enemy). Stand under the cross and hold cn_down to crouch for a few seconds revealing the Saint Martin statue, simply attack the statue and the 5th and final Tear will drop into your hands.

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