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The End achievement in Killer Instinct

The End

Defeat Gargos in Shadow Lords mode

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How to unlock the The End achievement

  • AP E JCAP E JC987,903
    04 Sep 2016 05 Sep 2016 23 Sep 2016
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    Shadows Lords is a complete new way of playing Killer Instinct. Even if you're a good KI player you will struggle with it if you don't follow its rules.

    Basically, the idea is to prevent corruption from spreading over the continents, thus avoiding the arrival of Gargos. For the purpose of this achievement, you will want him to appear, and appear as weak as you can by removing his buffs.

    In order to remove his buffs (health regeneration, bigger health, instinct and shadow drain, etc..) you 'll have to defeat his omens. Each omen appears after 50% corruption is spread over one of the five continents. The best strategy is to focus on four continents at time, enabling the possibility of the respective omen to reach it, before three continents are fully corrupted. If you don't fight omen in that continent, Gargos will have its associated buff.

    Here is the list of Gargos buffs:

    - Fang of Gargos: Damage Increase
    - Heart of Gargos: Health Regeneration
    - Veins of gargos: Instinct meter drain
    - Flesh of gargos: Increased max health
    - Blood of gargos: Shadow meter regeneration
    - Lungs of gargos: Shadow meter drain
    - Wings of gargos: Bonus potential damage
    - Spirit of gargos: Extended instinct mode
    - Eye of gargos: Party incoming attacks
    - Claw of gargos: Full damage on blocked attacks

    While focusing on keeping on omen to appear at a day, you'll have the possibility to put all three members in the team fighting him. You probably won't need it in the normal difficulty, but it is interesting for less experienced players.

    While doing this, you have to prevent any three continents to get fully corrupted, so you can fight them all. After fighting four omens, you can then let go and let Gargos arrival. No matter what you do, he will have one of its buffs, but easier to fight.

    Some tips, you can follow are:

    - if you don't want to "lose" time fighting, some missions are deployable. You can control the probability of success by combining member health, consumables and guardians. Prioritize them first to make the game quicker
    - if you're struggling with fight, craft materials and buy packs with guardians. They help a lot. In order to maximize the materials you get, you can deploy missions on a godlike playthrough only to get them
    - don't forget to go to barracks and put artifacts on the team members, especially the ones that provide more damage dealt, less damage suffered and health regeneration. Each artifact has a different time validity and helps a lot specially if you're fighting Gargos with four buffs for the
    Killer InstinctBuff MasterThe Buff Master achievement in Killer Instinct worth 339 pointsDefeat Gargos with 4 or more buffs in Shadow Lords mode

    - You can also use artifacts to heal or revive team members.

    But now, after the update, he can revive:

    This was removed from the ultra combo site.

    There are a few ways to deal with Resurrection. One is to defeat Gargos when he has less than 50% Instinct Meter. But what about when he’s actually Resurrecting? Here are some step by step tips!

    1. Stay calm. You got this!
    2. As Gargos is rising up from his Resurrecting, press any standing Heavy Attack

    Since Gargos is armored, a Heavy Attack will cancel his Resurrection and knock him to the ground. If you do this at the right time, you can get him to about 35% life! Some characters and Guardian combinations can even take him out in a single combo!!

    If you follow these tips, you won't have bigger problems with defeating Gargos while in the normal difficulty.

    Hope it helps.

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    AP E JCDid he ressurected the two times while fighting with the same character? I only saw him ressurecting one per fighting character. Anyway, what was the setup you used? Guardian, Consummable and Artifacts?
    Posted by AP E JC on 18 Oct 16 at 17:43
    o Heres Jonny oDear lord this is worst boss fight ever!
    Posted by o Heres Jonny o on 29 Dec 17 at 23:56
    AP E JCyes, and they increased the difficulty of this since the launch of this mode
    Posted by AP E JC on 30 Dec 17 at 01:11
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  • PaztoPazto432,377
    18 Oct 2016 18 Oct 2016 15 Sep 2019
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    I was going to give up, but at the end I decided to try a last strategy and I was able to kill this insanly broken boss in a surprising easy way.
    You need two things: Fulgore and an item that give him Infinite Shadow Meter for a long time. Then just activate the item and spam his Devastation Beam till Gargos die.
    Put two of your favourite charas as a backup so they can kill a beat up Gargos if Fulgore die, or use him as a super strong "last chance", and try to remove as much buffs you can before try this.
    It work all the time, Good Luck!
    Hope they will not nerf the Devastation Beam!
    31 May 2021 Yesterday Yesterday
    0 0 0 New
    tldr: Tired of trying to keep up with who you've done what with for achievements? Click my spreadsheet link below and start tracking it!

    This is not a specific guide but more so a checklist along with some tips for tackling this game as a whole. There are other excellent, very detailed guides for unlocking each specific achievement.

    When I decided to start Killer Instinct from scratch in early 2021 (began 3/26/21 and finished 6/21/21), I decided that I needed a way to guide and track my progress to completion in the most efficient way possible. With a base game of 94 achievements and 28 DLCs which is composed of 23 characters, a ranked MP DLC (League Title Update), a story mode (similar to MK's ladder system), an RPG type mode (Shadow Lords 1 & 2), and Shadow Mode (machine learning type bot simulator) that made up another 370 achievements, this game was going to take some time and coordination.

    I created a spreadsheet by exporting all of the Achievement Titles, Achievement Descriptions, and Gamerscore from TA. I added the following columns:

    • Order: to keep the initial achievement order
    • BASE/DLC: determines if the achievement was part of the base game or one of the DLCs
    • Release Date: for sorting purposes
    • Type: I created 23 "Types" of achievements in this game, most are repetitive across characters (i.e. win versus match with [insert character])
    • Character: let's you know which character the achievement applies to. There are 29 characters in total. Some achievements are assigned to "Any" meaning those do not apply to a specific character. Omen does not follow the normal DLC achievement path rather it has 5 random achievements tied to it.
    • Unlocked: put an "x" in the cell if you have unlocked it. This ties in with the Pivot tab where you refresh the pivot tables to show your percentage complete.
    If you decide to use the spreadsheet, start by deleting all of the x's in the Unlocked column on KI TA tab (not to be confused with the KI TA sortable tab which is used for sorting to your hearts desire without messing with your main tab). Once you start filling in "x" 's in the KI TA tab, you can refresh the Pivot tab to see your progress based on Type and/or Character.


    I hope this spreadsheet helps for anyone starting this beast of game that is quite fun. It was more time consuming than challenging but overall I really enjoyed it.

    • Complete the Shadow Mode achievements first as these have broken in the past and were unobtainable for a while before they patched it.
    • Find a hardcore, dedicated group to boost ranked achievements. Playing this game legit online will take a while and will be pretty tough!
    • Try to have fun with Shadow Lords Mode, once I understood how it worked (which just took playing it a while) it was a lot of fun!
    • Keep a second controller handy for some of the Fight Challenges. For example, blocks can be done easily by rubber banding your main controller to block while you perform a move with the second controller.
    • If you haven't already, read through the Walkthrough. It was well done up to the point before the writer quit updating it. For the rest, read through the guides and of course, the comments on the guides for good info.
    Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions to make the spreadsheet better.
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